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Senegalese Twists: 47 Gorgeous Ideas to Help You Slay this Look

Senegalese twists are one of the black hairstyles that are easy to install and take out. Once you arrive at the salon and your hairstylist gets to work, rest assured they’ll be done in an hour or two. And when it’s time to uninstall them, you don’t have to cut your twists to quicken the process as you would for other long African braids. You loosen the twists by unwrapping each strand, even without using a comb. 

back view of a lady's senegalese twists

This coiffure is the perfect switch from regular box braids or knotless braids. Its rope-like details frame your features, helping you ooze an effortless elegance.

If you’re looking to wear this style, you’ll find its latest variations in this article. We’ll also show you crucial things about these twists, like how long they last and how to care for them. Let’s dive in.

Why Wear Senegalese Twists?

beautiful lady wearing long brown Senegalese braids

Otherwise known as rope twists, Senegalese twists are a protective hairstyle you can achieve with or without hair extensions. It involves dividing a sectioned part of your hair into two strands and wrapping them firmly around each other.

The versatility of this style comes in different forms. For example, you can install them with your natural hair or use any type or color of hair extensions, such as synthetic braiding hair, baby wool, crochet, yarn, Brazillian wool, etc. You can also rock them as chunky, thin, long, short, or medium-sized. And if you want extra accents, add curls or combine them with cornrows and box braids for more effects.

Senegalese twists are an attachment hairstyle that’ll never go out of style. They’ve existed for ages and are vital to our African heritage. And in these contemporary times, you can only expect more tweaks that accentuate the beauty of this hairdo.

How Long do Senegalese Twists Last?

Senegalese twists in the making

If your hair is relaxed, this hairdo can last up to six or eight weeks, depending on how you maintain it. It can also last that long (or less) if your hair is natural. It majorly depends on how you maintain the ‘do.

But when your twists start to look old, and you’re too busy to take them out, lay your edges with edge control to tame flyaways so your hairdo still looks good in the meantime.

Are Senegalese Twists Bad for Your Hair?

lady with long Senegalese braids taking a selfie in the sun

No, Senegalese twists aren’t bad for your hair. They’re protective twist hairstyles for both natural and relaxed hair. Hence, they protect your hair from harmful manipulations, breakage, or harsh environmental elements.

But if care isn’t taken, this hairstyle can damage your hair. How, you ask?

If your hairstylist picks the twist too tight, it can pull your hair from your scalp and cause hair loss. To avoid this, ask your stylist not to exert much pressure when installing the twists.

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How to Care for Your Senegalese Twists

smiling beauty wearing short Senegalese braids

When wearing this hairstyle, moisturize your scalp with natural oils for hair growth. Also, apply hair cream or hair mousse to your twists. But don’t over-moisturize to avoid stuffing your scalp with buildups that can clog your hair follicles.

And when you want to sleep, put on your silk or satin hair bonnet or scarf. Silk headwear prevents frizz, keeps your twists in shape, and helps to retain moisture in your hair.

Furthermore, avoid wearing your braids up every time. This can put pressure on your scalp, especially your edges, and cause traction alopecia. Most importantly, don’t wear the twists for too long. Take them out once you’ve worn them long enough or when they no longer look fresh. Wearing these twists for too long can lead to hair loss or breakage.

Types of Senegalese Twists

fair lady rocking Senegalese braids

Ready to adorn your hair with cute rope twists? Choose from these styles:

1. Teeny-weeny Twists

lady in glasses wearing tiny Senegalese twists

To achieve this style, your hairstylist uses small portions of extension and sections your hair into little parts to create voluminous on your head. Tiny twists take more time to install and loosen, too.

lady wearing red tiny Senegalese twists

But there’s a drawback: this size of twists can pull your hair from the roots. So, ask your hairstylist to be extra careful when installing them.

2. Medium-sized Twists

lady rocking white Senegalese Twists hairstyle

These twists are double the size of tiny braids. Your hairstylist uses more braiding hair to achieve them. Hence, they take less time to install than the teeny-weeny twists.

lady wearing medium Senegalese twists

3. Chunky Senegalese Twists

fine lady wearing chunky Senegalese braids

Jumbo twists are cute. They require less time to achieve compared to small-sized twists.

lady wearing large Senegalese braids\

Also, this is a statement hairstyle. Its chunkiness adds more accents to your hair, drawing more attention to your face like never before.

4. Short Senegalese Twists

pretty lady wearing short Senegalese twists

Short Senegalese twists are the way to go if you want a low-maintenance hairstyle that offers convenience and style. They stop just around your neck or may go a tad lower.

lady wearing very short Senegalese twists

6. Shoulder-Length

smiling lady wearing shoulder length Senegalese twists

As the name implies, these twists stop at or just below your shoulders. They are moderate and can be of any size, whether thin, medium, or jumbo.

lady wearing shoulder height Senegalese twists

5. Long Twists

lady wearing long Senegalese braids and presing phone

This style goes beyond your shoulders to your lower back or waist. Though they consume more hair extensions, they’re attractive and are worth the investment.

smiling lady wearing red long Senegalese twists

7. Crochet Twists

lady wearing brown crotchet Senegalese braids

Crochet twists are your go-to if you want a hairdo you can achieve in less than 30 to 60 minutes. Instead of attaching them to the roots of your hair as typical of any braid style, you achieve this hairdo by crocheting the extensions to your hair. They save time and money while prioritizing your style. Also, the extensions are reusable. So, when you take them out, reuse them another time. That’s more value for your money.

smiling lady rocking crotchet Senegalese braids

Furthermore, they take up far less time than other types of Senegalese twists. One reason is that it doesn’t require sectioning your hair or wrapping each strand together. Crochet hair manufacturers have made the job easier by giving you ready-made twists. You only need to braid your natural hair into cornrows and use a crochet pin to install the already twisted extensions to your hair.

8. Colored Twists

pretty lady rocking gold Senegalese braids

If you don’t want to stick to the regular black hair extension, go for other colors like red, blue, green, silver, blonde, purple, maroon, gold, brown, etc.

lady wearing red Senegalese twists

It all depends on your preference and style. For instance, if you’re minimalist, mild colors like black, brunette, or brown will suit you. But if you don’t mind being the cynosure of all eyes, wear bold colored-extensions.

9. Natural Senegalese Twists

lady wearing real natural Senegalese twists

This style doesn’t need any hair extensions. You only need your neat and well-prepped natural hair to achieve it. Also, natural Senegalese twists come in different types, such as two-strand twists, three-strand twists, etc.

lady wearing natural Senegalese twists

The beauty of this style is that they’re easy to maintain. You can achieve them yourself or go to a hairstylist who’ll divide your hair into sections and wrap each strand firmly around themselves.

10. Boho Twists

This style elevates the Senegalese twists by adding curly extensions to the mix. They’re similar to the typical goddess braids, but this time, they’re twists instead of box braids.

Embrace the Ease that Comes with Wearing Senegalese Twists

Senegalese twists come in different types, and how you style and manipulate them will always set you apart from the crowd. 

lady wearing tiny Senegalese braids in updo style

If you don’t want your twists to go all the way to the back, manipulate them into updos or buns, or adorn them with hair accessories like gold cuffs, cowries, beads, scrunchies, rubber bands, headbands, etc. They accentuate your hairdo, making you look more beautiful with minimal effort.

pretty lady wearing long black Senegalese braids

Choose from the styles we’ve shown you so far. But if you want more ideas to show your stylist, here are other Senegalese twist hairstyles to inspire you:

pretty black girl with natural makeup showing off her hairstyle
lady in sweater rocking Senegalese twists with well-laid edges
long boho twisting
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