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Shoulder Tattoo for Women—37 Sexy Design Ideas

If you wanna draw a tattoo but don’t want it in a place anybody can easily see, your best bet is a shoulder tattoo. Women opt for these body arts because they not only add accents to your shoulders when you wear sleeveless or off-shoulder pieces. They also hide under your clothes when at formal gatherings.

lady with a flower shoulder tattoo fiddling phone

So, you see, a shoulder tattoo gives you the liberty of either flaunting or hiding your tats. It’s a great option if you’re a first-timer or just wanna get a new tattoo.

And if that’s the case, you’ll love this piece.

Why Draw a Tattoo on Your Shoulders?

lady with a flower and text shoulder tattoo chilling

The shoulder is one of the popular places men and women get inked. One reason for this is that this part of the body symbolizes strength and power. 

lady with a flower and butterfly shoulder tattoo

And every day, new and exciting designs abound. From religious to floral, colorful, aquatic, tribal, and what have you, you just can’t get enough shoulder tattoos for women.

pretty lady wearing a flower and text shoulder tattoo

Sometimes, these tattoos rest on your shoulders, running from the flat shoulder blade to your collarbone. Other times, they’re merged into sleeve tattoos to create a two-in-one effect. 

Whichever one it is, you can choose to have a shoulder tattoo for women that reflects your values and identity. It doesn’t matter if the tat extends from your shoulders to your back or arm. What matters is you love what you get.

Are Shoulder Tattoos Painful?

lady with a 2 rose shoulder tattoo

Like every other body art, getting a shoulder tattoo for women is painful. But it isn’t as painful as others.

Wondering why? It’s because the outer part of your shoulders has thick skin with few nerve endings. This makes the shoulder one of the least painful places to get tatted up. 

Is a Shoulder Tattoo a Good First Tattoo?

a flower shoulder tattoo

Yes, shoulder tattoos are an excellent option for both first-timers and those who’ve been wearing tats for as long as they can remember.

So, don’t hesitate to go for them. This is the confirmation you want.

Where do You Put a Shoulder Tattoo?

lady wearing rose flower tattoo on her shoulder

Shoulder tattoos are usually located on the flat area on the upper back just over the scapula (shoulder blade). They also stay on the front of the shoulder just above the chest and the round shoulder joint.

Do Shoulder Tattoos Age Well?

lady wearing a flower tattoo on her shoulder

Shoulder tattoos age well, and this is because aging doesn’t affect your shoulder skin that much. Your shoulder skin doesn’t stretch like the skin on the abdomen. Your tattoo is highly unlikely to change in shape and get distorted due to drastic skin changes.

Do Shoulder Tattoos Make You Look Bigger?

lady with a flower shoulder tattoo with necklace

If you want your shoulders to appear wider, shoulder tattoos are an excellent way to achieve that. So, yeah, they make you look wider especially if the body art has strong horizontal lines on your upper shoulders.

Types of Shoulder Tattoos for Women

lady wearing 2 roses tattoo on her shoulder

If you’re looking to get new ink around your shoulders, these shoulder tattoos for women will give you that chic look to complement your feminine silhouette.

The designs are beautiful and sexy enough to boost your sex appeal. You can make them as bold as a skull or as tiny as a little flower. It all depends on your preferences. 

lady wearing flower and skull tattoo on her shoulder

The popular designs include animals, birds, flowers, quotes, religious icons, faces, names, dragons, 3D, etc. You can go for any of them or replicate a dashing sleeve tattoo idea for women on your shoulders.

lady wearing tattoo on her shoulder

Whichever one you go for, they’ll be within these types:

1. Front Shoulder Tattoo

lady wearing plant tattoo on her front shoulder

This body art stays on the front part of your shoulders. It’s the perfect option for summer when you rock sleeveless, off-shoulder, or spaghetti-strap pieces.

same lady wearing plant tattoo on her front shoulder

Just adorn your body with your favorite quote, flower, animal, or any art. And anyone who looks at you will have a reason to stare twice (or even more).

2. Back Shoulder Tattoo for Women

lady wearing butterfly and flower tattoo on her back shoulder

When you walk past people, what will linger in their heads will be your fragrance, gait, outfit, and an attractive tattoo peeking from the back of your shoulders.

lady wearing flower tattoo on her back shoulder

That’s what getting a back shoulder tattoo affords you.

3. Shoulder-to-Sleeve Tattoo

lady wearing wing tattoo on her shoulder

These tattoos extend from anywhere around your shoulders to your arm. 

lady wearing plant short sleeve tattoo on her shoulder

They may not get to your elbow or wrist as some stop around your upper arm.

4. Shoulder Top

lady wearing plant tattoo on her shoulder top

The top of your shoulder welcomes a tattoo that isn’t always easily noticed. If you choose this, rest assured nobody would know you have a tat when you wear full-coverage tops.

lady wearing flower tattoo on her shoulder top

But there’s something else you should know.

This area is probably the most painful among shoulder tattoo locations. And this is because it has fewer muscles on the bones and the skin is sensitive and soft.

5. Shoulder to Chest

lady wearing plant tattoo on her shoulder to chest

Need something that will highlight your cleavages while taking attention to your chest? Go for a shoulder-chest tattoo. 

lady wearing flower tattoo on her shoulder to chest

It runs from your shoulder to your chest and most times sits around your clavicle.

6. Shoulder Blade Tattoos

lady wearing 2 roses tattoo on her shoulder blade

These tattoos lie on your shoulder blades. Since this part is bony, to avoid feeling much pain, go for a small design with minimal styling.

lady wearing flower tattoo on her shoulder blade

But if you don’t mind the pain, feel free to wear any body art you choose.

Need more shoulder tattoo designs for women? Feast your eyes on these:

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