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28 Viking Hairstyles Still Ruling the Modern Age 

Even though Vikings lived a long time ago, their hairstyles have continued to remain intriguing. In fact, in almost every modern-day hairdo, there’s an undertone of Viking hairstyles in them and we can’t blame the hairstylists. These hairstyles look superb. 

Picture of a man wearing the viking hairstyles

These hairstyles weren’t just functional; they were a reflection of societal norms, beliefs, and personal style. So if you’re looking at trying something new like the Vikings look, it’s a good thing you are on this page. Read on to unleash your inner warrior by exploring the many Viking hairstyles in this post.

The Purpose Behind Viking Hairstyles

Picture showing a guy rocking the look with a modern twist

Vikings were known for their practicality in every aspect of life, including their grooming routines. Hairstyles, for them, were not only a fashion statement but also served various practical purposes. 

For instance, long hair and beards were common among Viking men. They symbolized strength, masculinity, and virility. Similarly, Viking braids were utilitarian. They helped to keep the warriors’ hair neat during battles and also prevented tangling during long journeys at sea.

Picture showing a lady viking with her signature viking hairstyles

Women, too, had their array of hairstyles that varied in complexity and style. Their braids and intricate weaving were prevalent, not just for aesthetics but also as a symbol of femininity and marital status.

Iconic Viking Hairstyles with a Modern Twist

Picture showing Ragnar wearing one of his signature Viking hairstyles

The fascination with Viking culture, including their hairstyles, has transcended time. In recent years, these ancient styles have experienced a resurgence in popularity, with many individuals embracing the rugged yet stylish Viking look. Though these coiffures may be old, they’re still as functional in modern society as they were during the Viking’s days. Here’s a look at some of them:

The Warrior Braid

Picture of man wearing the warrior braid

This single thick braid often woven intricately symbolizes strength and courage. Viking men and women favored this style as it signified resilience in the face of challenges.

The Undercut with Braids

Viking hairstyles: Picture of a man with the undercut braid

This style features shaved sides or a shaved back with the remaining hair styled into braids. It showcases a balance between functionality and fashion.

The Looped Braids

Picture of a gorgeous lady wearing the looped braid

Try adorning your hair with complex looped braids. It involves combining multiple braids to create an elaborate, elegant look that pops your face out.

Short Crew Cut

Picture showing a man with a crew cut

If you don’t feel like making your look entirely seem Viking, you can start with something moderate like this one. The crew cut is a low-maintenance hairstyle that will not give you any hassle. In addition, you can still decide to grow out a coarse beard for that unique Viking touch.

Top Knot Viking Hairstyle

Side view of a man with top knot viking hairstyles

The top knot has always been one of the major semblances for the viking warrior look. For added virility, most men ensure theirs is messy and voluminous with some rugged beard. You too can do the same.

High-Volume Viking Hairstyles

Picture of a man wearing one of the full haired viking hairstyles

Vikings always had a full mane of hair. So if you have a voluminous and thick mane, all you need to do is allow your hair to grow until it reaches your shoulders and flaunt it loose. Yes, this too is a Viking hairstyle.

Viking Man Bun

Side view  of  a man bun  a perfect semblance of the viking hairstyles

Another popular Viking hairstyle is the man bun. Anyone can pull this look off. It doesn’t matter if you have straight, wavy, or curly hair, the man bun is one easy look that you don’t even notice you do every day. But to make it look more viking, use your hands and not a comb to pull your hair back, this will give your bun a messy yet dashing look.

Twisted Hair Viking Hairstyles 

Side view of a man rocking the twisted hair viking hairstyles

You may have come across this look on the popular Vikings TV show. It’s perfect if you want to combine twists with your Viking hairstyle. So rather than braid your hair, go for the Vikings twist.

Shaved Head With the Vikings Beard

Picture of a man with shaved head and full coarse beard

Not many of us knew that the shaved head and full coarse beard were part of the Vikings’ look. So you don’t need long tresses to pull off this hairstyle. A bald head with the right attitude still gives that virile Nordic man look.

Undercut with Long Mane

Picture of  a man rocking the undercut with long mane

This coiffure combines two popular themes as one: the hipster and the Vikings. When going for an undercut, most men prefer to pair it with different hairstyles, so you can decide to sport a ponytail, top knot, viking braid, or slick back for a more contrasting look.

Crimped Hair with a Central Braid 

Picture of a lady rocking a crimped hair with braid

The central braid was a popular look for Viking women. So if you’re thinking of trying it out, tie your hair with small rubber bands down the center of your back and rock braids on both sides to frame your face.

Extremely Long Viking-Inspired Decorated Braids

Picture of a lady wearing  the long braid

Tired of rocking tribal braids, cornrows, knotless braids, etc. Give Vikings braids a shot. This hairstyle seems to have a life of its own and can help you channel your inner Vikings beauty.

Vikings Dreads and Braids

picture of lady with dreads and braids

This hairstyle is like an ode to the Vikings’ women warrior-like appearance. They combine the traditional dreadlocks and braids to get that fierce look. Ensure you get a stylist who knows how to execute this look before you decide to pull it off.

Embracing Viking Hairstyles Today

Picture of a man rocking the viking hairstyles

For those seeking to explore the hair world of Vikings, adopting these hairstyles can be a transformative experience. With countless tutorials available online,  you can recreate these looks with ease. However, beyond the aesthetics, understanding the cultural significance behind these styles adds depth and appreciation for their historical roots.

In addition, these hairstyles offer a bridge between the ancient past and the modern world. They allow you to embody the spirit of resilience, strength, and boldness that defined the Viking Age.

By the way, do you need more inspos to help you pick the right Viking hairstyle for you? Check out these pictures and make your choice:

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