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10 Best Quiet Luxury Brands Defining Subtle Wealth

It is as though the luxury world has been experiencing an unspoken battle between the loud and the subtle. Throughout history, opulence has been associated with ostentation. For instance, if furs didn’t suggest wealth, jewel quality would. Soon, this shifted to a focus on conspicuous brand names and logos, and that’s been the trend for years. But quiet luxury brands are redefining opulence.

They’re creating a movement that prioritizes timelessness over trends. Think muted color palettes, well-tailored suits, white button-downs, logo-free handbags, soothing knits, deluxe fabrics, etc.

This trend received wide adoption with series like  HBO’s Succession. No sooner had it hit the screens than fans began to recreate characters’ looks featuring functional pieces void of lavish brand emblems. If you also want to embody this trend, wear pieces from these designer labels.

Ahead, you’ll find ten quiet luxury brands to keep on your radar. These brands owned the silent luxe look before it began to catch on in the fashion sphere. Let’s check them out.

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What are Quiet Luxury Brands?

If you want to look elegant and wealthy without flashing logos or emblems, shop from quiet luxury brands. These timeless, sophisticated fashion houses use the best materials while appealing to a subtlety-loving audience. They favor a minimalist aesthetic and high-quality craftsmanship over bold branding. 

While logomania and maximalism still have a market, especially among parvenus, it’s safe to say wealth has lowered its volume into a whisper. And thankfully, there’s an ultra-wealthy growing market for this subtle opulence. As Marilisa Barbieri, Business Consultant, Luxury & Digital Transformation, opined:

“Looking anonymously chic is what many wealthier consumers want. They believe that less is often more and they carefully select products that are about beauty, craftsmanship and quality. Wearing coded luxury items is a low-key mode of camouflaging while still asserting their status and wealth in other subtle ways.”

On the surface, quiet luxury products may look ordinary because they have no obvious house codes. However, only those with a keen eye for understated elegance recognize the true value of such items.

Top Quiet Luxury Brands to Give You Some Old Money Aesthetic

a lady wearing a long white suit

The Row

In the words of Yusra Siddiqui, Editor at Who What Wear:

“If The Devil Wears Prada was set in 2023, the iconic line would no longer be ‘Are those the Chanel boots? Now, it’d be ‘Are those The Row?’”

She couldn’t have said it any better. If we were to describe quiet luxury by mentioning just one fashion label, it would be The Row. Founded in 2006 by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, this brand mirrors that quiet luxe aesthetic. It favors precise tailoring, exceptional fabrics, and impeccable details to create timeless fashion that embodies subtlety. Furthermore, with a commitment to fulfilling this promise for wealth-whisperers, The Row has built for itself a cult-like following.

Max Mara

Max Mara promises to win you over with its collections’ elegance and hand-crafted quality. The label abandons logomania for chic, functional pieces that empower women. Every Max Mara piece cuts through the clutter of trends to embrace thoughtfulness and practicality with precise tailoring.


Celine is a luxury French fashion House founded by Céline Vipiana in 1945. The label is known for its minimalist, refined aesthetic and the finest craftsmanship. This is evident in its time-honored clothing, bags, Celine belts, and other accessories. Also, the brand’s signature sleek silhouettes, premium leather goods, and muted color palettes have cemented its status as a stealth wealth label.

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Khaite is an understated designer label with a cult-like following for its minimalist silhouette. It features luscious knitwear, worn-in denim, sophisticated dresses and accessories that exude finesse.

Jil Sander

Jil Sander’s sartorial power is second to none. The brand is one of the early adopters of minimalism. In addition, Jil Sander continues creating looks incorporating playfulness, saturated shades, fringe cascades, and embellishments into the subtle luxe mix.

Brunello Cucinelli 

This fashion label is one of the best in Italian craftsmanship. Furthermore, it has gained global acclaim for its elevated, longstanding staples that serve wardrobes for years to come.  

Bottega Veneta

a model wearing a piece from Bottega Veneta

This luxury house makes understated bags, clothing, and accessories that mirror its timeless appeal. Though the label adopts vibrant hues, it explores the true essence of minimalism by embracing a recognizable yet subtle aesthetic in all its pieces.

For example, its signature intrecciato design(a unique method of hand-weaving leather) used in creating its bags. Moreso, Bottega Veneta is one of the top luxury brands in the world without an overt brand prominence. Little wonder their slogan is: “When your initials are enough.”


Hermès offers the most iconic bags (like the Birkin and Kelly) without flaunting its logo and brand name flamboyantly. The fashion house is one of the world’s most distinguished for its leather bags, silk scarves, and ready-to-wear collections.

Ralph Lauren

This is one designer label that has remained true to its design aesthetic. It prioritizes more exclusive, personalized experiences and relegates ostentatious branding.


A model wearing a piece from one of the quiet luxury brands, Toteme

Totême is recognized as a beacon of Scandinavian minimalism in the fashion industry. Its refined, timeless, and functional designs make the label a go-to for versatile wardrobe staples. The label also emphasizes sustainability and quality craftsmanship, thus creating evergreen fashion.

Objets Daso

Objets Daso believes that fashion’s true essence lies in the quality of materials, thoughtful craftsmanship, and refined attention to detail. This is evident in their handbags, which they call objets.’ They’re crafted with the utmost care with elegant simplicity to create classic heirlooms that last for generations.

Quiet Luxury Brands are the Way to Go

Choosing to shift away from the hype of logomania is not everyone would do. Especially in this era where most people judge a book by its cover. But as the saying goes, still waters run deep. So, if you love to ooze class without announcing but whispering your status, these quiet luxury brands should be your go-to. They may not outrightly announce your status but to those who know, stealth wealth fashion is the trait of ultra-rich individuals.

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