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Cowgirl Outfits Ideas: How to Pull off Without Looking Old-Fashioned

Western fashion has created many different styles. And each of them has become a part of cowgirl outfits ideas. Say you have a party or hangout to attend and the dress code is cowgirl outfits, how would you go about pulling it off?

a pretty lady pulling off cowgirl outfits ideas

Would you look to Pinterest, Instagram, or maybe a Google search? Whichever one of the three would work. But first, you have to know the basics. What makes up cowgirl outfits? What would a typical cowgirl wear?

a lady in a pair of jeans, a black top, and a cowgirl hat by her car

That’s what this piece will show you. From denim to boots, belts, hats, fringes, and what have you, you’ll see how to turn all your cowgirl outfit ideas into distinct looks worth recreating.

Let’s dive in.

Who is a Cowgirl?

a cowgirl dressed in denim on denim and resting on a ranch

A cowgirl is a woman (mostly in the western US) who herds and tends cows and horses. She most times performs her work on horseback. These women have clothing choices peculiar to them. Two of such are their hat and boots.

a lady pulling off cowgirl outfits ideas with a Bohemian jacket

But a cowgirl is more than a cattle rearer. She stands to represent every strong-willed woman who’s focused on achieving her dreams. She’s opinionated, sassy, smart, bold, and industrious.

a lady dressed in denim on denim with a horse behind her as she pulls off cowgirl outfits ideas

So when you pull off cowgirl outfit ideas, know for sure you’re using fashion to show the inner traits that make you admirable.

How to Pull off Cowgirl Outfits Ideas with Modern Vibe

a cowgirl squatting on a green grass

Cowgirl outfits have evolved over the years. Back in the day, a traditional cowgirl wore a pair of gauntlets, a short skirt, tall lace-up boots, a sash, a red scarf, and animal-inspired accessories.  Buckaroo’s blog captures it best:

“The sash was probably a style adopted from Charlie Russell who, inspired by the vaquero costume, always wore a red sash. One famous cowgirl, Prairie Rose Henderson wore ostrich plumes over her bloomers and a blouse covered with bright sequins. 

The cowgirl riding gauntlets came in a wide variety of commercial designs and were often sold at Western trading posts. Inspired by cavalry gauntlets, cowboys and cowgirls adopted the style of the work glove embellished with various Indian designs. Many were embroidered with horseshoes and whips, others were decorated in buckskin fringe. Cowgirls wore gauntlets for work and in the show arena.”

Buckaroo’s blog
a lady dressed like a cowgirl and holding a horse

Today, all that has changed to reflect modernity. So if you want to dress like a cowgirl but don’t want to look old-fashioned, go for quality and effective gear.  Or better still, follow these tips to the letter. They’re not only cute but also very comfortable and perfect for any weather condition.

a lady dressed in cowgirl outfits ideas with a decorative belt and a white shirt

Invest in Denim

a cowgirl rocking denim on denim

Cowgirls love to wear jeans. And if you wanna look like one, you need denim pieces in your wardrobe. This could be jeans, denim midi skirts, denim shirts, and denim jackets.

a cowgirl standing by a horse wearing a sleeveless plaid shirt with a hat and jeans

If you’re going to be riding a horse go for jeans for comfort and mobility. The best types of jeans for this outfit are bell bottoms, straight-cut jeans, bootcut, etc

Get Prairie Dresses

two ladies wearing prairie dresses with cowboy boots

These 19th-century-inspired dresses are a must-have for cowgirls. Prairie dresses add a feminine touch to your wardrobe. They feature floral and paisley prints with flowy, ruffle skirts and lacy high-necked tops and dresses that give off a Victorian/Western vibe. 

a lady sitting, wearing a prairie dress cowgirl outfit ideas with a hat, boots, and drinking from a cup

Prairie dresses are comfy for both an indoor and outdoor look. And as a cowgirl, you need one of them.

Wear Cowboy Boots

a lady wearing a pair of jeans with cowboy boots

Brown or black knee-high boots are more or less what sums up a cowboy or cowgirl look. The sweetest thing about them is that you can pair them with any other outfit to create western looks beyond cowgirl outfit ideas.

a smiling lady pulling off cowgirl outfits ideas with jeans, sweater, a hat, and a sling bag

Cowboy boots keep your feet warm when it’s cold. In addition, they’re perfect for your short dresses in warm climates. Also, besides being a stylish staple, boots protect your feet when you’re riding horses or not.

Invest in a Western Belt

a cowgirl holding her skirt with a belt

A western belt isn’t like other belts. It’s one with a bohemian-tinged look that makes it unique. Go for a minimalist design with a statement buckle. 

a cowgirl dressed in cowgirl outfits ideas with a decorative belt

These belts come in handy when it’s time to keep your skirts and pants in place or cinch your waist whenever you wear a free dress. 

Buy a Fringe Jacket

a lady layering her shorts with a fringe jacket

Fringe jackets are statement pieces. It’s your regular denim, leather, corduroy, suede, or plaid jacket. The difference is that it has a decorative fringe that elevates its look. 

a lady whose backview shows she's wearing a fringe jacket and a cowgirl hat

Use your fringe jacket to layer your outfit when creating cowgirl outfit ideas. You’ll love your look.

Keep Your Cowboy Hat Handy

a lady dressed in a long red dress with a cowboy hat and a horse behind her

Yes, your cowgirl outfit is never complete if you don’t don a hat. Not just any wide-brimmed hat but a hat specially designed for cowgirls.

These hats protect your face from harsh sun rays. They also transform your look into a standout one.

a lady pulling off cowgirl outfits ideas with a cowboy hat

There are many different types of cowboy hats to choose from. If you’re going for a more modern look, wear a felt hat or a straw hat. But if you want a classic cowgirl look, then go for one made of leather.

Long-Sleeved Shirts

a cowgirl wearing a long-sleeved plaid shirt

The popular prints for cowgirl long-sleeved shirts are plaid, embroidered, and striped. You need these shirts to save your hands from mosquito bites.

a cowgirl wearing a long-sleeved embroidered shirt

Furthermore, they also look good when paired with a nice pair of jeans (any type you want) and a western belt.


a lady pulling off cowgirl outfits ideas with jewelry

No outfit you create is ever complete without jewelry. These accessories are the dot to your i and the cross to your t. They add a touch of style to any outfit. 

a cowgirl wearing chunky jewelry

For a timeless cowgirl outfit, go for a simple necklace or bracelet or a chunky necklace or earrings.

Other Items You Need to Pull off Cowgirl Outfits Ideas

a lady donning a midi skirt, tee, belt, and a cowgirl hat
  • Striped tees
  • Graphic tees
  • Brown sandals
  • Denim shorts
  • Khaki shorts
  • Solid-colored T-shirts
  • Sweater
  • Back jeans
  • Converse sneakers
  • Off-shoulder top
  • White jeans
  • White shirt
  • Distressed jeans

What not to Wear as a Cowgirl

a cowgirl dressed in denim, a long-sleeved shirt, hat, and a belt

Don’t wear clothes that are too revealing or tight. Such clothes don’t support the activities of a typical cowgirl. Furthermore, don’t look too casual. If you noticed, most cowgirl outfit ideas are smart casual.

a lady donning cowgirl outfit ideas that entails a midi skirt, tee, belt, boot, and a cowgirl hat

So, keep your ripped jeans, activewear, and athleisure pieces aside when pulling off this look.

a cowgirl dressed in a denim jumpsuit and a hat
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