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Dressed Undressed: Embracing Body Positivity Through Fashion

For centuries, clothing has allowed us to creatively express ourselves to the world. But in recent years, there has been a cultural shift towards finding liberation by shedding layers, both literally and symbolically. The growing “Dressed Undressed” movement reflects this shift. It is redefining fashion by blending coverage with strategic skin to make personal statements.

Picture of models on the runway for the dressed undressed brand

At fashion shows today, it’s not uncommon to see bare tattoos and midriffs as it is with lavish gowns. Designers are purposefully featuring sensual cut-outs, sheer fabrics, and minimalist shapes that put the natural human form on display. This trend allows models of all backgrounds to embrace their beauty without inhibition. But the questions remain: When did the trend craze begin? How influential has the concept become? Will we be seeing more of it in years to come? Let’s unravel this together. 

Dressed Undressed – A Noteworthy Fashion  Concept

Picture showing two models looking gorgeous for the dressed undressed brand

We owe the concept to Dressed Undressed, a popular fashion company located in Tokyo, Japan. Since its establishment in 2009, the brand has showcased its designs at Tokyo Fashion Week and more recently the New Fashion Week and Vogue Runway.  On October 14, 2013, the company received a 5th DHL Design Award.  In essence, this recognition shows how influential the concept has become, catching the fashion industry’s attention and influencing contemporary dressing styles.

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The Dressed Undressed brand has come a long way from its establishment in 2009. They’re now known for creating collections that combine leather and silk textiles with Haute accessories for a uniquely elegant daywear collection. They also debut every year at fashion shows with different captivating storylines. Their overarching brand ethos creates a captivating fusion of clothing that is both covered and revealed simultaneously. This goes on to show that our lives can be a blend of haves and have-nots and so does fashion. 

Intuitive Combination of Sheer Fabrics

Picture a male model wearing a translucent  fabric  for the concept

The intriguing Dressed Undressed concept deliberately blends opposite sensations through the combination of cutouts or sheer fabrics to showcase different parts of the body in new ways. Its beauty lies in highlighting both the exposed and modest areas creatively in designs that suit your body shape without compromising your style.

Furthermore, this concept also dates back to when designers like Rei Kawakubo, the Creative Director of Comme des Garçons, brought avant-garde designs and aesthetics into play. This pushed boundaries on traditional dress forms to arouse curiosity among wearers.

The Appeal of the Dressed Undressed Trend

Picture of two models rocking a sheer top for the  brand

The popularity of the style stems not only from its physical appeal or the curiosity it arouses but also its artistic value which celebrates creativity and self-expression. The style exudes a perfect synergy between simplicity and unforgettable styles, pushing fashion boundaries and inspiring breakthrough debates on human complexities.

Nowadays, designers and fashion influencers are taking a page from the concept and creating endless possibilities while interpreting it to suit their tastes. From elegant evening gowns featuring strategic cutouts to sheer clothing or streetwear styles with brilliant layering, they’re creating depth and texture while still flashing skin. It’s safe to say the concept has grown into a global phenomenon.

Dressed Undressed: The Psychology Behind Baring it All

Picture of lady rocking a white sheer fabric  for  dressed undressed brand

Beyond clothing specifically, the broader concept of “dressed yet undressed” invites us all to live more courageously beneath the roles we play. In essence, it means embracing diverse beauty by refusing to conceal what makes each of us unique, whether physically or emotionally.

This liberating movement has roots in feminism and calls to dismantle systems demanding women minimize attributes that threaten traditionally masculine spaces. Similar to displays from the 1970s bra-burning rallies, today’s undress movement aims not necessarily to bare every inch but to bare souls that society has wrongfully sexualized and suppressed.

In addition, flashing some skin in defiance says “enough” to those who demand conformity around archaic ideals of physical perfection and purity. It also celebrates the reclamation of ownership over one’s whole embodied self.

What’s more, for those who have lived too long hiding scars, masking marginalized identities, or apologizing for taking up space, embracing the dressed undressed look says “no longer.” It is a political and personal act to harness innate sensuality without regard for others’ approval or comfort.

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Timeline of Dressed Undressed Exhibitions

Picture of a lady topless  with a pant trouser on the runway

Here is a look at Dressed Undressed fashion shows and exhibitions around the world:


  • HOMUNCULUS | show Autumn-Winter 2012-2013 | Fashion Week Tokyo, Japan
  • HOMUNCULUS | show Autumn-Winter 2012-2013 | Fashion Week Singapore, Singapore
  • IN YOUR HEAD | show Spring-Summer 2013 | Fashion Week Tokyo, Japan


  • THE HUNGER | show Autumn-Winter 2013-2014 | Finalist in the International Woolmark Prize, Nominated by Franca Sozzani, from VOGUE Italia | Fashion Week London, UK
  • THE HUNGER | Show Autumn-Winter 2013-2014 | Fashion Week Tokyo, Japan
  • THE HUNGER | Speeches, Presentation | Resident by Tiffany Godoy | Japan Society, Arts Museum, New York, USA
  • Dressed Undressed | Installation | Dom Perignon Limited Gallery #01, Tokyo, Japan
  • THE BIRDS | Show Spring-Summer 2014 | Fashion Week Tokyo, Japan
  • THE BIRDS | Awarded the 5th DHL Design Award


  • GARDEN | Show Autumn-Winter 2014-2015 | Fashion Week Tokyo, Japan
  • INTELLIGENCE | Show Spring-Summer 2015 | Fashion Week Tokyo, Japan


  • COMMON OBJECTS | Show Autumn-Winter 2015-2016 | Fashion Week Tokyo, Japan
  • ABSTRACTS | Show Spring-Summer 2016 | Fashion Week Tokyo, Japan


  • CONSCIOUSUNCONSCIOUS | Show Autumn-Winter 2016-2017 | Fashion Week Tokyo, Japan
  • DRESSED UNDRESSED | Solo Exhibition|Aomori Museum of Art, Aomori, Japan
  • COMMUNITY | Show Spring-Summer 2016 | Fashion Week Tokyo, Japan


  • ISOLATION | Show Autumn-Winter 2017-2018 | Fashion Week Tokyo, Japan
  • IN BLOOM | Show Spring-Summer 2018 | Fashion Week Tokyo, Japan


  • I’M SEXY | Show Autumn-Winter 2018-2019 | Fashion Week Tokyo, Japan
  • RESTAURANT | Show Spring-Summer 2019 | Fashion Week Tokyo, Japan


  • PORTRAIT | Show Autumn-Winter 2019-2020 | Fashion Week Tokyo, Japan
  • YOU MELT ME | Show Spring-Summer 2020 | Fashion Week Tokyo, Japan


  • I CAN’T REMEMBER YOU | Show Autumn-Winter 2020-2021 | Fashion Week Tokyo, Japan
  • PERSONA | Video presentation Spring-Summer 2021 | Fashion Week Tokyo, Japan


  • ANOSREP | Video presentation Autumn-Winter 2021-2022 | Fashion Week Tokyo, Japan
  • MORALS | Video presentation Spring-Summer 2022 | Fashion Week Tokyo, Japan


  • LOVERS #1 | Dressed Undressed + DUMB TYPE | Video presentation Autumn-Winter 2022-2023 | Fashion Week Tokyo, Japan
  • LOVERS #2 | Dressed UndressedUNDRESSED + DUMB TYPE | Video presentation Spring-Summer 2023 | Fashion Week Tokyo, Japan


  • SELF-PORTRAIT | Video presentation Autumn-Winter 2023-2024 | Fashion Week Tokyo, Japan


How to Pull off a Dressed Undressed Look

Picture of a lady rocking a sheer  gown with panties  for the brand

The Dressed Undressed fashion movement is all about blending reveals with coverage for an effortlessly chic style. It’s like wearing no-coverage clothing but combing it with full clothes. Moreover, showing strategic flashes of skin can be a playful and alluring look. Here’s how to balance modesty with spice and pull off this popular trend:

Focus on One Area

Picture of Taylor swift rocking a cut out gown at the event

Baring it all can look sloppy, so focus on one body area to keep your look purposeful. Common areas to highlight include shoulders, back, midriff/waist, legs, or neckline. For example, try a shoulder-baring tank top tucked into a skirt, a backless halter dress, high-waisted pants paired with a cropped tee, or a thigh-high slit maxi skirt, or a plunging neckline blouse.

Wear Translucent Fabrics

Picture  of  a model rocking the  sheer top and  pants at the streets

Sheer fabrics and lace detailing instantly create a Dressed Undressed vibe. For example, wear a silky camisole under a translucent top or blazer. Or don a see-through lace dress overtop sexy lingerie or a bandeau bodysuit underneath for coverage. Also, long sheer overlays work nicely over mini dresses, too. Just ensure undergarments match both your skin tone and the outer garment for a polished finish.

Incorporate Cut-Outs Strategically

Picture of a lady rocking the cut out  dress for the concept

Well-placed cutouts instantly amp up intrigue. Focus on small peek-a-boo details at the torso such as a slit just below the breastbone, slice across toned abs, or diamond shape at the lower back. Another option is to go for full-on cold-shoulder tops and dresses to bare arms completely while still providing coverage where needed.

Show Some Legs

Picture of a lady rocking a stylish dress and showing legs

Consider rocking a form-fitting pencil skirt or mini dress with a subtle side slit. This allows you to move comfortably while offering an occasional glimpse mid-thigh as you walk. For instance, pair with heels to extend legs for maximum impact. And for extra leggy looks, try ankle-grazing hemlines or tall boots that grab attention.

Accentuate Assets

Picture of a lady rocking a gown to accentuate her assets

Identify your best features and find dresses, tops, and bottoms that spotlight them. The goal is not to look overtly sexy but rather quietly confident in your skin. For example, wear an A-line mini skirt to flaunt your fine legs or off-the-shoulder styles to display defined collar bones. 

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Hair and Makeup

Picture of a model with a natural make up.

Remember the concept travels beyond clothing and caters to all forms of beauty expressions. So if you wanna pull off a dressed-undressed makeup look, ensure you wear natural makeup to enhance your facial features. For example, pair it with hairstyles like ponytails, or messy buns to highlight your face. 

Be Confident in Your Skin

Picture of a lady rocking a sheer dress with cutouts

One major quality you need to pull off the concept is confidence. Confidence helps you hold your head high while you strut like the world is your runway. 


Picture of a lady rocking the swim suit  for the dreesed undressed concept

No piece of clothing represents this concept more than a swimsuit. From bikinis to tankinis and what have you, swimwear is one opportunity for you to showcase and be confident in your skin while being dressed yet undressed.

Dressed Undressed: The Future of True Self-Expression

Picture of a model rocking a suit  for the dressed undressed concept

The Dressed Undressed look is about feeling beautiful firsthand. By strategically and tastefully showing some skin, you direct eyes where you want to create intrigue. So, practice channeling this style until you find pieces to showcase your unique womanly shape

While outright baring may still be taboo across many societies, a touch of skin can feel thrilling and empowering. Whether clothed or partially exposed, having the choice to reveal a bit of skin and be comfortable in it is what this fashion stands for.

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