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33 Amazing Asian Short Hair Ideas to Rock Before the Year Ends

Besides their distinct small eyes and nose, another thing peculiar about Asian women is their hair. It’s thicker, stronger, and has a more intense dark color than African and Caucasian hair. Little wonder Asian short hair is a common coiffure on the continent.

Asian lady rocking short hair

Are you one of the Asian women who love short hairstyles and have been rocking them for as long as you can remember? Or are you considering cutting your long hair and switching to a short hairdo?

side view of Asian lady wearing short hair

If you answered yes to any of those questions, what you need is a bank of Asian short hairstyles to inspire your next hairdo. And you’ve come to the right place.

Asian lady on mask rocking short hair with blue highlights

Stay with me as we pick the right hairstyle for your beautiful hair.

What Distinguishes Asian Hair from Other Hair Types

Asian lady with brown short hair

Short hairstyles look better on Asian women than Caucasians. One reason for this is its thickness. This hair type is fuller than others. So when you rock an Asian haircut, your hair is more defined, vibrant, and bouncier than other hair types.

Asian lady wearing short hair with a parting

Perhaps, this hair density is the reason some Asian women cut their long hair. Full hair can become heavy when too long, you know.

lady wearing Asian short hair

Furthermore, Asian hair strands are rounder than African and Caucasian hair. And this contributes to its sleekness and thickness, making it more versatile and suitable for short hairstyles.

Things to Consider Before Rocking Asian Short Hair

lady wearing black Asian short hair

Talk with Your Hairstylist

It’s one thing to find a gorgeous Asian short hairstyle that will look perfect on you. It’s another for the coiffure to suit your hair characteristics.

Say you have straight hair and wanna switch to a curly Bob. You may have a hard time making the curls stay in place. But when you talk with your hairstylist and they examine your hair, they’ll know what to do to ensure you achieve your dream Asian short hair without hitches.

Don’t Colour Your Hair on Your Own

It’s best you get professional help if you want to bleach your hair or tint it to another color. 

Since Asian hair is so extremely pigmented, coloring to create highlights all by yourself will be challenging. Your best bet is to visit a salon to perfectly dye or highlight your hair.

Don’t Visit the Salon Without Your Style Reference

Your hairstylist has to see your intended style. They need to picture it and be sure it’ll not only suit your face but also your hair type. So, do your research before hitting the salon. Don’t just describe what you want verbally alone.

Get a visual reference so your hairstylist gets a picture. Moreso, having a picture reference will also help you confirm if they gave you what you wanted or not. 

Gorgeous Asian Short Hair Styles and Cuts

lady wearing Asian short hair with blue highlights

1. Pixie Cut

lady in black shirt wearing pixie cut

You can trim your hair into a beautiful pixie and rock it like never before. To add more deets, give your pixie cut some bangs. Feel free to swoop the bangs to the sides if you want.

Asian lady wearing pixie cut

This hairstyle is a great option for any kind of outfit, be it at the office, at home, or at parties.

2. Messy Pixie

Asian girl wearing messy pixie hairstyle

Don’t want the regular pixie cut? Why don’t you make yours a bit messy?

cute Asian lady wearing messy pixie hairstyle

You can achieve this by creating layers that would peek out of your head. This isn’t only beautiful but also a chic way to look like an Anime character.

3. Wavy Bob

lady wearing wavy bob hairstyle

Bob and pixie cuts are two common Asian short hairstyles. 

lady wearing orange wavy bob

Instead of going for a straight bob hairstyle, add some waves to it. You’ll look more beautiful.

4. Curly Bob

orange curly bob

You can take your wavy Asian short hair a step further by making it curly. The loose ringlets, corkscrew curls, or tight spirals will further beautify your hair.

brown curly bob

5. Blunt Cut Bob

Asian lady wearing black blunt cut bob

Short blunt-cut bob hairstyles have a cute appeal. The way all the strands of hair stay equal makes it worthy of wearing.

lady wearing pink blunt cut bob

You can give yours a center part or add a fringe to frame your forehead.

6. Ombre or any Coloured Asian Short Hair

lady with mask wearing ombre Asian short hair

Ombré hair is a color technique of seamless graduation from a darker shade to a lighter one. 

Asian lady wearing colorful short hair

You can try a black and white ombre or any colored hair of your choice..

7. Tomboy cut

pretty lady wearing tomboy cut hairstyle

If you wanna create volume and more fullness around the top of your hair, go for a tomboy cut. It gives a sporty, manly feel.

Asian lady wearing tomboy cut hair

8. Side-swooped Asian Short Hair

lady wearing side-swoop Asian short hair

How about you swoop your pixie or bob to the side? You still get the short layers of a classic pixie but the difference is the style will better highlight your side profile.

green side-swooped Asian short hair

9. Asian Short Hair with Bangs

lady wearing Asian short hair with bangs

Adding a fringe to your Asian short hair is beautiful. The best part is you can make the bangs full or scanty. 

lady wearing blond Asian short hair with bangs

You can also part it to reveal a bit of your forehead when you feel like it. 

10. Layered Asian Short Hair

lady wearing curly layered Asian short hair

This involves cutting different lines of your hair in different lengths. Layering adds more dimensions to your hair. 

Asian lady wearing straight layered short hair

To take it a step further, feel free to work with two or more colors so each layer brings a different edge to transform your look.

11. Shoulder-Length Asian Short Hair


If you don’t want a short bob or pixie, just cut your hair around your shoulders.

Asian lady wearing shoulder-length short hair

This way, you don’t completely miss out on having a long hair.

12. Extremely short pixie

lady wearing extremely short blond pixie

This style sits right on your head without extending to the nape of your neck. As the name implies, all strands will be extremely short. And you won’t have them around your face. 

lady wearing extremely short pixie cut

It’s a peaceful hairstyle to keep your hair off your face. Go for this Asian short hair if you want a break from your hair but don’t wanna completely lose it all.

lady wearing lady wearing Asian short hairstyle

And that’s a wrap on Asian short hairstyles. Remember to use the tips we shared with you before placing a pair of scissors on your hair to achieve your chosen haircut.

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