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How to Rock Short Braiding Hair Better than Long Ones

Whoever said braids should always be long never got to try short braiding hair. These short box braids aren’t just gorgeous. They’re comfy and suitable to be rocked anytime any day.

Best part? 

lady with short braids applying makeup

They’re a great option if you don’t want your hair inconveniencing you. No need to pack it with a scrunchie or roll the braids around your head to stop the ends from rubbing your back. 

Just rock them like that and you’ll be good to go.

lady handling her short braids

But it’s one thing to decide to wear short braids.  If you don’t choose the best styles to accentuate your facial features, you won’t look as great as you envisage.

Not to worry, though. We curated the trendiest short braiding hair for you to choose from. Keep scrolling and reading to satisfy your style buds.

beautiful lady wearing short braiding hair

Why Women Wear Short Braiding Hair?

lady wearing short braiding hair

Thanks to the nature of afro-textured hair, many black women (both in Africa and in the diaspora) rock braids in different lengths and sizes. All you need is enough hair extensions to give you your desired length and tada! Your braided hair is ready.

Many women choose to rock short braid hairstyles for comfort. These protective hairstyles usually stop at the shoulders or a little around your back. Some are also as short as a bob.

smiling lady wearing short braiding hair

When you rock any of these styles, rest assured your hair won’t get stuck in the door or any awkward place while you’re walking.

lady with nose ring wearing short braids

Also, when the weather gets too hot, you won’t feel like you got a pest on your head. You won’t wish you could get rid of your hair without harming them. You’ll instead rock your hairdo with style and comfort because your scalp will be breezy enough to receive enough hair.

In addition,  braids within shoulder length can be easily maintained. You don’t have to maneuver your way to fix them all inside your hair bonnet. Just slip it on and they’ll be all right inside.

lady with facemask wearing short braiding hair

They’re also versatile. If you want them as cornrows, knotless braids, Senegalese twists, butterfly braids, stitch braids, shuku hairstyles, etc., you can have them.

And that’s not all. 

pretty lady wearing short braids

Short braiding hairstyles don’t consume much time to install and even loosen. So, if you, like me, can’t afford to spend long hours in the salon, and if you see getting rid of your braids as hard work, opt for these hairstyles. 

They aren’t time-consuming.

Danai Gurira wearing short braids

Do Short Box Braids Last Longer?

lady wearing short braids with curls

The duration of your short braiding hair depends on two things:

  1. How you maintain them and
  2. Your hair type (relaxed or natural).
lady wearing blond short braids

If your hair is relaxed, your braids can last up to four to six weeks. But if it’s natural, expect the braids to stay for two to four weeks.

Again, this depends on how well you maintain them.

Types of Short Braiding Hair for Black Women

lady wearing brown short braiding hair

1. Short Cornrows

lady wearing short cornrows

I don’t think cornrows will ever go out of style. It’s why we get them in different styles and tweaks every day to reflect how modern the world has evolved.

If you love to wear cornrows, why don’t you make yours stop right at your shoulders with any color of extension you want?

lady wearing short cornrows with a black top

You can opt for straight cornrows, zig-zag, or even inverted cornrows (Didi). We have a catalog of trendy cornrow hairstyles that’ll suit you. Feel free to check it out. 

But if you prefer to do that later, let’s proceed.

2. Short Braiding Hair with a Pop of Color

Amandla Stenberg wearing different colors short braids

Short-braided hairstyles are versatile. This means not only can you rock them in any type of African braids you want, but you also can try them out in any color of hair extension.

lady wearing pink and black short braids

So if you want a bright color or anything entirely different from black or brown, go for it.

3. Braided/Twisted Cornrows 

lady wearing short braids in the sun

This hairstyle comes as cornrows braided halfway and finished with box braids or Senegalese twists.

shy lady wearing short braids

Furthermore, you can as well braid the upper part of your hair into cornrows and leave the lower part as box braids for a half-up half-down effect. It’s still part of this style.

4. Center part

lady wearing short braids with center parting

This style involves parting your braids at the center of your head. 

smiling pretty lady wearing short braids with center part

Do this and our braid will fall to each side of your head perfectly.

5. Side-Part

lady wearing short braids with side part

Want something different from the regular center partings? 

pretty lady wearing shirt braids with side parting

Why don’t you part your braids around the side of your head?  It could be right or left whichever one you’re okay with will still give great results.

6. Curly Short Braiding Hair

lady wearing blond short braids with curls

Curls always add more accents to your hairdo.

smiling lady rocking short braids with curls

When in doubt, ask your hairstylist to curl your braids. You’ll love the girly effect it gives.

7. Tiny Short Box Braids

pretty lady wearing tiny short braids with beads

If you want your braids to have more volume and you don’t mind sitting longer, opt for tiny short box braids.

back view lady wearing tiny short braids with beads

Though they may take longer time to complete or loosen, it won’t take as long as long braids.

8. Jumbo Short Braids

smiling lady wearing short jumbo braids

Jumbo braids are statement coiffures.

lady wearing short jumbo braids

You just need to invest in enough extensions so your hairstylist will make each braid fat and chunky.

9. Accessorized Short Braids

pretty lady wearing short braids with white beads

Just as dressing up without accessories gives a bland outfit, sometimes, not adorning your hair with accessories undermines the beauty of your hairstyle.

lady wearing short braids with beads

So, add your beads, gold/silver cuffs, headband, scrunchies, or other cute hair accessories. You’ll love the results.

11. Short Knotless Braids

lady wearing short knotless braids

If you don’t wanna use the regular box braids installation technique, use the feed-in technique to create short knotless braids.

side view of lady wearing short knotless braids

Knotless braids save your hair from breakage, especially around the edges. They’re an excellent option to try out.

11. Short Braids with Detailed Cuts

short braids with detailed cuts

Ever looked at a lady’s hair and admired the cuts surrounding each braid? Sometimes, they’re shaped as a box, other times, they come as cute triangles, stars, and even hearts.

lady wearing short braids with detailed cuts

Ask your hairstylist to give you one of those distinct cuts. It’ll add more details to your hair.

How to Maintain Short Braiding Hair

pretty lady rocking short braiding hair with hair accessories

To ensure your braids keep looking new every day, use edge control to restyle your baby hairs. It’s an excellent way to further adorn your hairdo.

lady wearing red short braiding hair

Also, apply your leave-in conditioner and mousse directly to the braids to keep them hydrated. 

lady with tattoo wearing blue short braiding hair

And wear a silk/satin scarf/bonnet to protect your hair from frizz or unraveling. Doing this will also ensure your braids last long.

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