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30 Crazy Hair Day Ideas for Children

Crazy Hair Day is the beloved event that most children look forward to with giddy anticipation. It’s a day when the rules of “normal” hairstyles get tossed out the window. But before the event, moms may feel confused about the best hairstyles to wear their kids on that day. Many crazy hair day ideas will come to mind, and you may not know the one that would suit your little one.

Picture of a little girl rocking a star hairdo for crazy hair day

If you feel the same way, you’re in the right place. We’ve scoured the depths of the Internet to bring you the most adorable crazy hair day ideas guaranteed to make your kids the envy of the classroom. From mohawks to braided masterpieces, you’ll find many hairstyles for your child. Now, get ready to save and recreate your favorite ideas so you create memories that last a lifetime with your little one.

How the Crazy Hair Day Event Came to be

Picture of  a girl rocking a coke hairdo for the event

Crazy Hair Day is a special event held at schools and communities worldwide. It encourages children to wear dramatic hairstyles that will probably get them sent home on any other day.

It started as a literacy campaign to promote the book Crazy Hair Day by Barney Saltzberg. According to Weebly, the first official event took place in San Diego, California, in 2004. Since then, many community organizations, schools, and civic leaders have hosted this regional literacy campaign to promote reading.

Many schools set aside this day to raise awareness about diseases and societal issues. It’s a way to teach children outside the confines of the classroom. And as part of the tradition of this event, kids must look a certain way, especially their hair. It’s a crazy hair day—an opportunity to bring their wildest and craziest hairstyles to life.

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Significance of the Crazy Hair Day Event

Full picture of a boy rocking a cool hairstyle for the crazy hair day event

Beyond its literary merits, the event has become a powerful vehicle for nurturing children’s creativity and self-expression. By encouraging kids to let their imaginations run wild with their hairstyles, the event sends a powerful message: it’s okay to be different, to think outside the box, and to embrace your unique self. It also teaches them that their ideas and perspectives are valued and that creativity should be celebrated, not stifled.

Another significant aspect of the crazy hair day event is its ability to unite communities and promote inclusivity. When children gather in the school or the library, each sporting their wild hairstyle, it creates a sense of unity and belonging.

Of course, at the heart of the crazy hair day event is its connection to the beloved book that inspired it all. By encouraging children to engage with the text and bring its imaginative hairstyles to life, the event promotes literacy and a love for reading.

Crazy Hair Day Ideas For Your Little Ones

Picture showing a boy rocking a cool toy on his head for   the event

Dear Mama, reading this post, breathe. Now, you understand what the day stands for. So, without any delay, let’s get down to why you’re here— hairstyle ideas for your child:

Bee Hive

Picture of a young girl rocking a Bee hive design for the event

Wrap your little princess hair with a yellow ribbon and a bee toy to create a gorgeous bee hive. It’s unique, and she’ll thank you for it.

Cat Ears

Full picture of a girl rocking rocking cat ears hair design for the crazy hair day event

Don’t wanna go too extreme? Style a section of her hair to resemble cat ears, and remember to make it fun by marking her face with whiskers drawings.

Spider’s Web

Back view of a girl rocking spider web hair design for Crazy hair day

Create a stylish spider web by braiding around your child’s scalp and attaching the spider toy for that web effect. This look is gorgeous without being too out there.


Back view of a girl rocking a medusa like hair design for the event

Is your princess a big fan of the Greek deity Medusa? Bring her imagination to life by recreating this look. She’ll look like a Disney character.

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Picture showing two  boys rocking the critters hairstyle for the crazy hair day event

All you need for this look is green hair dye and some toys to recreate the natural habitat of critters. However, ensure the dye is safe to avoid damaging your child’s hair.


Picture of a boy rocking a lizard hair dye for the event

With cool hair dye and creative sectioning, there’s nothing you can’t recreate. This lizard style for crazy hair day is unique and will surely help boy stand out.

Crazy Scientist

Picture of a boy rocking  the look of a crazy scientist for the event

Recreate this look for your son by coloring his hair and letting it stay upward. It’ll evoke the image of an animation character mixing chemicals in a lab.


Picture of a boy wearing a hairstyle that resembles  the ocean wave with a surfer toy on it

Boys roll with surfing. And this hairstyle represents their beloved sport. All you need is a blue hair dye to style their hair to resemble the ocean waves, and off they go.

Bantu Knots With Ribbon

Picture of a girl rocking bantu knots with ribbon for the event

If you don’t want to go with the crazy theme, style your daughter’s tresses into sections and make Bantu knots. Then, add colorful accessories like ribbon to make her coiffure look more attractive.

Top Bun

Picture of a girl wearing a top bun for crazy hair day

Nobody says you must do something over the top before you feel it’s okay for the event. Even a cute top bun with her favorite hair accessory sticking out may be the magic you’re looking for.

Crazy Hair Day Ideas are Creative Outlets for Kids

Picture of a girl using her hair  to make a beard for the event

Crazy Hair Day is a beloved event that allows kids to let their creativity and self-expression shine through wild hairstyles. It’s a time for moms to experiment, too. With the hairstyle ideas we’ve shared in this post, you’ll help your child stand out on this fun-filled day.

The name aside, this event holds significant value. It encourages kids to embrace their individuality and boosts their confidence. As parents, taking the time to participate on this day sends a powerful message to your children that you value their unique personalities and support their imaginative spirits. 

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So, don’t be afraid to get wild and daring with your kids’ hairstyles on crazy hair day. Have fun with the process, and watch them beam with pride as they show off their unusual hairdos. After all, these are the moments that make childhood truly special. Need more inspos, check out the photos below:

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