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Maternity Fashion: How Rihanna has Influenced it for Every Woman

I’m about to start writing this piece. And so, I visit Google (which is my number one research spot) and type “maternity fashion 2022” into the search box.

Guess the extra keyword Google suggested. Never mind. Take a look at it below.

a screenshot showing Google suggested related keywords to maternity fashion 2022

Rihanna’s pregnancy and her outfits!

Bad Girl Riri’s influence on maternity style in 2022 is obvious for even the blind to see. Search engines also aren’t left out. 

As you saw in the screenshot above, Google has taken note of every time users search for Rihanna’s baby bump outfits.

If I were writing this piece say a year or two ago, you know Rihanna wouldn’t be the focus of discussion.

Rihanna wearing black see-through dress while pregnant

But here we are, taking lessons from the fashion icon herself.

So, if you’re about to be a momma and you’re looking for the best maternity outfits that’ll keep you looking chic even in the labor room (just kidding), you’ll find them on this page. 

And they’re inspired by Rihanna and every other stylish pregnant woman out there.

Maternity Fashion Took a Big Leap in 2022

Rihanna rocking sheer crop top and mini skirt while pregnant

Years ago, when I heard someone mention maternity outfits, I pictured loose dresses or tops; extra-large ones for that matter.

You wouldn’t blame me. Those were the type my mom wore during all her pregnancies. And even other expectant mothers around did too.

We can’t say the same today because trends have dissolved that image in my head.

Thanks to style icons like Rihanna, maternity style has taken a new direction.

This music star and fashion mogul showed us the true meaning of fashionista all through the days of her first pregnancy. Every time she posed for the camera, we found new style lessons to take.

pregnant Rihanna rocking all black outfit

From pregnancy crop tops to bum shorts and sheer dresses, you’d almost wonder if she was the first pregnant woman ever.

The best part of it all is how she broke the norm for maternity fashion. What people would advise you not to wear when heavily pregnant, Rihanna donned with pride.

She showed us pregnant women could bare their bumps in public. Safe to say she paved the way, set the trend, and inspired other women to drop the conservativeness attached to pregnancy and adopt a daring style that breaks grounds.

Little wonder top publications like Vogue and the Met Gala honored her with a feature and a statue respectively:

Rihanna on Vogue and her statue at this year's Met Gala

Enough of the accolades for Rihanna, don’t you think? 

Let’s see how to step up your style even with a baby bump like Rihanna and other daring expectant mothers.

10 Chic Maternity Fashion Outfits for the Expectant Mother

pregnant lady wearing dinner dress at an event

Is your baby bump beginning to get attention? Why not make the stares more worthwhile by dressing up in ways that make other women wish to get pregnant?

Wondering how to? Wear any of these:

1. Form-fitting Clothes

Lady wearing all white fitted outfit while pregnant

Contrary to what anyone must have told you,  don’t restrict yourself to only loose clothes when pregnant.

Unless such clothes are your personal style and you feel super comfy in them, go for form-fitting clothes too.

Rihanna rocking red fitted short dress

Even if you get so comfortable in loose clothes, once in a while, step out of your comfort zone and rock your bodycon dresses, jumpsuits, tight tops, etc. They’ll help to highlight your baby bump instead of hiding it.

Pregnancy isn’t a thing of shame that you should conceal under layers of clothing. Let your baby bump be the focus of attention. It’s a fashion statement on its own.

2. Midriff-Baring Tops

pregnant lady wearing white crop top

If you were a lover of crop tops before you became plus one, don’t stop when your belly starts bulging.

Rihanna preached this gospel throughout the days of her pregnancy.

In fact, she made the Internet replete with photos flashing her baby bump in our faces. And to be sincere, it was (and still is) such a delight to behold.

ASAP Rocky with Rihanna who is wearing crop top revealing baby bump

Not because it’s Rihanna but because it’s daring, edgy, audacious…straight outta the norm. 

So, whether you’re a celebrity or not, wear crop tops when pregnant. It doesn’t have to completely show your midriff, but it should be cropped enough to exude style.

However, if you won’t feel comfortable in pregnancy crop tops, layer with a shirt or jacket.

That’s even more stylish if you asked me.

3. Maternity Leggings

lady wearing black maternity leggings

Leggings are stretchy, comfy, and versatile. You can pair them with any top, be they loose or tight-fitting.

smiling lady wearing maternity leggings

Maternity leggings also provide that comfort. This time around, they’re stretchier to accommodate your body changes as your fetus develops. They also have a thick compression band and offer you support as you go about your daily activities.

Add this to your maternity wardrobe to have a comfortable, stylish pregnancy.

4. Maternity Jeans

pregnant lady wearing white top with maternity jeans

It’s not a curse. But some of your jeans would no longer fit as your belly increases its size to accommodate your child. To be on the safer side, shop for maternity jeans.

Here’s why:

Rihanna steppig out in maternity jeans

Some come with a full elasticated band over your tummy while some scoop under your bump. Others have drawstrings, stretchy panels, or an elasticated waist and extra allowance around your tummy area. 

This helps to accommodate changes to your body from your first trimester to the third. 

5. Comfortable Underwear

lady wearing mater underwear on bed, eating

Maternity underwear is specifically made to be extra-stretchy. They’re designed to fit underneath or over a growing belly.  If you can’t find them, just wear regular comfy panties so long as they stretch and can fit below your belly.

Ciara wearing maternity underwear

6. Bra Top

As part of the changes to your body, your breasts would also increase in size. And then, some days, you may not even feel comfortable in your regular brassieres.

When that happens, just wear bra tops or palettes.

lady rocking maternity bra top

They’re stretchy and come with no wires. Meaning there won’t be unnecessary lines on your body from a tight bra.

They also double as crop tops too, in case you’d love to try out tip #2.

7. Sheer Clothes

lady wearing sheer maternity gown

I know right.

You’re not Rihanna. I don’t expect you to go around town in a dress that shows everything you’re wearing underneath.

 But wouldn’t you like to look hot for your baby daddy?

Rihanna wearing sheer maternity top

You can wear this and take pictures at home or even when you go swimming. You can also wear a sheer top that shows your bare belly underneath. 

It’s a nice outfit for a baby bump photoshoot too.

Pregnancy shouldn’t make you lose your drip, you know. You don’t have to go overboard like Riri. You can conservatively rock sheer clothes too.

8. Jumpsuits

pregnant lady wearing green maternity jumpsuit

Jumpsuits are always stylish. And you can wear them anywhere you like as you exude style.

lady wearing red maternity jumpsuit

To accommodate your baby bump, wear a stretchy jumpsuit. If available, go for one with a zipper in front so you can use the restroom without any inconvenience.

9. Palazzo Pants

pregnant Tiwa Savage wearing suit on maternity palazzo

Oh yeah! This is a must-have for working-class expectant mothers.

lady wearing maternity palazzo

Rock those hot pants with a cute shirt to work. To highlight your bump, tuck in your shirt for more effect.

You’d see other women at work would take style lessons from you.

10. Roomy  Clothes

lady wearing roomy maternity dress


Baggy clothes aren’t just comfortable. They’re super stylish too. It all depends on how you style them. And that’s why we added them to this list.

Rihanna wearing maxi maternity gown with sneakers in company of ASAP Rocky

Imagine rocking a loose-fitting maxi dress with sneakers? Or rocking your sweater, coats, or jackets, with cute bum shorts.

Don’t drop the loose clothes. Wear them but style them like a true fashionista without going against your style.

Maternity Fashion: Just Do You

pregnant lady wearing white gown on the street

As I always advise, the only fashion rule you should live by is that there are no rules to fashion. So, don’t take these items as the ultimate do-or-die maternity outfits. Instead, stick to your personal style and wear what suits your preferences.

pregnant lady chilling

If you love baggy clothes, wear them. If you like them tight-fitting, wear them still. Your comfort is paramount just as your style is. So, just do you.

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