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30 Latest Ankara Jumpsuits to Flaunt Your Shape With

There was this traditional marriage I had to attend. As usual, the Aso ebi was the ankara fabric. I was tired of the regular skirts and dresses we ladies mostly sew. I wanted something that would make me smart and chic at the same time. Something I could easily strut with, or possibly, run with in case of any emergency. And I wanted something that’d win me compliments when I graced the occasion. As I sat perusing the Internet for a solution to my style wants, I suddenly had the hunch to check out the latest ankara jumpsuits.

I did check them out and finally picked one ankara jumpsuit. Tell you what happened. I was among the few ladies who “thought out of the box”. While others went for the usual skirt and blouse, ankara short gowns, long dresses, etc., ladies like me wore jumpsuits, shorts, pants and even playsuits.

I really loved how I looked and felt that day. Should I call it standout? Yes that’s the perfect word because I stood out from the crowd.

 You too can stand out from the crowd when you turn up at aso ebi occasions. You know the fact that most people will be wearing the same material already makes everyone identical. And the better way to get noticed is to pick a style that makes you outstanding.

We don’t want you to be a boring ankara lover. We want you to try out new things once in awhile to further explore your personal style. Everyone who reads Svelte Magazine deserves to stop shows and turn heads wherever they go and we want you to be this way too. So sit tight as we show you the best ankara jumpsuit styles to help you steal the show whenever you step out.

What are Ankara Jumpsuits?

lady in a fine ankara jumpsuit

Basically, a jumpsuit is a one-piece clothing that incorporates the look of pants and a top. Ankara jumpsuits are therefore these types of clothing made with the ankara fabric.

lady in a print ankara jumpsuit

They are very good options for casual, business casual and smart casual outfits. And you can always have them sewn in different styles depending on how loud a fashion statement you want to make.

They are also perfect for framing your curves, flaunting your shape and flattering your body type.

Ankara Jumpsuit Styles

lady in sleeveless ankara jumpsuit

Fashion designers aren’t tired of their game yet. In a bid to exercise their creative craft and offer you satisfaction, they keep coming up with innovative designs every day. And as we savour this digital age and the benefits of being in it, we can only appreciate how easy it is to find these styles on the Internet every day.

lady in colorful ankara jumpsuit

The ankara jumpsuits in this post weren’t just chosen because they look good. They’ve passed the test of our fashion acumen and we guarantee that if you pull off any of these styles, your look and carriage will change instantly. You’ll appear to be more stylish than usual and someone could stealthily take a picture of you without your knowledge.

Are you psyched already? Then check out the styles below:

Sleeveless Ankara Jumpsuits

a lady wearing ankara jumpsuit in the sun

No matter the design of ankara jumpsuit style you pick, so long as it has no sleeves, it falls under this category.

lady with sunglasses rocking ankara jumpsuit at a sitout


red and yellow mix and match ankara jumpsuit

If making use of one fabric to make this outfit seems boring to you, you can go creative by combining or mixing and matching two or more ankara fabrics. One could be plain while the other is patterned; or you could just go ahead and mix fabrics of different prints. Personally, I love the bi-print trend.

lady in a mix and match ankara jumpsuit

Tapered Legs

lady in a tapered legs ankara jumpsuit

If you don’t want to flare out the legs of your jumpsuits, taper them to create a pencil look.

lady in blue tapered legs ankara jumpsuit

Flared Legs

lady in flared legs ankara jumpsuit

They could be in form of palazzo pants or bell bottoms. If you’re tired of pencil or tapered legs, go for this style.

lady posing in a flared legs ankara jumpsuit

Midi Ankara Jumpsuits

lady in blue midi ankara jumpsuit

Rather than getting to your ankles, these ankara jumpsuits, stop right at your mid-calf.

lady in a midi ankara jumpsuit

Blouson Ankara Jumpsuits

lady in blouson ankara jumpsuit

Ankara jumpsuits with this design are tight at the waist, blouses out and hangs over the waistband. They share the same bodice as that of a blouson dress which is a great choice for hiding belly fat.

lady in a colorful blouson ankara jumpsuit


older lady wearing strapless ankara jumpsuit

Ankara jumpsuits with a strapless neckline falls under this category. They are a great choice for flaunting your neck, shoulders and arms.  

lady in a strapless ankara jumpsuit


lady wearing a bardot ankara jumpsuit

Bardot means ‘off-shoulder’. So if you feel like flaunting your beautiful shoulders, don’t hesitate to try out this style.

lady in a red bardot ankara jumpsuit

High Neckline

lady in a yellow and red high neck ankara jumpsuit

Jumpsuits under this category could have a halter neck or turtleneck design. A suitable hairstyle for this is an up-do so people can appreciate the neckline better.

lady in a high neck ankara jumpsuit

Voluminous Sleeves

lady in a voluminous sleeves ankara jumpsuit

These ankara jumpsuit styles will announce your presence. They feature puffy, statement sleeves that add details to your attire. Also, you can make use of another fabric such as organza or satin for the sleeves or simply stick to the main material.

mix and voluminous sleeves ankara jumpsuit

These ankara jumpsuits can be of any neckline or sleeve length. They could be spaghetti straps or even incorporate voluminous sleeves as a way of making a bold statement. The goal is to keep you looking stylish in different ways while highlighting your feminine assets. And whichever of these styles you choose to rock assures you of that.


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