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37 Decent Ankara Styles for Church

Show me a multifunctional African textile and I’ll show you the ankara fabric. From weddings to funerals, red carpet events, and what have you, this fabric has never failed to come through for African men and women. For instance, when it’s time to party, ankara short gowns, palazzo pants, and miniskirts are your best bet. And when it’s time to worship, the decent ankara styles for church are your best bet.

How does this happen, you wonder?

lady rocking ankara suit and pants ready for church

The answer isn’t far-fetched: the ankara fabric is versatile. You can use it to make just any outfit that tickles your style buds.

But when it’s time to go to church, “just any outfit” won’t work. Your ankara style has to be modest enough to suit the moral setting of your worship center.

lady wearing ankara dress with a jacket on top

It’s why I decided to write this piece today.

If you’ve been searching for the best decent ankara styles for church, search no more. You’ll find every style inspiration you need in this post to create the perfect Afrocentric look that’ll help you make a modest style statement in church.

lady taking mirror selfie wearing mixed print ankara outfit

Let’s dive in.

Why Wear Ankara Styles for Church?

lady wearing ankara shirt and pants for church

Sure, there is freedom of expression. But sometimes, you have to tailor that expression to suit the environment you find yourself in. And that’s the purpose of the decent ankara styles for church.

lady taking mirror selfie wearing ankara top and pants

These styles are specifically tailored to suit the church setting. Though they may feature standout details, they’re conservative enough to clothe you while still retaining style.

lady taking mirror selfie wearing ankara dress

Furthermore, there’s no room to “show some skin” with these styles unless, of course, the skin you intend to show is your legs, hands, shoulders, upper chest, and arms.

lady taking mirror selfie wearing ankara top and pants

Now that we’ve established why these ankara styles are appropriate for church, let’s move on to check them out.

Decent Ankara Styles for Church

lady wearing ankara and plain material dress

The church is a holy place quite alright. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t exude style while worshipping God.

You don’t have to hide in that maxi gown all the time. Even if long dresses like abayas are your go-to church wear, you can always switch it up by styling with accessories, good makeup, and a gorgeous hairdo.

But if you want more than that, here are the decent ankara styles for church you should recreate for next Sunday.

1. Simple Ankara Dress

lady wearing a simple ankara gown for church

Sew a nice shift dress with your ankara fabric and rock it to church. If you don’t want that, you can as well go for a flared dress or make your ankara dress body-fitting with a conservative neckline.

lady wearing simple ankara midi dress for church

This dress can come in any length of your choice but it shouldn’t be skimpy.

2. Ankara Skirt & Blouse

smiling lady wearing ankara blouse and skirt for church

The classic ankara skirt and blouse is one style that’ll never leave the fashion scene. The best part of it all is that every day, fashion designers get inspired to keep tweaking and tweaking so you can have more tres chic Afrocentric skirts and blouse inspo.

smiling lady wearing top and ankara skirt

If this option catches your fancy, you can make your top the same fabric as your ankara skirt or use another fabric. But ensure you go for a knee-length ankara skirt, ankle-length skirt, or an ankara midi skirt and top. 

Save your miniskirts for another day. You’ll look gorgeous regardless.

3. Mixed Print Ankara

a smiling lady wearing mixed ankara print dress with statement sleeves

Switch things up by using two or more different ankara prints to achieve one look. But don’t dive right into it yet.

There are guidelines you should follow to create a multiprint ankara outfit that isn’t an eyesore. We explained them all in our guide on how to mix and match different ankara prints. Consult it to stay in the know.

lady taking mirror selfie wearing mixed print ankara top and pants

Wanna keep it for later? Let’s proceed then.

4. Ankara Dress with Standout Details

lady taking mirror selfie wearing ankara dress with standout detail

Don’t wanna look too simple with your dress? Not a problem.

Make a statement with your ankara dress by adding details like voluminous sleeves, bold colors, large bows, ruffles, etc.

smiling lady wearing ankara outfit with standout detail

These details will announce your presence and give everyone the impression that you’re stylish.

5. Ankara Pants and Shirt

lady taking mirror selfie wearing mixed print ankara top and palazzo

You can also rock a pair of well-tailored pants or palazzo with any ready-made or ankara top.  

lady taking mirror selfie wearing plain top and ankara pants

This top can be a collared shirt or any style of top.

6. Ankara Jumpsuit

lady wearing ankara jumpsuit for church service

How about you wear one piece of clothing instead of combining a top or bottom? That’s where your jumpsuit comes in handy.

lady taking mirror selfie wearing mixed print ankara jumpsuit

If this is your choice, go through our ankara jumpsuit catalog to find the perfect style for you.

7. Ankara Two-piece

lady wearing ankara two-piece outfit for church

Most of the decent ankara styles for church come as coordinated sets. Be it a skirt and blouse, pants and top, or ankara suits, co-ords make dressing up easier.

lady wearing ankara suit and pants

You don’t need to worry about what to wear as a top or bottom. You already have them as an ensemble. Just wear them together and when you wanna switch things up, pair the top with another bottom and vice-versa.

We have a guide to help you nail your ankara two-piece outfits. Check it out and thank us later.

8. Ankara Corset Outfits

lady wearing ankara corset on a green outfit

Wanna look chic and victorian while praising the Lord? Wear corset fashion. 

lady wearing corset on her ankara dress

The way a corset top hugs your body and frames your curves makes it the ideal chic outfit you should wear to church.

9. Mix and Match

lady taking mirror selfie wearing a combination of ankara and lace

If you don’t wanna mix two or more ankara prints in an outfit, feel free to combine your ankara fabric with other materials.

lady wearing ankara outfit with polka dots sleeves

This could be plain materials like organza, chiffon, or crepe, detailed fabrics like lace, or busy prints like polka dots, floral, etc.

10. Layer Your Revealing Sleeves & Necklines

lady layering her ankara outfit with matching jacket

You know you don’t have to write off those sleeveless dresses you have. 

lady layering her outfit with ankara kimono

Layer them with a kimono, blazer, or jacket ad rock them to church.

And that’s a wrap on the trendy ankara styles for church.

Though they can come with any neckline or sleeve type/length of your choice, you have to keep things appropriate by avoiding revealing styles.

So, save the plunging neckline, cut-outs, and extremely off-shoulder pieces for any other occasion. Only wear modest yet stylish ankara styles to church.

Want more styles? Here you go:

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