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Edgar Haircut: How to Rock this Iconic ‘90s Men’s Style

When you talk about haircuts that have made a serious comeback to the modern world, the Edgar haircut is one of them. Though some see it as a cross between a fade and a bowl cut, the craze started when baseball player Edgar Martinez rocked the hairstyle, hence its moniker.  

Full picture showing a man with the edgar haircut hairstyle

It rose to popularity in the 1990s as an iconic men’s style, known for its short sides and longer tops. This haircut has a neat part that features varying lengths of textured layers on top. It’s a versatile coiffure that allows you to style it in different ways. So if you’re thinking of rocking it, you’re in luck. In this article, you’ll find the latest edgar haircut for men that will surely inspire your next haircut. From classic to modern variations, we’ve gathered the best of them that suit all face types and shapes. So sit back and enjoy the ride. 

Origin of the Edgar Haircut

Picture showing give a side view of the  iconic 90s hairstyle

Otherwise known as the takuache haircut, this is a tapered style with a straight line of bangs that touch the forehead. This style can be traced back to the grunge music scene of the early 1990s. Bands like Nirvana made alternative styles become mainstream, influencing fashion as well as music. The Edgar haircut was a more polished version of the messy rocker style – cleaned up and effortlessly cool.

Several high-profile celebrities sported variations of the cut in the 90s, and this made it more popular. For example, Brad Pitt’s tousled layers in Legends of the Fall and Johnny Depp’s piecey fringe in Edward Scissorhands made this cut seem intriguing and rebellious.  Soon the Edgar became a staple style for men looking to give off an edgy, nonconformist vibe.

Key Features of the Edgar Haircut

Full picture of a man wearing a spiky edgar haircut

The signature elements of this haircut include:

Short sides and back

The hair is clipped close on the sides and back to create contrast with the longer top. A fade or taper shapes the sides for a neat, polished finish.

Textured length on top

Your hairstylist will leave at least an inch long on top and razor-cut the top layers to add texture and flexible styling options.

Deep side part

A defined part exposes more of the shorter sides beneath the longer locks. The part gives direction to the top layers.

Variable styling

 You can wear it in a messy, spiky, or smoothed-down vibe depending on your personal taste and hair type. Also, note that light styling products allow flexible wear too.

Shaved Sides

One of the key features of this haircut is the shaved sides. There’s no Edgar haircut without a clean fade to highlight the contrast with the hair on top.

10 Edgar Haircut Ideas to Rock in Any Season

Picture of a guy showing off his haircut with a stylish line to add

Fluffy Edgar Haircut

Full picture of a guy with the fluffy edgar haircut style

If you’ve got fluffy hair, then this look is for you. Ask your stylist to give a cut that emphasizes the top for a more voluminous look. And if you don’t have fluffy hair, use a texturizing product to create that fuzzy look.

The Mexican Edgar Haircut 

Picture showing a guy rocking the Mexican Edgar haircut style

The hairstyle was and is still popular among Mexican men. With the short, textured cut on the top and sides and a defined line that outlines your forehead and temples, this hairstyle has a way of making you stand out uniquely. 

Edgar Cut with Curly Top

Picture of a guy with a side view of the iconic style with curls on top

Wanna know who the Edgar style fits? It’s men with natural curls. If this is you, and yours come with great movement, your Edgar haircut comes out to play. Feel free to make the mirror your new best friend because you may need to stare at that handsomeness every day.

Spiky Two-Toned High Edgar Haircut

Picture showing a side view of a guy rocking the spiky two- toned 90s hairstyle

No one said you can’t take the plunge with your Edgar haircut. The style gives you many styling options. So if you want spikes, go for it. And if you want blonde or platinum blended with black, go ahead. Just rock this hairstyle as you deem fit.

Neat Edges Fade Edgar Haircut

Full picture of a guy rocking a neat edges fade haircut

One thing makes the Edgar haircut so appealing and it’s the contrast it gives between the messy top and the neatly shaved sides. So when next you’re visiting the salon ask for neater edges with a proper fade to help the style stand out well.

Edgar Cut with Defined Lines

Picture showing a guy rocking the look with defined lines

Defined lines are also a part of this hairstyle. But of course, this depends on your preference. So if you want defined lines, go for them as they give your Edgar haircut a sharper and manly look.

Widow’s Peak Edgar Haircut with Lines

Picture showing a guy rocking the Widow’s Peak Edgar Haircut with Lines

If you have the iconic widow’s peak hairline, the Edgar haircut is perfect for hiding it. It has room for play at the front that covers your hairline properly.

Messy Edgar Cut

Full picture of a guy wearing the messy style of the iconic 90s hairstyle

What’s more fun than a messy or tousled haircut? To achieve this, ask your stylist to leave more hair on top when cutting your hair. Then, apply a texturizing product on your hair and run your fingers through it. Voila! You have your look.

Low Fade Wavy Edgar Haircut

Picture showing a  guy wearing the low fade wavy edgar haircut

You don’t have to pair your Edgar haircut with a high fade to get your desired look. The low fade works too. It allows room for more hair, which you can experiment with however you like. 

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Mid-Fade Edgar Haircut on Platinum Hair

Picture of a  guy rocking the platinum look  on his edgar haircut

Let’s talk about taking contrast to another level. Already, we’ve got the contrast between the full hair on top and the faded sides but with this look, you get a better contrast for the platinum look and your hair roots.

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Edgar Haircut: A Timeless Look For the Modern Man 

Full picture of a man with a frontal view of how the  iconic 90s hairstyle looks like

While mainstream men’s hair trended shorter in the 2000s, the iconic Edgar cut never fully faded from the scene. Diehard fans have kept the style alive for its cool, laidback vibe that manages to be both rebellious and refined.

Now there are signs that the Edgar haircut is poised for a major comeback. With 90s fashion making a huge resurgence, it’s the perfect time for guys to embrace this iconic cut. Thankfully, barbers are dusting off their techniques for a new generation to enjoy.

So whether you lived through the 90s the first time, or just admire the era’s sense of style, now is the time to finally try this legendary haircut. Its ability to make a statement while still looking polished is sure to cement its place as a staple men’s style for years to come.

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