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How to Rock a Micro Mini Skirt like Ayra Starr

When you see a micro mini skirt, who’s that Nigerian music star that crosses your mind? You’ll agree with me it’s Ayra Starr. And thankfully, a thousand and one other Nigerians think the same way.

If you doubt, look at this meme below:

a meme of Ayra Starr and micro mini skirt

That’s just one of the many social media posts that prove Oyinkansola Sarah Aderibigbe, popularly known as Ayra Starr, has become synonymous with miniskirts. In fact, it wouldn’t be out of place if we said a micro mini skirt paired with a revealing top is her signature style.

beautiful Ayra Starr wearing brown crop top with micro mini skirt

Almost all her photos prove this. And the best part of it all is that she owns it. Despite how often social media trolls come at her, the 20-year-old celestial being doesn’t seem to be deterred.

She still rocks her favorite outfit to different events. It doesn’t even seem like she’ll be stopping anytime soon.

Ayra Starr wearing coordinated set top and micro mini skirt

If you, like Ayra Starr, love these super short skirts and would love to pull them off soon, this article will show you how.

Ayra Starr & Miniskirts: Is there a Relationship Between Them?

Ayra Starr wearing crop top with black micro mini skirt

If you want to linger in people’s memory, a signature look is an easy way to achieve that. Your favorite celebrities understand this. It’s why they invest in stylists who help them articulate their style by creating outfits or hairstyles that when people see, their name comes to mind.

Take Yemi Alade, our Mama Africa. She’s a lover of Afrocentric fashion and this is evident in her coiffures and dresses. It’s the same for Asake, Falz, and Burna Boy. Once we look at their photos, we just know they’re the ones even without zooming in.

Ayra Starr in Paris

Ayra Starr isn’t left out. Indeed, our sabi girl no dey too like talk. She’s successfully etched her image in our minds such that the first person you think of when you see mini skirts is the Mavins superstar.

She dons them in different types from straight to flared and even pleated ones. And this has become a crucial part of her star identity.

Back to the question in the heading of this section, is there a relationship between Oyikansola and micro miniskirts?

I’d say yes. And that relationship is her personal style in line with her music personality. 

Ayra Starr with a man by a car

The one mistake fans make is thinking the musicians we see on stage is who they really are when the lights and cameras are out. Most times, what they wear in their music videos and concerts are mere costumes. 

And while we can’t say it’s entirely true for Ayra, let’s not forget there’s a possibility she actually doesn’t rock those skirts every day of her life. 

At least, this image is proof:

Ayra Star wearing top with jeans

Like every other artiste, the Rush singer is in showbiz. And as such, she has to keep tongues wagging. She has to keep giving people what to talk about by dropping hits or wearing costumes some people deem risqué.

A Peek into the Micro Miniskirt Trend

Destiny Child/Christiana Aguilera

Ayra Starr didn’t start this trend. It’s been there even before the music star was born. And if you cast your mind back to late 90s hip-hop fashion or the early 2000s, you’ll see many celebrities like Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, and Beyoncé rocked the trend.

The micro-miniskirt first reappeared in the 2020s in Miu Miu’s SS 2022 collection. As written on Style Caster:

“Models strutted the runway in cropped white button-downs and navy sweaters paired with mini skirts that were barely wider than the belts that kept them up. “

Diesel FW22, Miu Miu SS22, and Dion Lee FW22 micro mini skirts
Diesel FW22, Miu Miu SS22, and Dion Lee FW22 micro mini skirts

Other designers like Diesel and Dion Lee also joined the trend, showcasing their own versions during the recent Fall/Winter 2022 fashion week shows.

model strutting the catwalk in a yellow top and micro mini skirt

This Y2K fashion trend wasn’t (and still hasn’t been) accepted wholeheartedly. With the many body standards surrounding women, you can only imagine how much eyebrows arch when anyone dons super short skirts. And this hasn’t changed one bit.

mode;l wearing crop top sweater on micro mini skirt on the catwalk

Frances Solá-Santiago, Fashion Writer at Refinery29 couldn’t have said it any better. In her words:

“The body standards set by the early 2000s diet culture and the popularity of the ultra-thin celebrities largely responsible for the trend’s fame hadn’t changed much. Neither did the politics attached to a woman wearing a short skirt without being questioned or, worse, shamed for it.”

Frances Solá-Santiago

The backlash aside, micro miniskirts are gorgeous wardrobe staples that enhance your sex appeal. They come in different styles, fabrics, and prints, some of which include denim, sequin, pleated, straight, crocheted, low-rise, high-rise, leather, flared mini skirts, etc. 

model on the catwalk wearing coordinated set top and micro mini skirt

Furthermore, besides flaunting your thighs and beautiful legs, the micro miniskirt trend also elongates your legs. That is, it makes you look taller and if you rock it with heels or knee-high boots, you can only imagine how much attention your legs would get.

Now, let’s see how to style this trend.

How to Pull off the Micro Mini skirt Trend like Ayra Starr

lady wearing white outfit at an event

If there’s anything you need to wear a micro miniskirt, it’s a high dose of self-confidence. This is because this skirt is a showstopper on its own. But that’s not even the problem.

The problem is most of your lower body (including your derriere) will be in the full glare of the public. And as you already know, society deems such outfits indecent. Perverts would stalk you with their eyes. Religious folks will cast their stones at you. And if you aren’t confident, you’d wish the ground would open up and swallow you.

Be like Ayra Starr. Ignore such derisive looks and comments and never let people bend you to suit their standards. The superstar even had to leave a sarcastic response for trolls who came at her all because of her regular short skirts.

So, once you’ve mustered the guts to pull this skirt off, use the following tips:

1. Rock it the Celestial Being Way with a Crop Top

Ayra Starr wearing black crop top with white micro mini skirt and knee-high boots

If you love everything about Ayra Starr including her music and fashion taste, then you’d love to rock the super short skirt her way.

Ayra Starr wearing crop top and micro mini skirt

In other words, pair your skirt with a crop top. If you’re that self-assured, you can go for a bandeau top or one that bares your midriff like Ayra does. If not, just wear a crop top that stops around your belly button. 

2. Wear it as Co-ords

lady wearing mini jacket with matching micro mini skirt

Coordinated sets make dressing up easy and that’s on period. Instead of racking your head about what top to pair your super short skirt with, just go for a matching set.

lady wearing black crop top with matching micro mini skirt

It could be a two-piece or a three-piece that comes with a jacket. Whichever one you go for will give you a chic look.

3. Layer, Layer, Layer

2 ladies wearing sweater and jacket over their micro mini skirt outfits

Where are your jackets, coats, blazer, kimono, and sweaters? Go fetch them out of your wardrobe and use them to accentuate your micro miniskirt look.

lady wearing jacket over her micro mini skirt outfit

Long outerwear like coats and kimonos help to cover your derriere and legs from the prying eyes of people. They’re also a stylish combo that can turn heads and garner engagements on social media.

So, when in doubt, never forget to layer your outfit.

4. Experiment with Volume and Textures

lady wearing coordinated set puffy sleeves top and micro mini skirt

Is your short skirt straight? How about you combine it with a voluminous sleeves top? Or is it a pleated denim skirt you’re going for? Why not wear it with a tee?

lady wearing pink sweat jacket with matching pleated micro mini skirt

Mixing textures and volumes help you add balance to your look. Never forget that.

5. Try Analogous or Monochromatic Color Matching

lady wearing an all -black micro mini skirt outfit

This involves making only one color in one or different shades the focus of your outfit.

lady wearing an all-pink outfit

For instance, if you don’t wanna rock an all-black ensemble, you can wear clothes, shoes, and accessories in different shades of pink (or your preferred color).

6. Wear a Pair of Leggings or Panty Hose Underneath

lady wearing crop top with micro mini skirt and leggings

If you want to shield your thighs from the prying eyes of people while still enhancing your sex appeal, wear a pair of leggings or panty hose underneath your short skirt.

lady wearing top and micro mini skirt with net pantyhose

While leggings completely hide your lower skin, pantyhose gives tidbits of it especially if you go for one made with net. You can also go for nude-colored leggings or pantyhose. This way, you leave people wondering if it’s your skin or not.

7. Go Edgy with a Baring Top

lady wearing leather brown top with leather black micro mini skirt

Are you bold and daring? Why not let your outfit say so by combining your skirt with a revealing top?

It could be a top with a revealing neckline or a crop top with cutouts. Shun what they’ll say. Just do you.

8. Go Modest on Top

lady wearing to with white black micro mini skirt

This could be a button-up shirt, turtleneck top, full-length tee, baggy t-shirt, or any top that doesn’t expose your upper body. 

lady wearing Fendi top with black micro mini skirt and pantyhose

It’s a great addition to your miniskirt and also helps to balance things out. What’s more? It gives critics fewer things to talk about.

Perfect Shoes for the Micro Mini Skirt

lady wearing black top with brown micro mini skirt and black knee-high boots

Any pair of shoes will look great with this outfit. But if you want a killer look, wear any of these shoes:

  1. Knee-High Boots
  2. Sneakers
  3. Ankle Boots
  4. Over-the-knee boots
  5. Chunky Platforms
  6. Stiletto Heels
lady wearing a shirt with micro mini skirt and heels

These shoes will transform your look into a magazine-worthy one. And if you combine them with the right accessories and makeup, people would forget your bare thighs and focus on how dashing you look.

Micro Miniskirts aren’t Indecent; They’re Just an Expression of Your Personal Style

lady wearing brown coordinated set with white knee-high boots

Yes, you read that right. Ayra Starr and every other lady who rocks this skirt aren’t indecent. 

They’re only expressing their fashion style.

lady wearing white top with black micro mini skirt and matching knee-high boots

So, if flaunting your thighs is what you love to do, the micro miniskirt trend is for you.

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