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Boys’ Haircut: 29 Style Ideas for Your Little Man

Nothing makes the men in our lives look smartly dressed and put-together than a good haircut. If you’re a parent looking for the perfect boys’ haircut for your little one, staying up-to-date with trends is the way to go. 

Boys haircut: Picture showing a boy rocking a nice haircut

Your boy may be a child, but he most definitely would like any trending hairstyles for boys. These days, cute haircuts go way beyond the standard buzz cut. And many of them are low maintenance while also giving a sharp look. I bet you’re on this page because you need the perfect cut for your son. 

Not to worry, we’ve rounded up the best boy haircut to transform your son into a charming prince.

Why Should You Get the Best Boys’ Haircut For Your Son?

Boys' haircut: Picture of young boy rocking a punk

Here are some reasons you should get the best boys’ haircut for your son:

It Boosts Confidence

A stylish haircut gives your boy a major confidence boost. When he looks sharp, he will feel sharp. Cool hairstyles make kids look and feel their best. They also earn boys compliments and admiration from friends, thus increasing their self-esteem during their pivotal development years.

It Sets Trends

Your son can become a trendsetter with a bold haircut instead of a follower of fads. Give him the chance to rock newer styles his classmates are yet to try. Whether he sparks a faux hawk frenzy or has the slickest pompadour that gets the girls giggling, the standout hair makes your boy memorable.

It is Less Maintenance

Short hairstyles are easier for boys than longer shaggy hairstyles. Stylish cuts like fades, crops, and textured tops take little work to look great. On the other hand, long hair requires more combing and smoothening products. They also take more time to prep every day and can appear shabby between cuts.

It is Age Appropriate

Not all cuts work for all ages, so getting a style suitable for his age prevents awkward stares. Little boys do well with basic short backs and sides. By mid-childhood, cropped tops with faded sides hit the maturity sweet spot. Then save the edgier styles for teens who can pull them off confidently. Also, ask your barber for age-appropriate ideas to suit your boy.

10 Cute Boys’ Haircuts for Your Son 

Boys haircut: Picture a little man getting a stylish haircut in a salon

Here are our best picks for boys’ haircuts. Rest assured they’ll look great on your son.

Crew Cut

Picture of a  boy rocking a crew cut

The crew cut is perfect when you want to keep things short for him. It’s low-maintenance yet stylish. Plus, your little man will look dapper if he wears this haircut.

Curly Pompadour for Boys’ Haircut

Picture of a young boy rocking the curly pompadour

If your son has lots of hair, a pompadour may be the perfect cut to give him a makeover. The hairstyle will enhance his facial angles, making him look handsome in any outfit.

Buzz Cut With a Shaved Line

Back view of a  boy rocking the buzz cut with shaved line

The buzz cut is one of the timeless hairstyles for men of all ages. However, you can put a new spin on the popular hairstyle with a shaved line, so your little man stands out among his peers.

Short Sides, LongTop 

Side view of a boy rocking the short sides and long on top

This style offers two benefits as one. While the short sides prevent hair from disturbing your son’s neck or causing sweat, the longer top adds flair to the cut.

The Curly Mop Top

side view of a young boy rocking the curly mop top

If he is curly-haired, allow his natural curls to shine by giving him the curly mop top cut. The hairstyle is about keeping the length on top to showcase curls while the sides are trimmed to prevent puffing out.

Slicked Back and Faded Boys’ Haircut

Side view of a young boy rocking the slicked back hairstyle

The slicked-back and faded styles suit men of all ages. It instantly elevates their appearance, giving them a smart look. This is no different for your little man. Get him all styled up with a slicked-back haircut, and see how he transforms before your eyes.

Man Bun for Boys’ Haircut

Boys haircut: picture of a boy rocking the man bun style

The man bun is one of the popular men’s hairstyles. It’s evolved from being one of the variations of Viking hairstyles to a favorite among many celebrities. It’s safe to say the cut is a staple in the hair industry. Who says your little man can’t rock the look, too? No one. So, give him a cute man bun and see his smile widen.

V-Shaped Drop Fade Boys’ Haircut

Back view of a boy rocking the V- shaped drop fade

This popular boys’ haircut suits those with thick hair. If your baby boy is blessed with some, there’s no harm in letting him try this look.

Mini Quiff

Picture of a young boy rocking the mini quiff

For boys with short hair, the mini quiff is an excellent choice. The cut is stylish, low-maintenance, and super comfortable for your little man. The quiff has short, faded sides and longer hair on top swept upward and backward. It’s a great hairstyle to enhance the facial features of your little man.

Flat Top and Skin Fade Boys’ Haircut

Picture of a guy rocking the flat top and skin fade

Looking for a special, neat, and bold style for your preteen? How about you consider a flat top? For that much-needed contrast, pair the look with a skin fade to highlight the hair on top and showcase all his handsome angles.

Staying on Trend with Boys’ Haircuts

Boys haircut: Picture rocking the curl haircut

To ensure your son puts his best face forward, keep up with the latest boys’ haircut trends. These cuts are stunning and easy to maintain. They build your boy’s confidence by enhancing his features and earning him compliments of admiration.

Whether he’s rocking curls or loving slicked backs, keep your kid looking cool with stylish haircuts. Remember, the right boys’ haircut can help your son stand out while growing his self-assurance and leadership. When he looks his best, he’ll live his best life, participating in games with gusto, lifting his hand to answer questions confidently, and having fun with friends. But if you need more haircut ideas for him, check out the photos below:

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