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Nails for Wedding Bride—25 Nail Designs Every Bride Should Rock

Besides your wedding dress, bridal makeup, and wedding hairstyle, there’s something else you need to pay attention to as a bride. You guessed right. I’m talking about investing in the perfect nails for wedding brides. 

glossy silver nails for wedding bride

If you don’t know, many attendees will have their eyes on you. They’ll want to see how gorgeous the bride looks from head to toe. And some would even go as far as peeking at your nails when you’re signing your certificate or flaunting your ring at the crowd.

glittery silver nails for wedding bride

Unless it’s against your religious beliefs to rock fashion nails, you have no reason not to. So if your wedding is upcoming and you need to find the cutest bridal nail inspiration for your day, you’ve come to the right place.

glossy nails for wedding bride

Pick any of the styles in this post and you’ll be ready to turn heads during your traditional, court, or white wedding.

When Should a Bride Get Her Nails Done?

green and pink glossy nails for wedding bride

We recommend you do your nails a day or two before your wedding. If you do them too far in advance, they may fall off before your D-day.

Do Wedding Nails Have to Be White?

brown design nails for wedding bride

No, it doesn’t have to be white. You can rock any color of nails for wedding brides on your day. If you’d love a pop of color to your white dress, then don’t be scared to go for bold colors like orange, green, fuchsia pink, etc.

But since those colors may compete with your white wedding dress, go for subtle colors that’ll blend in with your overall look.

They include nude, light pink, sky blue, etc. You can even rock your natural nails or opt for glittery embellishments, ombre colors, creative nail designs, and lots more.

What Kind of Wedding Nails Can I Do By Myself?

white design nails for wedding bride

If you’ll be doing your wedding nails yourself, go for single colors as they’ll be easy to achieve. But whether you’re wearing nude, light pink, or white, one crucial thing to never forget is the topcoat. 

blue and white nails for wedding bride

Its main purpose is to protect your nail polish from chipping or damaging while maintaining its glossy look. 

beautiful design nails for wedding bride

But for your top coat to serve its purpose, your base coat has to be well-laid. It’s the foundation of your nails. It gives your nails a clean look when you finish applying the polish. It also ensures there’ll be no hills or bumps after applying your top coat.

What is the Perfect Bridal Nails Length?

white design medium nails for wedding bride

The perfect nail length is one you feel comfortable rocking. So, only go for lengths that offer you comfort. If you know you won’t be able to use your hands if the nails are too long, stick to a medium or better still, short length.

Is it Compulsory to Install Fake Nails for Your Wedding?

short pink design nails for wedding bride

No, it’s not compulsory. You can grow and groom your natural nails and apply nude polish on them in time for your day. If you don’t want that, you can as well rock your natural nails like that. The choice is yours.

After all, no law says you must install artificial nails for wedding brides.

What to do Before Installing Wedding Nails

design nails for wedding bride

The first thing you have to do is to prep your nails. As Evelyn Lim, Chief Educator at Paintbox, a New York-based salon and nail brand, noted:

“Don’t put or leave any oily substance on the nail—like lotion, makeup or serums—as this may lead to premature chipping or lifting.”

Evelyn Lim
pink design nails

And that’s true. Don’t even apply makeup with your hands before your nail appointment. Go with clean hands so you will get clean nails without any hitch.

beautiful nail designs

In addition, avoid using your hands too much before your wedding. Don’t wash or carry heavy stuff lest your nails should break or chip before your big day. Let your nails rest so you can rock them during your wedding and even your honeymoon.

pretty nail designs for wedding bride

And speaking of chipping, how about you get prepared for that? You can do this by keeping handy a bottle of your exact wedding day nail polish. Once you notice any slight peeling, just touch it and you’ll be good to go.

Now that you know everything about getting nailed up for your wedding day, let’s check out some more nails for wedding brides.

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