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Everything You Need To Know  Regarding The Do’s & Don’ts of Hair Straightening

Looking after your hair is important. When you are pleased with how your hair looks you’ll automatically feel more confident in yourself and your abilities. It’s a great way to start the day. But, it can be hard work getting your hair to do what you want, especially when you have limited time.

The more things you have to do to your hair the easier it is to do something that damages your hair. That’s why, when it comes to straightening, you need to know the do’s and the don’ts.

What You Should Do

There are several things you should do every time you straighten your hair.

Use the right tool

If you want to straighten your hair then you need a great set of straighteners. The best ones allow you to adjust the heat setting. As excess heat will dehydrate and damage your hair it’s advisable to use the least amount of heat possible. That means using straighteners with an adjustable heat setting and keeping it as low as possible. You’ll still get good results.

Make use of heat protection spray

Heat protection spray does exactly what it says it does. You can apply it before you use the straighteners. It will allow the straighteners to do their job but spread the heat more evenly, reducing the likelihood of damage to your hair.

Do a little section at a time

When straightening you’ll find it easier to get the desired results if you separate your hair into small sections. It allows the straighteners to do their job effectively without using excessive heat. Trying to straighten large sections of hair means you’ll dry the top layers and are unlikely to fully straighten all of the hair. 

Combs are your friends

Combing while straightening helps to ensure all the hair has been dealt with. It also adds volume and finds any knots before your straightener does. That gives you time to sort them rather than heat-sealing the knot into a bigger tangle.

What Not To Do

It is important to know what not to do when straightening hair.

Straighten wet hair

Hair is at its weakest when wet. You’ll find this is when you can easily pull hair out and, because the hair is swollen from the water, it’s actually easy to remove the nutrients from your hair. The result is dull and lifeless hair.

In addition, straightening your hair when wet means the straighteners will take longer to get the hair straight as they will need to heat the excess moisture as well as your hair.

Unfortunately, doing this means more heat is trapped in the hair, increasing the likelihood of hair damage which can even be permanent.

Use a broken straightener

It should be obvious but never use a straightener that has any type of issue. That includes power supply problems or damaged plates. These won’t effectively straighten your hair and they are likely to damage your hair or potentially cause a fire. That’s not a desirable outcome.

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