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41 Large Knotless Braids Styles To Try for That Chic Look

As a lover of big braids, I was beyond excited to see large knotless braids become a staple in today’s styling world. There’s something unique about this look. They are not only effortlessly chic but also gentler on your scalp and can be worn for longer periods.

Gorgeous lady on face mask shows off her large knotless braids

While large knotless braids are a trendy variation of box braids, the difference between the two is clear. The technique for box braids involves a knot, while large knotless braids are knot-free.

Another look of the lady on mask rocking her large knotless braids.

And if you’ll love to try out this statement look, stay with me as we explore this hairdo and the different styling options it offers.

What are Large Knotless Braids?

Back view of a lady showing off her large knotless braids

To explain in simple terms, large knotless braids are “knotless braids that are bigger in size”. These beautiful statement-making styles are installed in your hair with long extensions. They are also referred to as jumbo or chunky braids. It’s very versatile you can wear it in different ways.  

Celebs Who Have Rocked Large Knotless Braids

Nakita Johnson shows off her jumbo-sized  braids

The rave of this hairdo isn’t ending anytime soon. Ever since the advent of knotless braids, celebrities like Beyonce, Keke Palmer, Gabrielle Union, among others, have hopped on the trend. 

Full look of Nakita Johnson showing off her jumbo braids.

But when it came to rocking jumbo braids, one star who excelled so much at it is Nakita Johnson. She’s done justice to her jumbo looks and we can’t help but draw inspiration from her.

Tips for Maintaining Large Knotless Braids

Lady on mask shoes off her honey-colored  large knotless braids

We all wanna look good that’s for sure. But if you don’t take care of your braids, It might damage your natural hair. So, use these tips to help you maintain your knotless braids:

Clarify and Moisturize Regularly 

One of the best ways to maintain your gorgeous locs is by clarifying and moisturizing them every day. Clarifying your hair simply involves, stripping away product buildup with either purifying shampoos to remove dirt or oils from your scalp. 

It’s important you remove buildup from your scalp and keep your hair hydrated so it thrives underneath.

Don’t Wear it Too Long

Your large knotless braids are not meant to be worn for a lifetime. Wear it just long enough to give your hair a break. And when it’s time to take off this style, please do so. 

While it’s okay to wear your large knotless braids for up to eight weeks, instead,  wear them for four to six weeks to prevent long-term damage to your hair.

Pay Attention to the Porosity of Your Hair

Before you install this coiffure, ensure you learn about the porosity of your hair. Thin hair tends to not do well with large knotless braids due to the heaviness of the weave. If the braids are too heavy and your hair is thin they can pull your hair straight from the scalp.

Protect Your Hair With a Silk Scarf 

Before catching your beauty sleep, wrap your hair in a silk scarf or bonnet. The silkiness will help prevent your hair from breaking during sleep. And if you are not a fan of hair bonnets  or scarves, go for a silk pillowcase instead

Large Knotless Braids Styles To Inspire Your Next Look

Side view of a lady showing off her honey-colored jumbo braids

To get you salon ready, we’ve curated some of the best styles available for large knotless braids that you’ll love:

Triangular Jumbo Braids With Curly Ends

Young girl with smiles rocks her large knotless braids with curls

Wearing large knotless braids with curls at the tip can never go wrong. And you can spice things up, by swapping the traditional box sectioning with triangular ones. 

picture of a lady with beautiful swooped down edges on her large knotless braids

And don’t forget to swoop down the edges and rock that hair like the queen you are.

Large Knotless Braid With Beads

Lady shows off her braids with transparent beads

Hair accessories like beads or ribbons are statement-style pieces that enhance the look of your braids.

Side view of a lady with her jumbo sized braids and transclulent beads

Install transparent or colorful beads at the tip of your hair and flaunt them in any style you wish.

Bohemian Jumbo Braids

Picture of  a lady rocking the bohemian jumbo knotless braids

Bohemian braids are unique and gorgeous. They exist in a world of their own. 

Another look of a girl rocking the bohemian large knotless braids

And pairing the bohemian vibe with your jumbo braids is like getting the best of both worlds.

Pink Knotless Braids

Lady poses with her pink braids in all her glory

Who says you can’t rock pink extensions with this hairstyle? No one. So if you’d like to feel like an Afrocentric Barbie, here’s your chance. 

Close up view of the  pink large knotless braids

Go for these beautiful hair extensions and cover up your natural hair by feeding in the extensions as close to the scalp as possible for an eye-catching monochromatic look. You can as well color your natural hair to make it blend with the pink synthetic braiding hair.

Ombre Jumbo Braids

Side view of a lady rocking the large ombre knotless braids.

Ombre hair extensions are the ideal choice if you’re aiming for that natural dark-to-light seamless look. 

Full picture of lady showing off her ombre braids

And if you have a warm skin tone, this particular look will complement you better, thereby enhancing your overall appearance.

Chunky Lob

Full picture of lady rocking the lob large knotless braids look

We’ve got bobs and lobs hair length! And now, we’ve got large knotless braids that can be styled as lobs too.

With jumbo braids, you can decide whether to go long or short, even though the former is the first choice of many ladies, the latter can be stunning too.

Bob with Knotted Ends

Side view of a lady rocking the jumbo  braids with knotted ends

Rocking a chin-length knotless bob with knots at the tip is a statement hairstyle. Since the style is not very popular, you can choose to do this and stand out from the crowd.  

Statement Heart With Chunky Braids

Full view of a lady showing off her statement heart braids

Get creative with this statement heart sectioning on your hair. Although this style is mostly seen on small knotless braids, you can rock them too.

Another look of lady rocking the statement heart sectioning

The trick lies in carving out each segment with not a single hair going astray. 

Jumbo Braids in a Bun

Lady shops of her large knotless braids in a bun

Though some ladies prefer to keep their knotless braids flowing down their back, wrapping yours in a bun is another gorgeous option. 

Another look of a girl rocking the jumbo sized braids in a bun

Doing this helps you keep the hair away from your face while enhancing your elegance.

Mixed Colors Hair Extensions

A beautiful look of a lady rocking the mixed colored extensions

You can never go wrong with mixed extensions. Instead of settling for one color of extension for your large knotless braids, spice things up by adding another color.

Another look of the mixed colored extensions

You can add the extra color around the tip of your braids or mix both extensions to get her to form a new color. You can even braid a section one color and the other, another color. Whichever your preference is, you’ll still look gorgeous.

Large Knotless Braids Are Every Ladies’ Fave

Back view of  a lady rocking her large knotless braids

Just like its younger sis in the game— the small knotless braids— large knotless braids too have become a hit and a favorite among ladies. This unique hairstyle offers an array of benefits and styling options that is irresistible. 

And there’s this feel Ming of comfort that comes with rocking huge braids without getting your scalp tugged too tight. It is seamless and gorgeous. So go ahead and book your next salon trip, and get ready to flaunt your tresses.

But if you need more inspiration, here you go:

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