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Fashion Accessories— Why You Should Wear Them & How to

Say you just rented an apartment. You’ve bought your curtains, beddings, and furniture. But you failed to get the fancy electric bulbs to light up your apartment. How do you think it would look? Boring and dull, right? Well, that’s how you look when you dress up without fashion accessories.

beautiful lady wearing T-shirt with jean bum shorts with fashion accessories

Though these add-ons may be little, they magnify your looks. Just as you need punctuation marks to make sense of your sentences, you also need accessories to punctuate your outfits.

man rocking an all-black outfit

If you want to create a lasting impression on anyone who comes across you, the best way to go about it is to highlight your appearance. And wearing just your clothes out isn’t the way to go about it.

man wearing black suit with sunglasses

Add some accessories to your look. They always transform you into eye candy.

Not convinced? That’s not a problem at all. In this article, we’ll cover the perks that come with accessorizing so you see for yourself why you should always wear fashion accessories.

man wearing shirt and shorts with other fashion accessories

6 Reasons You Should Accessorize

man wearing black T-shirt with shorts and other fashion accessories

Accessories come in different types. While men have their go-to men’s fashion accessories, women also have theirs.

They mostly fall under bags, hats, sunglasses, purses, earrings, wristwatches, cufflinks, belts, pocket fillers, bracelets, bangles, anklets, fake nails, waist beads, etc.

lady wearing sleeveless top with pants and large sunglasses

These supplementary fashion items transform your outfit.

They come in different colors, sizes, and shapes. And their presence in your wardrobe helps you:

Complete Your Look

lady wearing 2 piece outfit with denim jacket and other fashion accessories

Without these add-ons, you don’t have an outfit. What you have on are mere clothes. But when you accessorize, you add more details and transform your look.

man wearing jacket  on black pants with cap and shoes

Only then can you step out and head for that occasion.

Showcase Your Personality

man wearing crop top with leather jacket

They emphasize your personal style, taste, and preferences.

lady posing by a car in a dress with white bag

When people see a look you accentuated by accessorizing, they don’t just see what you look like. They see how you think and perceive yourself. They see your style.

Achieve Different Looks

man wearing green shirt and pant with black sunshades and white shoes

You can turn workwear into party wear by accessorizing. You can as well turn casual wear into something serious with accessories.

And when it’s time to restyle your clothes, don’t stress it. Just layer your outfit and add the necessary accessories to light up your look.

lady wearing top and pants with hat and bag and shoes

Fashion additions help you create different outfits without appearing like you’re repeating your clothes. Yeah, they’re that versatile.

Enhance Your Style

man wearing a turtleneck on jeans with brown overall and other fashion accessories

Simply wearing your clothes and stepping out is drab and not stylish. Even though the clothes may be trendy, they won’t exude style and power if you don’t punctuate them with fashion accessories.

These pieces do wonders to your style every time you wear them. Once you add your jewelry and a pair of sunglasses, rest assured you’ll strut the street with all eyes on you even if you aren’t Tupac.

Save You from Spending More

lady wearing jack on black pants with red bag and black boots

Compare the cost of getting new clothes to the cost of buying accessories you can always wear with anything.

Which is more expensive? Clothes, right?

man wearing suit and tie with sunshades

Fashion accessories save you from regularly changing your wardrobe. While you can easily outgrow your clothes when you put on weight, you don’t outgrow accessories unless you’ve had them since when you were a child.

You can probably get bored of them and give them out. But of course, this would take a long time after you must have used them to style and restyle your clothes.

Accentuate Your Features

lady wearing a bucket hat on a jumsuit

Has someone ever said you looked different only for them to add, “Oh no wonder! Your earrings look great. They really frame your face well.”

guy in a flowery shirt and pants rocking sunshades and shoes

That’s the power of accessories. They not only add more accents to your clothes. They highlight your features.

For instance, an anklet on your ankles gives off more sex appeal especially if you have fine legs. Similarly, earrings promote your facial features and a necklace brings attention to your neck.

5 Handy Tips for Accessorizing

Use the One Subtle, One Bold Rule

lady wearing top and ripped jeans with yellow jacket and other fashion accessories

If you’re wearing statement clothes, keep your accessories subtle. And if you wanna wear statement fashion accessories, leave your clothes subtle.

guy wearing a black T-shirt on black jeans with Timberland boots and chain

To avoid creating a disconnect, let one shine and the other complement. That’s how you make sense of your accessorized outfits.

Balance Things Out

smiling man wearing a white T-shirt with pants and white cap, sunglasses and sneakers

Always try to mix up the sizes of your accessories. It helps to add balance to your look. 

For instance, if you’re wearing large earrings, you’d look really large if you wore other large add-ons.

lady wearing top and bum shorts with kimono and earrings

Instead of that, pair your large earrings with smaller sizes of accessories so you don’t look too noisy. And if you’re wearing statement add-ons, work with one or two and nothing more.

This will help you strike a balance.

Consider Colors

man wearing black shirt on jeans with bag and other fashion accessories

Sometimes, choosing the best color of accessories for your outfits can be confusing. A pro-tip is to work with the color palette of your clothes.

For example, if you’re wearing a multicolored shirt, pick one of the colors and accessorize based on that.

You can also wear neutral-toned accessories as they go with everything. This includes black, white, beige, etc.

lady wearing white top with green pants and sunglasses

If you don’t want that, go for a bold-colored accessory. This works best when you’re wearing neutral or solid-colored clothes like black or white. A pop of red, yellow, blue, or green in the mix adds more life.

Furthermore, simply wearing gold or silver accessories does the magic. They go with any outfit regardless of its color. You just have to know your skin tone to determine which of the two suits you best.

Wear Bold Lipstick

lady using lipsstick as fashion accessory

Yup. Bold Lipsticks are accessories too. Whether red, orange, or fuschia pink, they add more accents to your face and complement your look.

Rihanna wearing fancy sunglasses with blue lipstick

A pro-tip when using your lipstick to accessorize is to keep every other makeup subtle.

Don’t Over/Under-Accessorize

lady wearing a monochrome top and pants with statement earrings

While over-accessorizing may be too noisy, you should also be careful not to under-accessorize. In other words, don’t wear too many add-ons and don’t wear too little.

pretty lady wearing white dress with black bag

When this happens, you create a boring outfit that fails to highlight your clothes regardless of their details.

lady wearing a short dress with a tiny bag

So, before you step out, look in the mirror to confirm you don’t have many fashion accessories trying to outshine your clothes. And if you don’t, still crosscheck to be sure you have enough add-ons to uplift the beauty of your outfit.

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