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36 Cute Curly Hairstyles for Men

There’s something about curly hairstyles for men. They add more textures to your hair and supercharge your good looks. And when you walk down the street or into a gathering filled with beautiful people, know for sure you’ll get their attention with your hairstyle. 

a cute dude wearing brown curly hairstyles for men

If you’ve been thinking about adding curls to your hair, this is the cue you need to carry on. In this article, you’ll find different curly male hairstyles inspiration for men. You’ll also see how to maintain your curls so you don’t wind up paying multiple visits to the salon in a short while.

Why Curly Hairstyles for Men?

a man looking sideways wearing curly hairstyles for men

Curly hair is versatile. Though it may seem like they require high maintenance, that’s not true. This hair has natural volume, texture, and movement making it easy to style.

What’s more? You really don’t have to comb or style it every day. You can just wring the curls your fingers around to keep them in shape and tada! You’ll be good to go. 

Also, unlike straight hair where you’ll need to use different products and styling equipment to retain its shape, curly hair holds its style long enough. Furthermore, many Hollywood A-listers rock curly hair. So if you’re opting for this haircut, know for sure you’ll be stepping into the league of celebrities.

a handsome dude showing off his curly hair

But despite the juicy parts of rocking curly hair, it also has its drawbacks. For one, it can be difficult to tame sometimes. And this is the fear of most men. But should this stop you from going from what you want? No.

You can always manage it by caring for your curls the right way. Let’s look at that.

How to Care for Curly Hairstyles for Men

a man wearing pompadour curly hair with fades

Shampoo Once or Twice a Week

a man wearing curly hairstyles for men

Just because your hair isn’t curly doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wash it. To do this, use a sulfate-free shampoo. It helps to keep your hair moist and your curls shiny.

Furthermore, avoid using sulfate shampoos as they can strip your hair of its natural oils, thus leaving it dry. And don’t shampoo every day too. Doing so can dry your hair out and make your curls frizzy.

Instead of washing every day, rinse with water instead on the days when you don’t shampoo.

Use a Towel Gently

Kit Harington looking cute in his curly hairstyle for men

After washing or rinsing your hair, always pat gently with your towel so you don’t damage your curls. Don’t scrub or rub aggressively. Just pat.

Moisturize with Leave-in Conditioner

a white man with short curly hairstyles for men

Apply leave-in conditioner to help lock moisture in your hair. But don’t just stop there. Use your fingers to work the conditioner into your hair so it gets to your scalp. 

Also, if your curls are long, apply more conditioner to prevent your ends from getting damaged.

Use Wide-Toothed Combs not Fine-Toothed Combs

A barechested man with curly hair

Wide-toothed combs are wide enough to accommodate your curls without ruining them. But fine-toothed combs aren’t safe for your curly hair. They not only ruin your curls but also rip out your hair follicles and break your hair.

So, always comb your curly hair with a wide-toothed comb, But if there’s no wide-toothed comb available, comb your hair with your hands.

Air Dry or Blow Dry

A gorgeous white man with long curly hair

If you can’t wait for your hair to air dry, use a blowdryer but keep it at low heat. Heat styling equipment can damage your hair. You don’t want that for your curls, do you?

Apply Hairstyling Cream

a young man rocking curly men's hairstyle

You need some sheen to make your curly hair attractive. And hairstyling products assure you of that.

You can go for pomade, hair cream, or natural oils like shea butter, coconut oil, etc.

Style Your Curls However You Want

a man with his long curly hair packed up

If your curls are long and you don’t want them slipping to your face all the time, pack them into a ponytail or bun. Do this with an elastic hair band. It’s a cute way to style your curls.

Furthermore, you can also try a half-up, half-down style or wear a loose bun and secure it with bobby pins.

Types of Curly Hairstyles for Men

a man rocking curly hairstyles for men with a pair of sunglasses

Men’s curly hair comes in different styles, some of which are:

Curly Pompadour

a guy wearing pompadour curly hairstyles for men

Pompadour haircut features longer curly hair that’s swept up and then brushed backward with shorter sides. The hair has more volume at the front of the hairline, then declines in size as it goes backward.

Afro Curly Hair

a sweet black guy showing off his long curly hair

This style is for black men with kinky hair. The curls are thin S-shaped spirals that look cute when you leave your hair unbraided.

Long Curls

a man wearing long curly hairstyles for men

If your hair is long and extends to your back, this style is for you. Long curly hairstyles for men come with perks. For one, you can always manipulate them into different styles with an elastic hairband. And if your curls are light, you can also braid or twist them to maintain the shape.

Short Curly Hairstyles for Men

a young man wearing short curly hairstyles for men

These styles stay right on top of your head or don’t go beyond your shoulders. They’re perfect if you want a stress-free hairstyle for your hair.

Curly Hair with Fades

a guy with brown curly hair

This works in two ways. One, if you’re wearing a fade for short hair, curl the part of your hair that’s full and thick. Two, if you already have curls, you can trim the sides of your hair into a fade haircut and rock it how you want.

Other Curly Hairstyles for Men

a beautiful mad with medium-length curly hairstyles for men

Need more curly hairstyle inspiration? Check these out:

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