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40 Stunning Short Hairstyles for Women with Class

A woman’s hair is her glory. But this doesn’t mean your hair has to be really long for you to experience its full glory. Even with short hairstyles for women, you can still be the cynosure of all eyes at any gathering you attend.

a black lady wearing a low cut short hairstyles for women

It doesn’t happen just because we say so, though. It first begins with choosing the perfect short hairstyle and working with a skilled stylist to achieve it.

a white lady wearing a silver pixie cut

What are these hairstyles for short hair, you wonder? Come with me as we look at them

10 Beautiful Short Hairstyles for Women

a white lady wearing  pixie short hairstyle for women

We know long hair helps you make a style statement. But have you ever looked at a woman’s hair twice only to notice it isn’t even long?

a lady rocking bob short braids and holding her cellphone

That’s to show you short hair is powerful. They can be simple, textured, colored, or even funky. Though these coiffures don’t go beyond your shoulders, they elevate your style, frame your face, and complement your overall look.

a lady rocking short Senegalese twists

So, whether you’re thinking about cutting off all your hair or you just need help styling your already short hair, we’ve got you covered with these short hairstyles for women:

Short Braids

a lady rocking short box braids

If you don’t want your box braids inconveniencing you, go for short braiding hair. These short box braids aren’t just gorgeous. They’re comfy, easy to install, and loosen anytime any day.

a cute lady rocking short jumbo braids with cuff accessories

Add curls or hair accessories like beads and cuffs to make yours distinct. You’ll love the result.

Short Cornrows

two ladies rocking short cornrows with beads

Cornrows will never go out of style. From the days of old, Africans at home and in the diaspora have rocked this hairdo in different styles. And now, we have them in various tweaks to reflect today’s civilization.

a lady wearing short cornrows with beads

From straight cornrows to zigzag, didi, etc., we have a catalog of cornrow hairstyles that’ll suit you. Check it out right away.

Pixie Cut

a lady wearing a black pixie cut

Is your forehead big and you need a short hairstyle for women that’ll shield it a bit? Go for a pixie cut.

a lady wearing a blond pixie cut short hairstyle for women

This hairdo is convenient. Rest assured it won’t disturb your back or face for as long as you wear it. Love the sound of that? You’ll also love the beautiful pixie-cut styles we curated for you.

Bob Short Hairstyles for Women

a lady rocking braided short hairstyles for women

Bob hairstyles are easy to maintain. It’ll suit you regardless of your face shape. 

a smiling lady rocking bob short hairstyles for women

You can achieve yours with a human hair weave or simply use hair extensions to create bob braids.  

Blunt Cut Short Hairstyles for Women

a beautiful black lady wearing a blunt-cut bob hairstyle

How about you make your short hair the same length all through? That’s what blunt cut entails. 

a black lady posing side view, rocking a blunt-cut bob wig

From top to bottom, each strand of hair is the same length. This is another definition on its own.

Shag Hairstyle

a white lady rocking shag short hairstyles for women

Would you like to rock your short hair with different lengths of layers?? Go for a shag hairstyle.

A beautiful white lady wearing a shag short hairstyle for women

The shag is one with layers of different lengths. It can be wavy, short, long, or straight.

Short Hair with Bangs

Zendaya rocking a bob hairstyle with bangs

If a pixie cut hides your forehead, there’s another big forehead hairstyle that does that with precision. It’s called bangs.

a lady wearing cornrows with bangs

Adding a fringe to any hairdo is a great way to stand out while adding more accents to your look.

Afro Hairstyle

Chidinma rocking an afro hairstyle with beads

If you’re a naturalista, this one is for you. Afro hairstyles involve wearing your hair facing upward without extensions or any obvious styling. You only need a wide-toothed comb, a few braids, and a good hair moisturizer to achieve it. It can be afro kinky curls or any type of afro hairdo. 

a lady wearing an afro kinky curly hair

If you like this option, go through our catalog of Afro hairstyles to find the best one for you.

Mohawk Short Hairstyles for Women

a white lady wearing a mohawk short hairstyles for women

A mohawk haircut features hair that stays in a strip from the forehead hairline all the way to the back of the head while the sides are shaved. 

a fair lady wearing mohawk short hairstyles for women

It has many variations, including the frohawk, if you’re in the natural hair gang.

Low Cut

a lady wearing a low cut with hoop earrings

You can as well cut your hair low and rock it like that. Nobody said your short hairstyles for women should be long enough to touch your shoulders.

a lady rocking a low cut with sunglasses

Besides, there’s this freedom that comes with rocking a low cut. Breeze and water easily penetrate your scalp. The best part is you can easily slip on a wig anytime you get bored.

Natural Hairstyles

a lady wearing bantu knot short hairstyles for women

This is another one for natural afro-textured hair. Natural hairstyles look good on you with (or without) hair extensions. Although some of these hairstyles are suitable for relaxed hair, they look better with virgin hair.

a black lady wearing a natural hairstyle with kinks

They’re a lot of them and we included them in our post on natural hairstyles. Feel free to go check it out. 

Is a Short Hairstyle Easier to Maintain?

a lady rocking natural short hairstyles for women

Yes, short hair is easier to maintain than long hair. But that doesn’t mean it requires no maintenance. Remember, you’ll have to maintain the shape and regularly style your short hair to retain its beauty. And if you’re rocking it colored, you’ll have to redye it to maintain your chosen color.

lady rocking an afro short hairstyles for women

So, go ahead and wear any of these short hairstyles for women. And remember to tuck them into your satin hair bonnet so they last long and retain moisture.

Need more short hair inspo? Here you go:

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