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9 Qualities of Beautiful Women You Should Possess

Have you ever looked at a woman and wondered if God created her on the evening of the seventh day when he must have rested enough? If yes, it’s nothing new. The world is filled with many beautiful women whom you can’t help but admire.

But how do you know a woman is indeed beautiful when there are different standards for measuring beauty? Are there universally beautiful women when one man’s meat is another’s poison?  I guess this is why Margaret Wolfe Hungerford opined that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

A gorgeous black model sitting on a bed with white sheets

Why we can’t give an outright yes or no to the question above, one thing is sure: some women meet all the societal beauty standards regardless of what the beholder thinks. They may or may not have a curvaceous silhouette but they’re still gorgeous.

Why’s that so, you wonder? It’s because they have all or most of the qualities of beautiful women which I’ve compiled in this piece. 

What Makes Beautiful Women Beautiful?

Victoria Willie wearing a nose ring with prple jewelry

It goes beyond the pretty face and body shape. Most times, what makes a lady attractive is her charisma which comes in the form of:

Lovely Facial Features

Zendaya looking gorgeous

Beautiful women have their facial features well-carved. Whether her nose is big or small, or her eyes are cat-like or bulging, everything seems almost (if not) perfect.

So it doesn’t matter if her eyelashes are long or her nose is pointed, what matters is her facial features are lovely and welcoming to behold.

Beautiful Women have Good Skin

Halle Bailey, one of the beautiful women in the world, in her Met gala fit

Beautiful women have a healthy skincare routine they always follow. They exfoliate, moisturize, tone, and do everything needed to keep their skin popping so long as they can afford to.

This doesn’t mean they don’t have blemishes and acne scars on their faces. They do. There’s no perfect skin, you know. These women have only invested in the right foods, skincare products, and habits that enhance their skin and fade unnecessary spots over time.

In addition, they know how to match colors right to suit their skin tone.

Solid Fashion Taste

Medlin Boss in a yellow and purple two-piece suit  she created

These women have a high taste in fashion. They know fashion is important in building a reputation for themselves and as such, they never hesitate to invest in good clothes and accessories. Whether they’re rocking thrift or designers, you’ll always give them two or more glances because of their…

Admirable Sense of Style

Victoria Willie rocking a blue and green skirt by Ria Kosher

Beauty isn’t just in the face. It’s also in the way you carry yourself through what and how you wear, i.e., your personal style.

Gorgeous ladies seldom follow trends. Instead of wearing the latest fads, they’d rather wear what gives them comfort and suits their style. Some have a signature style and this makes them trendsetters even without being celebrities. 

Beautiful Women are Classy

a closeup photo of Rihanna in her Met Gala 2023 outfit with a pair of sunglasses laced with eyelashes

If there’s anything Beyonce, Rihanna, Genevieve Nnaji, Priyanka Chopra, Rita Dominic, Kelly Rowland, Tiwa Savage, Kim Kardashian, and every other beautiful woman in the world have in common, it’s their commendable sense of style and class. 

Similar to the point before this, there’s this class beautiful women ooze. You can sense it, you can feel it in how they dress, talk, move, and go about their activities.

And the funny thing is, style and class can’t be bought. It instead comes from the inside and reflects in your outward choices like your gait, carriage, taste in clothes, shoes, hair, bag, nails, perfume, accessories, etc.

They Dress for Their Body Type

Yetunde Olasinbo, one of the beautiful women on social media

Not every beautiful woman has curves or an hourglass figure. And this is because we all have different body types. But one hack they’ve nailed is dressing for their body type

These women are known to only wear things that flatter their figure and nothing else. So, if you want to be like them, you have to develop this quality too.

Beautiful Women Smell Nice

Beyonce in a blue fit showing the meaning of beautiful women

When they step into a room, you know someone special has stepped in. Why? The alluring scent that accompanies them.

In addition to everything above, gorgeous women smell nice Some have a signature fragrance people recognize anytime any day. If you can afford that, great. If you can’t just get a good perfume and stick to the fragrance that works for you.


Priscilla Achu representing  beautiful women

Imagine being the center of attraction in a gathering and when someone walks up to you, you stutter or act coyly. Nah, that’s not acceptable. Attractive women are confident in themselves, their dreams, their goals, their God, their talents, and their skills. It’s how they pull off feats and outfits people admire.

Always remember: It’s one thing to be beautiful. It’s another to have the aplomb needed to complement your gorgeousness. 

Inner Beauty, the Extra Sauce of Beautiful Women

Tems at the BET awards holding her awards

What shall it profit a pretty lady who looks so gorgeous but has a stinky character? Nothing.

So, while you work on looking physically great, don’t forget to invest in yourself. Read books, take courses, chase your dreams, follow your chosen career path, drop bad habits, be a woman of integrity, and develop your character. This will ensure you’re counted among the women who are beautiful in and out.

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