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Small Box Braids: 34 Hair Inspos to Rock this Season

The first time I wore small box braids, I was stunned at how slim they were and how my face was instantly transformed. Did I forget to mention how they felt? So weightless. It never occurred to me that braids could be this stylish and protective. 

Since the discovery of this coiffure, I have been stuck with them, trying my hands on different hair extensions to spice things up. 

Blessing Otoro rocks her small box braids in style

If there’s anything I’ll love more, it’s for you to hop on this style. So, please, stay with me on this post as we delve into the world of small box braids and why it is a go-to choice for many.

What Exactly is Small Box Braids? 

Janet Jackson looks stunning wearing this small box braids in a bun

The first thing you should know is that these braids serve as a protective hairstyle. They involve sectioning the hair into small, square-shaped sections and braiding each section from the roots down to the tip. 

Gorgeous lady rocks small box braids in a side swept look

This technique minimizes manipulation and tension on the natural hair, which helps prevent breakage and damage. By keeping your hair tucked away, small box braids shield it from harsh environmental factors like sun exposure, extreme weather conditions, and daily wear and tear. This protective element allows your hair to grow longer and healthier, as it is less prone to breakage and split ends. 

What’s the Difference Between Micro and Small Box Braids?

Back view of lady rocking the micro box braids

Micro box braids, also called thin braids, are skinny delicate braids. They look like hair strands because they are so small, making them adaptable for more hairstyles. 

Small box braids are slightly larger than micro braids. Since they’re a bit bigger in diameter, small braids put less tension on the hair but are still a great choice for updos like buns or high ponytails.

How Long do Small Box Braids Last?

Frontal view of a gorgeous lady rocking this coiffure, wraps it in a bun

Depending on your hair growth rate and maintenance routine, they can last anywhere from four to eight weeks. This durability makes them a practical choice for those seeking a longer-term hairstyle without the need for constant redoing. In addition, when the braids mature over time, they tend to take on a more natural and lived-in appearance, which some people find visually appealing.

How to Care for Your Small Box Braids

Full view of a lady rocking t this gorgeous coiffure

The first step which I often advise is to ensure you go to a professional stylist for proper installation of the braids to avoid potential damage to your natural hair. A stylist who is experienced in the different braiding techniques understands the importance of maintaining hair health. 

The good thing about this style is you don’t have to wash it frequently, unlike other styles. However, it’s important to maintain a healthy scalp by conditioning and moisturizing. Regular scalp care along with occasional touch-ups will prevent frizz or hair breakage at the roots. This will in turn give your braids a fresh and neat look for an extended period.

Small Box Braids Inspos to Try this Season

Lady wraps a hair in two high buns, a unique style you can create anytime.

Here are some of the coolest small box braids styles you might wanna consider:

Tiered Bun on Knotless Box Braids

Full view of a lady rocking her small box braids in a bun

One of the most adaptable braided styles you can try is a knotless braid. It opens up a broad range of styling possibilities, like this stylish yet playful high bun with tiers.

Back view of a lady showing the top tiered bun

And this is one of the simplest and most popular methods of styling braids, but don’t sleep on them. There are many ways to get creative, just like this tiered bun shows.

Glam Ponytail

Back view of a lady rocking the small box braids with curls

Although a ponytail might not seem particularly glamorous, this one is. The hair has been styled into a high-braided ponytail using little braids. 

Side view of lady showing off her braids wrapped in a bun with curls

You can also add some curls to the ends. This lovely coiffure will keep you looking fashionable every day. 

Thigh-Length Braids

Back view of lady showing off her thigh-length small box braids

Increase that length, girl. Don’t be scared. Long box braids are a terrific protective style. When done correctly,  they increase your hair length and give you that extra hair to swish around. 

Another version of the  thigh-length small box braids

Furthermore, you’ll also stand out from the crowd because most people who wear braids like to wear them around the waist or shorter.

Trendy Bun with Undercut

Back view of lady rocking the braids with undercut style

This look is for fashion-forward ladies. It features a high bun with a stylish undercut. An undercut involves shaving only a portion of the hair, leaving the remainder long.

Side view of lady showing off her undercut look

 As you can see, the hairstyle is stunning. Imitate any of the ones we’ve shown you or you go for any pattern you want.

Triangle Parted Braids

Side view of lady showing off the triangle parted small box braids

Making your sections triangular, as opposed to the rectangular or square “box” parts for which the box braid hairstyle is named, is a simple method to add flair to your braids.

Side view of al ady rocking this unique hairdo with a stylish bun atop of her head

 This look is a great technique to achieve something that is a little bit newer or fresher.

Small Box Braids with Beads

Full view of lady showing off her small box braids with beads

Small box braids with beads is one stylish hairdo that women of all ages and hair types can wear.

Full view of a lady showing off her small box braids with beads

The highlight of this coiffure is paring with hair accessories that enhances its overall look

Colorful Small Box Braids

lady rocking white hair extensions for her gorgeous braids

Colorful small braids can add a fun and vibrant twist to your hairstyle.  The idea of this hairdo is to spice up your look while making a fashion statement.

Gorgeous lady shows off her pink hair extension for the small box braids

You can choose from a variety of colors or ask your stylist which colors will suit your face and settle for them.

Small Knotless Braids

Full view of lady rocking this gorgeous small knotless braids

Small knotless braids have gained popularity as a gentler alternative to traditional box braids. They offer a more natural and seamless look, as they don’t have visible knots at the roots 

Side view of a lady rocking the small knotless braids style

This hairstyle is stylish and low-maintenance and the perfect look for any occasion

Small Box Braids: The Trend is Not Ending Soon

Side view of a lady rocking the bohemian braids style

Small box braids have become more than just a passing trend. They’ve been around for ages and won’t be leaving the hair scene anytime soon. Hence, it’s safe to say these braids will remain a staple in the world of hairstyling for years to come.

Whether you’re hair is short, thin, or thick, these braids can be tailored to suit your needs. But if you aren’t satisfied with our list, check out more pictures below to serve as inspiration for your next hairdo

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