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27 Suave Mustache Styles for Modern Men

Once I met this cute dude who stole my heart in one sitting—all thanks to his facial hair. He was well-bearded with a goatee I loved to play with and a distinct mustache style that evoked steamy images whenever I looked at him. 

Unfortunately, we parted ways. But his facial hair still lingers in my memory. Perhaps, it’s why I got inspired to explore this topic. 

man spotting large beard and thin mustache style

As a bearded man, I’m sure you feel a surge of pride envelop you whenever a woman compliments your facial hair, whether on the chin, cheeks, or upper lip region.

Perhaps, it’s why many mustache styles abound for men. From thin to full, and what have you, you have no reason not to look your best while attracting (and keeping) your dream woman.

man with neck tattoo spotting mustache

The best part is mustaches are making a comeback, and you can have one with or without a goatee or full beard. If you want to jump on the trend and need style inspiration to show your barber, you’ll find them all in this piece.

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Let’s check them out.

What are the Best Mustache Styles for Dandy Men

man spotting handlebar mustache

If you don’t know, your mustache — that strip of hair left to grow above your upper lip—boosts your good looks.

Though they seemed to have left the trend some time ago, they’ve returned, and this time, they ain’t going anywhere. Sometimes, it’s a status symbol. Other times, it’s a symbol of style and class. 

Looking to give yours an exotic look, here are the best styles you can start with.

1. Pencil Mustache

man spotting pencil mustache style

This mustache style is a thin yet sophisticated one. 

Michael B. Jordan spotting pencil mustache style and a smile

It’s a super thin strip of hair that adorns your upper lip and is suitable for any face shape whether chubby, oval, square-face, etc. 

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2. Parted Pencil Mustache

man wearing parted pencil mustache style

You groom this style the same way as the pencil. 

Brad Pitt wearing parted pencil mustache style

The only difference is that it features a hard line at the philtrum (the indent above your upper lip) that creates a center-parting effect.

3. Handlebar Mustache Style

man with glasses wearing handlebars mustache style

This style resembles bicycle handles. It features long ends that curl up. The handlebar mustache dates back to the 19th century when some iconic Wild West figures in the U.S and European soldiers wore them during World War I. 

man in glasses wearing modern handlebar mustache style

The handlebar is a statement mustache style. Even though it’s no longer as popular as it used to be, you can still rock it anytime, any day, or even for occasions like costume parties.

4. Chevron

man with shaved beard wearing chevron mustache style

This is one of the classic mustache styles for men. As the name implies, this style is shaped like a chevron and covers the whole of your upper lip.

man wearing chevron mustache style

To keep your chevron mustache looking sleek, trim any hair that hangs over the upper lip and maintain a clean shave on the rest of the face.

5. Horseshoe

man with shaved beard wearing horseshoe mustache style

This facial hairstyle is like any other mustache only that it has two long bars of hair that point downwards and extend toward your chin.

man wearing horseshoe mustache style

These days, it features a slimmer cut with shorter ends, and the facial hair doesn’t grow over the top lip while the ends are shorter. 

6. Gunslinger Beard

man wearing gunslinger beard mustache style

This style is a horseshoe mustache with sideburns.

man with gunslinger beard mustache style taking a mirrow selfie

It’s the type of mustache that evokes imagery of men from the wild west who handled guns.

7. Anchor Beard

Jonny Depp spotting anchor beard mustache style

This style is a beard that traces the jawline and stays with a mustache. Stars like David Beckham, Johnny Depp, and a host of others rock this mustache style.

The anchor beard is a stylish mustache style for the modern man. You should try it out, or even make it part of your signature style.

man spotting anchor beard mustache style

There you go with the best stylish mustache styles for men. Need more inspo? Feed your eyes on these styles we curated for you:

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