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How to Dress for Church: 10 Modest Outfits You Should Try

Isn’t it funny how we have to think of what to wear every day of the week? After sorting out your outfits for work, and loungewear for staying home, you still have to know how to dress for church too. Phew!  How tiring can it be?

But what if you had a wardrobe consultant who helped you figure out all your outfits, including what to wear to church, without paying a dime? You’d jump at the opportunity and hire them instantly, right?

A lady showing how to dress for church by wearing a midi pleated skirt with a long-sleeved top

Well, there’s good news. Svelte Magazine is that wardrobe consultant you don’t have to pay. And since we know how stressful choosing outfits can get, we’ve done the homework for you. In this post you’ll find modest styles for church you can recreate to make a style statement while praising the Lord.

Let’s dive in.

How to Dress for Church with Style

A man wear gingham print suit showing how to dress for church

Someone once told me that besides fashion shows and celebrity events, the next place to get in touch with the latest styles and trends is the church. I don’t know how true that is, but if you look at it, it’s not completely false.

Since the church is a public gathering, people will definitely bring their A-game when pulling off their church outfits. You also need to know how to dress for church so you won’t feel left out.

This doesn’t mean you should go break the bank just because you wanna keep up with dressing trends in the church. No! The church isn’t a place to “pepper anyone” or pressure yourself to prove you’re rich. It’s a place of worship to show your subservience to your creator.

And part of that entails putting in the effort to look good. God made everything beautiful for His glory. And as one of His beloved creations, you should reflect this glory and beauty in all you do, including your fashion choices.

A lady wearing an ankle-length skirt showing how to dress for church

How do you do so? For one, you must always remember the church is a religious gathering. And as such, your outfits should be conservative and decent enough for the setting.

So which outfits meet this modest mark? Here they are:


Veekee James in a lovely ruched bubu gown

This is the mother of all conservative dresses. Abaya reveals almost nothing. It’s long in length and even in the sleeves. It’s free-flowing and not tight-fitting so you need not worry about people noticing your curves. 

Jackie Appiah rocking a black and white abaya

Furthermore, it’s the perfect decent dress if you want to give off rich aunty vibes. You can use any fabric from ankara to adire, kente, kampala, etc., to achieve your bubu dress. Just pair yours with a good hairdo, scarf, and jewelry and you’ll look dashing.


lady wearing white jumpsuit for church

A jumpsuit never goes out of style. It’s the perfect blend of trousers and tops in one outfit. Go for this for an easy way out when you don’t know what to wear on Sundays.

A Canadian-Nigerian designer showing how to dress for church by wearing a jumpsuit with buttons

But to be safe, ensure your jumpsuit has a conservative neckline and doesn’t expose delicate parts of your body.

Jeans & Top/Blazer

A pretty girl rocking jeans

Yes, you can wear jeans to church. But there’s a clause to this. Your denim pants for church should neither be ripped nor too form-fitting. They should be modestly fit.

A cute guy rocking jeans and a blazer

So, straight-cut jeans and flared jeans like bootcut come in handy here. Pair them with a nice shirt or blazer to give it that semi-formal look needed for a religious setting.

How to Dress for Church with Pants & Modest Tops

a guy pairing his trousers with a polo

Your chinos, slacks, palazzo, and any other type of trousers fall here. Pair them with a modest top in your wardrobe and head to church. This could be T-shirts, turtlenecks, collared shirts, etc. 

a lady pairing her palazzo with a cute top and a red handbag

If you’re going for tees, it’s best you go for plain T-shirts. But if you want to wear something that has an inscription, ensure the words on your top aren’t offensive.

Ankara Styles for Church

a lady showing us how to dress for church with ankara

If there’s any Nigerian fabric that makes it to church every Sunday, it’s ankara. This fabric is versatile enough to be sewn into different modest styles for church.

a guy rockign a two-piece ankara outfit

So, if you don’t know how to dress for church. Pick any ankara style for church that suits your taste, show it to your tailor alongside your fabric, and slay on Sunday.

Nigerian Lace Styles

A beautiful lady rocking a midi lace asoebi as what to wear to church

Did you know the lace you rock to weddings as asoebi can also be worn to church? If you didn’t, well now you know.

a lady rocking blue lace asoebi

The hack for achieving this is by giving your lace asoebi modest necklines and sleeves. You don’t plan to flaunt your cleavages in the house of the Lord, do you?

How to Dress for Church with Kaftan/Senator

a cute guy showing how to dress for church with kaftan

Kaftan styles for men are also great outfits for church. Just like any senator style, they’re stylish and modest.

a guy rocking senator outfit

Wear them if you don’t want to rock an English suit.

How to Dress for Church with Suits

a man rocking a black suit

You can’t have complete formal attire without mentioning suits. These outfits are a perfect blend of modesty and style. So, when you’re not wearing them to work, wear them as your Sunday outfits.

a lady rocking a blue suit showing how to dress for church

But before you hurry to do so, ensure your suit is well-tailored to reflect today’s fashion.

Maxi/Midi Dresses/Skirts

A white lady rocking a midi dress with slit around the legs

Short dresses aren’t welcome in church, especially if they’re way above your knees. The keyword here is modesty, remember? So you shouldn’t show your thighs in the house of the Lord.

a pretty lady rocking a dark green dress with a black handbag

Only wear dresses and skirts that extend below your knees. This includes midi or maxi skirts and dresses to church. They could be flared or form-fitting, depending on your choice.

Layer Your Sleeveless Pieces

a lady using a lilac blazer to layer her outfit

Don’t write off your sleeveless tops and dresses when learning how to dress for church. Instead, pair them with outerwear for a refreshing look. This includes your jackets, blazers, coats, kimono, etc.

A guy rocking his blazer outfit with sneakers

Layering is a great way to restyle your outfits without looking like you repeat them. Never forget that.

Accessorizing for Church

A man rocking a suit with wristwatch and sunglasses

It’s not enough to wear good clothes to church. You also need to pair them with the right shoes and accessories. They complete your outfit and give you a stylish look.

smiling lady wearing black and yellow outfit with a woven bag

Remember, dressing for church is a bit similar to dressing for work. You pull it off through formal office wear or business casual outfits. So, if you won’t wear a particular type of footwear or accessory to work, don’t wear it to church. This means your flip-flops, slippers, pool sliders, etc., will be out of place here.

a lady rocking a maxi ankara dress as how to dress for church

Instead, wear shoes like heels (pumps, stiletto, platforms), sneakers, sandals, and formal shoes for men. Also, try to keep your accessories moderate. Wear your necklace, jewelry, and other jewelry but try not to over-accessorize lest your outfit should become noisy.

man wearing senator outfit for church service

In addition, aim to smell nice always by wearing your perfume correctly. If you go to church smelling awful, you’ll distract other congregants from the gospel. You don’t want that, do you?

Finally, don’t be scared to wear more colors in church. You can do so with your shoes, scarves, outerwear, etc. That’s how you praise the Lord with style!

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