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Viking Braids: What You Should Know About This Iconic Hairdo

While watching the popular TV show, Vikings, besides the thrilling plot, something else stood out for me. It was the hairstyle the cast wore; what many refer to as viking braids now. These braids had a life of their own that added an aura of masculinity and irresistible appeal to the characters.

Back view of a guy rocking viking braids

So if you’d like to add a warrior feel to your appearance, there’s no better option out there than to wear this coiffure. But which Viking braids is the perfect fit for you?  I suppose that’s the reason you are on this post. And if that’s the case, stay put, as we delve into the world of Viking braids. We’ll also see how to achieve this hairstyle to unleash your inner warrior spirit.

Origin of Viking Braids

Full  view of the Ivar the boneless rocking the Vikings braids

This unique hairstyle originates from the Vikings who ruled the seas and conquered new lands during the Viking Age(approximately 739 to 1066 AD). It wasn’t just a fashion statement but also a practical way for warriors to keep their hair neat and out of their faces during battles. Braids were an important part of the Viking culture, representing power, masculinity, and honor. 

Did Real Vikings Have Braids?

Ragnar shows off his stylish viking braids

Although many people have argued that Vikings had different hairstyles and the ones we are familiar with are interpretations based on our perceptions. However, there are historical accounts that support the claim of Vikings having braids back in the day. 

A picture showing off the osternby man rocking the braids

Another solid proof is the ‘Osterby Man’, a 2000-year-old viking skeleton that preserves a well-made-blond braid design. This, with many paintings and artworks, has lent credence to the claims of Vikings having real braids. 

They may not look like the ones we see today, but it doesn’t stop us from imagining new designs and getting really creative. 

Male Viking Braids in the Mainstream Media

Side view of Ragnar his iconic braids

Here are some of the viking braid hairstyles as depicted in the mainstream media:

Ragnar Hair Braid From Vikings

Another picture of Ragnar rocking his braids

Ragnar’s hairstyle in the TV show is a major influence on the resurgence of this unique hairstyle. From the root to the ends, everything is made of thin braids rounded up to a large ponytail wrapped with cloth ties. The shaved sides contrast with the top hairdo beautifully making the radical tone of the hair stand out

Uhtred of the Last Kingdom

A picture of Uhtred's post rocking the stylish hairdo

Another beloved character who rocked viking braids on screen is Uhtred of the last kingdom series. Since the series had a major connection to Vikings, Uhtred’s hairdo was styled beautifully as a direct reference to those ancient hairstyles.

Just like Ragnar, an undercut separates the top part completely which carries on to the back as well.

The Aquaman Braids

A full picture of a warrior rocking  the braids

Another hairstyle that gave nod to the Viking braids is Jason Momoa’s Aquaman look.

It’s a gorgeous design and a wild yet sophisticated interpretation of the Viking braids for men. Caramel hair is the ideal tone to get started with this style. 

How to Do Viking Braids for Men

A sophisticated look of the Viking braids

This unique hairstyle is actually easy to achieve. Just separate the section of hair that you want to braid into three parts. Pull the left section of hair into the center, so that the hair now sits in the middle. Then pull the right section of your hair over into the center. 

Repeat this pattern until you have completed the whole length of your hair. But you may have to shave the sides of your hair to give it that Viking-ish look.

Viking Braids Styles For You to Try This Season

Back view of a guy rocking the stylish braids hairstyle

Looking for how to pull this iconic hairdo? Check out some of the Viking braids styles we’ve curated for you.

Viking Mohawk Braid

Side picture of a guy rocking the Viking braids coiffure

 The Mohawk hairstyle has a way of making you look bold and when you add the Viking braids, it enhances the look. To get this style to shave the sides of your hair to give it that contrast or fades if you prefer a low-key style.

Long Hair Viking Braids

Back view of a guy rocking the stylish braids coiffure

Viking braids are mostly worn on long locks for a good reason, if your hair is long, it allows for plenty of braiding options. So if you get exhausted with your long hair, remove the bulk of it with a fade haircut and braid it into a ponytail.

Triple Braids 

Back view of a guy rocking the viking braids with blades

The details of this braid are particularly gorgeous. The center braid is styled inside out, while the two braids are French braids. This look is for those who wanna channel their inner viking spirit.

Feed-in braids

Back view of a guy rocking the feed in braids, the real viking style

These braids are perfect if you don’t have enough natural hair to get the look you want. All you need do is use hair extensions. Like other viking braid styles the hair begins atop of your head and goes down to the back. 

Ponytail Braid

Full  portrait of a guy rocking a ponytail showing off his viking look

This style is simple and classic for a reason. It’s a protective hairdo that is also very stylish. To get this look, shave the sides of your hair and leave the top, smoothen the hair backward, and gather it into a high ponytail style. Then secure the hair with a hair tie and from there, braid it down to your back

French Viking Braids

Full picture of a man rocking the french viking look

This sleek style is quite interesting. To achieve it, you gather the hair into one sleek braid and braid it down.  This look oozes that viking vibe without too much hassle.

High Fade Viking Braids

Side view of a man rocking the high fade   braids

Who says guys with short hair cannot rock this hairdo? Absolutely no one. If you have short hair, don’t fret you as too can get that sexy viking look you want. 

With those small inches atop your head create those tightly knit cornrow braids that run to the back of your head. This hairstyle looks good with a mid fade and a long beard around the chin 

Viking Braids: A Testament of  Strength 

The viking braids are a testament of  strength s depicted

Apart from their aesthetic appeal, Viking braids have a deeper significance. By donning these braids, you pay homage to the brave warriors who explored new lands, forged strong alliances, and left an indelible mark in history. Furthermore, since this hairdo is mirrored after warriors who conquered battles, expect to get that victorious feeling when you rock it.

Need more hairstyle inspiration? Here you go:

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