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Small Knotless Braids: 32 Hairstyles to Try This Season

Small knotless braids are one of the popular braiding techniques trending today. These braids are a great protective style for natural hair. And just like other African Braiding styles, it can be modified in length, textures, and adornment. 

lady rocks beautiful small knotless braids

Furthermore, this coiffure can last for several weeks with proper maintenance. In this post, we’ll be looking at these beautiful braids, what makes them special, and the best thin knotless box braids styles you should rock this season

What are Small Knotless Braids?

Lady shows off her gorgeous small knotless braids.

To better understand this hairdo, let’s start with the basics. What are knotless braids?

Knotless braids are box braids. But the difference between this coiffure and regular box braids is that it’s achieved through the feed-in technique. That is, to install it, your hairstylist begins by braiding with your natural hair and then feeds in extensions which makes the braids gradually become thicker. Unlike traditional box braids or cornrows, this look doesn’t use knots at the base of the braid. And this knotless technique helps to reduce tension and prevent damage around your hairline.

So back to the initial question. What are small knotless braids?

As the name implies, they are knotless box braids that are small in size. They’re usually thin and light enough for your convenience.

Where did These Braids Originate From?

Braiding has been a right of passage within African culture. This skill is taught and passed from generation to generation.

Nowadays, these individual three-strand braids have taken many new forms including the popular “Knotless“ styles seen all over Instagram and Tik Tok.

While we cannot pinpoint where exactly they come from, braid expert Kamilah tells Zoe Report that they came on scene five years ago in urban cities (New York, Dallas, Atlanta, and L.A.) out of the pressing need to protect natural hair

Benefits of Small Knotless Braids

Lady rocks gorgeous small knotless braids with black extensions.

One of the great benefits of this hairstyle is that it is versatile. You can decide to style them whichever way you choose, from high buns to sleek ponytails. You can also wear them in several lengths from short to shoulder-length, long, and even waist-length

The perks don’t end there. These braids are also low-maintenance. Once you install them, all you need to do is moisturize your scalp and hair regularly and wear a satin scarf/bonnet to keep them looking very fresh.

How to Make Small Knotless Braids 

Lady rocks waist-length small braids in a vibrant burgundy color

When installing this beautiful hairstyle, we advise you to work with a skilled stylist with experience. And if your hair wasn’t prepped before your appointment, ask them to wash, blow-dry, and stretch your hair.

Also, ensure your hairstylist installs your braids tightly enough to prevent them from unraveling. However, this shouldn’t be too tight so the braids don’t cause discomfort or damage to your hair.

How Many Packs of Hair are Needed for Small Knotless?

side profile of lady rocking small knotless braids

You need at least two or three packs of attachment hair extensions to install these braids. The number of packs you consume depends on the density of your hair and the length you want to achieve.

10 Small Knotless Braids Styles to Inspire You

Back view of small knotless braids with curls at the tips

Small knotless braids are on trend. But why haven’t you tried them yet? Perhaps, you couldn’t find the best inspiration to show your hairstylist. Not to worry though. If that’s the case,  let these looks inspire you. 

Waist Length Knotless Box Braids

Lady rocks beautiful small knotless braids for a waist length look

One thing is for sure, thin knotless braids will enhance your beauty no matter the length you settle for. And if you want the waist-length look, great!. The longer the better. But remember, it’ll consume more extensions.

Small Knotless Braids With Curly Ends

Beautiful lady shows off her long braids with black extensions.

Enhance your look by adding curls to the ends of your braids. Most times, the tips of braids are overlooked, but adding some curls gives more life and volume to your braids. However, when you opt for this style, pay more attention to those ends to prevent them from tangling or becoming frizzy. 

Red Thin Knotless Braids

Gorgeous profile of lady rocking red knotless braids

Colors have a way of making you stand out. So when you opt for the fiery red braids, get ready to turn heads. If you already dyed your hair red, this hairdo is perfect for you. The look is gorgeous and definitely makes a fashion statement.

Half Curls Half Knotless Braids

Lady rocks small knotless braids with extensions pulled out from each braids to get curls.

This style is perfect if you’re aiming for a fuller look. It adds volume to your hair by adding curls in between the box braids. It’s a beautiful variation of curly weave and braids. To spice this up, opt for a vibrant color like burgundy in the image above. 

Small Knotless Braids with Blonde Highlights & Curls 

Lady rocks beautiful knotless braids with blonde highlights

Go for these dense ombre braids with beautiful blonde highlights, They have a flirty romantic vibe to them. So book your hair appointment to rock this look when next you have a date.

Chestnut Knotless Braids

Tessa Thompson shows off her long braids on the premiere of Thor.

When Tessa Thompson walked the red carpet at the premiere of Thor: Love &Thunder last year, many ladies couldn’t help but stare at her beautiful braids. These gorgeous thin chesnut braids will definitely make you turn heads if you pair it with a bustier-style dress. 

Triangular-Parted Thin Knotless Braid

Lady rocks small knotless braids parted in triangular sections.

Want to switch up your parting style? Then this is the look for you. Instead of having square sections, your stylist can part them into triangular sections and feed the braids with extension. 

Blonde Small Knotless Braids

lady shows off her braids with blonde extensions.

Blonde hair color never goes out of style, This gorgeous color is the perfect blend of wild and calm at the same time. If you love experimenting with colored hair, then using blonde for your braids is a good place to start.

Small Braids in a Ponytail

lady wraps up her gorgeous braids in a high ponytail.

Wrapping your braids into a ponytail has a way of accentuating your face and showing off your facial features. In fact, gathering your hair in a ponytail, helps you flaunt those earrings, makeup, and necklace better. 

Small Knotless Braids with Beads

lady shows off her beautiful knotless braids with beads

This braid is one of the looks that can’t go out of style. Using hair accessories like beads is one way to boost your look and make your features stand out.

There’s more to small knotless braids inspo than what we’ve shared in this post. So if you aren’t satisfied with all you’ve seen, here are more photos to inspire you:

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