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Beach Waves on Short Hair: How to Achieve Without Visiting the Salon

Are you bored of your straight, short hair? Do you wanna add accents to your hair but don’t want heavy curls on them? If you answered yes to any of my questions, you’ll most definitely like waves on short hair.

a smiling lady wearing blonde waves on short hair

Wavy hair is a lower level of curls. They bring the curls to your hair in a subtle way that takes you to the sea. And achieving waves for short hair isn’t difficult. You just have to watch tutorials or consume articles that show you how.

a lady wearing bob waves on short hair

Since this page you’re reading is one of them, let’s get right into it.

What’s the Fuss About Beach Waves on Short Hair?

an old lady with blonde waves on short hair

Beach waves are loose curls suitable for a regular textured hairstyle. It looks great on every woman, flattering different face shapes, ages, and hair types.

a lady wearing waves in short hair while holding a lipstick to her lips

Moreso, this coiffure is versatile. In the words of Celebrity Hairstylist Sarah Potempa, inventor of The Beachwaver curling iron:

“They are the perfect balance between curls and straight hair and work for almost every hair length and type of situation, from a presentation at work to a night out. Plus, beach waves add volume and movement to your hair, with the front pieces drawing attention up to your eyes and accentuating your cheekbones.”

Sarah Potempa
a lady wearing waves for short hair with braids

Mastering these relaxed curls on your short hair may sound daunting. But it isn’t so. And to prove it, let’s see how to pull off beach waves on short hair without going on a beach trip or using salt water.

How to Get Beach Waves on Short Hair

a lady wearing black waves on short hair

You can achieve this style with a straightener, curling iron, or without heat. Let’s look at each of the methods.

a lady wearing waves for short hair with an off-shoulder top

Working with a Hair Straightener

a picture showing a lady trying to make her hair wavy with a hair straightener

Flat irons help you create waves on short hair. But for this to be smooth, you have to pick the best straightener otherwise you’ll damage your hair.

a lady wearing black bob waves on short hair

Once you’re sure your flat iron is good, preheat the iron to 300 F (149 C) and allow it to heat up to that temperature. Then divide your hair into three sections preferably top, middle, and bottom. If your hair is too short to tie back, use bobby pins to keep it in place. 

a lady rocking wavy short hair

Afterward, starting with the bottom section, divide your hair into one-inch (2.5 cm) strips. Hold the flat iron vertically to your hair, twist it 180 degrees toward the back of your head, and gently pull it down the shaft of your hair. Ensure you close the plates while doing this.

a beautiful lady wearing wavy short hair with cute earrings

Do this to all three sections then finger comb with a styling product to turn the curls into waves.

a beautiful lady wearing blonde wavy short hair with cute earrings and a red sequin dress

Need a clearer illustration? Watch this video below. It’ll show you how to achieve wavy short hair with a flat iron.

Working with a Curling Iron

a lady holding a curling wand close to her blonde wavy short hair

This is the most traditional way to get beach waves for short hair. To go about it, work with a barrel that’s approximately one inch in diameter. Just hold the wand vertically toward your hair with the tip pointing to the ground. Then wrap your hair around the wand as many times as you can. 

a gorgeous lady in suit wearing blonde waves on short hair

Since your hair is short, it may only wrap around one to three times.

a brunette lady rocking waves for short hair with a beautiful necklace

Afterward, hold the tip of the hair while holding the hair on the wand for two to five seconds. Then release the tip of your hair and pull the wand out. 

a lady in a dark dress and a Dior belt wearing black waves for short hair

Once the curl is cool, proceed to the next strip of hair. As you repeat the process for the remaining sections of your hair, alternate the direction you wrap your hair around the wand. This helps to add volume to your hair.

a lady's side profile showing her blonde waves on short hair

And that’s how it works. But if you want to watch and learn, here’s a video with a clearer illustration for you.

How to Achieve Waves in Short Hair Without Heat

a lady wearing braids on her waves for short hair

After prepping your hair by washing or wetting it, pick a heatless wave hairstyle. This could be braids, buns, or twists. 

a cute lady in a spaghetti strap top wearing w in wave short hair

For really tight waves, go for braids. And if you want looser curls, opt for twist hairstyles while buns give you the loosest and most relaxed waves.

blonde waves for short hair

After manipulating your hair into any of these styles, tie a head wrap or scarf. This prevents your hair from slipping out of its style, becoming frizzy, or rubbing against your pillow.

a lady wearing light blonde waves on short hair

Then allow your hair dry overnight or for some hours with your braids, twist, or buns still on. When your hair is dry, take off the scarf and every other thing you used to keep your hair in place. Then finger comb to remove the braids and twists. Tada! Your beach waves in short hair will be ready to rock.

a gorgeous lady wearing blonde waves for short hair with hoop earrings

Feel free to add any styling product you want. Or better still, watch this video to get more ideas on how to make heatless waves on short hair.

There you have it! Do you now see that making waves on short hair isn’t as difficult as you thought? If you’re going with the heat method like hair straightening or curling, remember to keep it at low heat and apply a heat protectant to your hair before styling. This will ensure you don’t ruin your hair while trying to enhance your beauty in the process.

A lady wearing waves on short hair and adorning it with a gold barrette

In addition, don’t forget to adorn your beach waves for short hair with barrettes, hair clips, and other hair accessories. They’ll elevate your coiffure.

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