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31 Black and Blonde Hair Colors Every Woman Should Try

It’s one thing to wear a beautiful hairstyle. It’s another to choose a hair color that accentuates your looks. And this works in two ways: you play it safe or go bold. If you love to play it safe, there’s a high chance you always wear dark hair colors. That’s great. But today we want you to take it a step further by wearing a bold hair color. No, you don’t have to stop wearing dark colors. You only have to combine it with a bright color and get something like black and blonde hair.

This hair color combination is a blend of light and dark tones that give your hair an alluring contrast. It’s an edgy color combination that not only complements your skin tone but also pops you out of any crowd.

a lady rocking black and blonde hair

The best part? Blonde comes in different shades. As you’ll soon see in this post, if you don’t want the golden blonde, you can always go for bleached, honey, dirty, platinum, etc.

Now, let’s dive right in.

Does Blonde Look Good on Black Hair?

a beautiful lady wearing wavy black and blonde hair

Yes, blonde does look good on black hair. It’s the perfect and most popular hue to use when trying lighter hair colors on a darker base. You can use them as highlights on black hair or anyhow you want it.

Can Blacks Have Blonde Hair Naturally?

A Melanesian child with blonde hair

Blacks can have naturally blonde hair if they’re an indigene of Melanesia. This group of people defies the stereotype that Black people can’t have blonde hair. 

That’s the only way to have blonde hair as a black woman. Other than that, you’ll have to resort to dyeing your hair to achieve your desired blonde streaks.

What is Sexier Black or Blonde Hair?

a black lady rocking black and blonde pixie cut

Though black hair is beautiful, lighter hair colors are more attractive. But you can have the best of both worlds by rocking both colors together as one.

This way, you enjoy the conservativeness of black tones and revel in the appeal of blonde.

Gorgeous Black and Blonde Hair Looks You Should Wear

a beautiful black lady rocking blonde and black braids

Do you want to enliven your black hair with blonde streaks without completely changing your hair color? As I told you earlier, different blonde hues abound. So you can recreate these styles in platinum, ash, sun-kissed, bleached, dirty, honey, silver blonde, or any shade of blonde you want.

Here we go:

Kinky Black and Blonde Hair

a lady smiling and showing her kinky curly hair

This works in two categories:

  1. You have afro-textured hair.
  2. You have a kinky weave/wig.

If you fall in the first category, just add any shade of blonde to your natural hair. It could be from the roots to the mid-length, midway to the ends, or any particular section of your hair.

On the other hand, if you’re working with a kinky weave, the same procedure works. Only this time, you won’t be coloring your natural kinky hair but your hair extension.


back view of a curly black and blonde hair

Black and blonde curls are a showstopper. Don’t miss out on this color combo if you love to rock heavy curls that get people drooling.


gorgeous blonde braids with black streaks

Wanna wear cornrows, two-strand twists, box braids, knotless braids, and any other type of braid? Make them black and blonde.

How do you achieve this? By using hair extensions like attachment, wool, etc.

Black and Blonde Highlights

A lady rocking blonde highlights on her hair

If you don’t want to color most parts of your hair blonde, you can add blonde highlights to your black hair.

We wrote a guide that details the different types of blonde highlights on black hair. Check it out if you wanna learn more.


beautiful black woman rocking wavy hair

Your beach waves and relaxed curls can also be black and blonde like the picture above.

Blunt Cut

a lady rocking blunt cut bob wig

Wanna give your black blunt-cut bob or long wig a new look? Add touches of blonde to it.

Black & Blonde Bangs

a white lady wearing black hair and blonde bangs

This color also works for your fringe hairstyles. It’s a great way to add more accents to your already detailed coiffure.

a lady wearing black hair and blonde bangs

Need more black and blonde hairstyles to inspire you? Feast your eyes on these:

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