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Takuache Haircut: 34 Stunning Styles for Men

If there’s anything I’ve learned about looking good as a man, it’s that there’s no excuse to not look good. Why? Different options abound. From clothes to accessories, skincare, and even haircuts, you’ll always have different options to choose from. And in the hair space, one such option is the takuache haircut.

This coiffure is one of the edgiest male hairstyles out there. It’s short, easy to maintain, and adds some personality to your facial features. 

a guy rocking takuache haircut

If you’ve been wondering what it looks like and how to achieve it, I’ll show you all you need to know about the takuache haircut in this piece. You’ll also find images of this style to inspire your next visit to the salon.

Let’s dive in.

What’s Special About the Takuache Haircut?

man rocking edgar haircut

Otherwise known as the Edgar haircut, this is a high bald tapered style that has a straight line of bangs across the forehead. It usually features a bowl-style cut where the top hair of the head is longer while the sides are tapered.

The style is popular among Latino and Hispanic teenage boys. It’s the Mexican version of the Caesar haircut suitable for oval, oblong, and pointy face shapes.

The Edgar cut is a low-maintenance style that suits any man with Asian or Caucasian hair. So, whether your hair is straight or curly, you’ll look great rocking it. Furthermore, it’s an excellent way to add some definitions to your short hair. And if you have an uneven or receding hairline, this haircut helps you hide it as the hair mostly falls to your forehead.

Why’s it Called Takuache?

a cute guy showing his haircut

Takuache is a slang word that describes young Mexican-American men who love to drive large pickup trucks and wear expensive Mexican apparel like jeans, boots, and belts. Most of them wear the Edgar haircut. 

But literally, the word ‘Takuache’ is Spanish for possum

Why do They Call it Edgar Haircut?

a man rocking the edgar haircut with fringe

People call it the Edgar haircut because of the story surrounding its popularity. Per the story, around 2019,  a young fan asked a barber, Anthony Reyes, to engrave the face of Edgar Martínez, a former Major League Baseball player with Seattle Mariners, on the back of his head. And when the MLB Puerto Rico account reposted the hairstyle it went viral.

Ever since then it’s been called the Edgar Cut and has become popular on Twitter and TikTok among Gen Zs.

What is the Difference between Edgar and Takuache?

a cute guy rocking fluffy hairstyle

There really is no difference between them because they’re one and the same. Edgar haircut and takuache haircut are only aliases for the same hairstyle.

Tyes of Takuache Haircuts

a guy wearing studs showing the side profile of his haircut

Takuache Fringe

a guy rocking a haircut with bangs

This is the regular Edgar haircut. It includes a fringe that rests around the forehead. You can make your bangs long or short, depending on the overall length of your hair.

Fluffy Takuache haircut

a guy rocking a fluffy haircut

This style is wavy and full. It features thick wavy hair that makes you stand out easily. Go for this style if your hair is long and voluminous enough.

Edgar Haircut with Mullet

a guy rocking the edgar haircut with mullet

As the name implies, this style is a combination of mullet and the takuache cut. It features the bowl-cut fringe with a mullet hairstyle where your barber cuts your hair shorter at the front, top, and sides, but leaves it longer at the back.

Takuache Haircut with Blunt Bangs

a guy wearing takuache with blunt-cut bangs

Here, you make your fringe the same length all through to give it the blunt cut effect.

Curly Takuache Haircut

a guy rocking a curly edgar hairstyle

Curls are a great way to make a statement with your hair. You can achieve the curly eEgar cut with your already curly hair or curl after cutting your hair.

Edgar Cut with Fade

a cute dude sitting on a chair showing his haircut with fades

There’s something a fade does to your haircut: it adds this touch of variety to its look. Want that for your hair? Great. Ask your barber to taper the sides of your hair while creating your Edgar haircut.

Patterned Takuache Cut

a guy rocking a haircut with heart-shaped patterns

Do you like to add heart shapes, zigzag lines, names, straight lines, circles, or any distinct pattern on your head?  The Edgar haircut can accommodate any pattern or parting you want. Just go for it. 

Short Edgar Haircut

a cute guy showing his hair sideways

You think your hair isn’t long enough to give you a draping fringe? That’s not a problem. You can still achieve the takueche cut with your hair length. The way every strand will stay flat on your head is another attraction on its own.

Not satisfied with these Edgar haircuts you’ve seen so far? Check out some more:

a guy wearing studs showing his fluffy hair
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