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How to Wear Bold Lipstick Colours Without Looking Loud

What lip colour do you like to wear? Let me guess. Colours that barely say too much, right? Personally, I hardly wear anything other than mild lipstick colours. Not because they are my favourite but because I don’t know how to wear bold lipstick colours correctly. Plus, I always feel they don’t suit me. Perhaps, you also do.

This itself is self-limiting.

fair lady wearing red lips

In the business of fashion and beauty, you’re expected to explore as you’d like because that’s what makes it artsy and Interesting. But if you don’t, it only turns banal. And to prevent this, I had a chat with a makeup artist, asking her to tell me how to wear bold lipstick colours without looking loud or inconvenient.

If you are ready to stretch out of your comfort zone a bit like me, you should keep reading this post. So you can learn how to wear bold lipstick colours and appear as confident as a celebrity who’s posing for some paparazzi.

How to Wear Bold Lipstick Colours

bald lady wearing bold red lipsticks

When you wear bright-coloured lipstick, you exude this bold and audacious aura. However, it’s not something most ladies love to try. They’d rather stick to mild colours to show “humility”, whereas they are only timid to call some attention to their lips.

Bold lipstick colours are your best bet for making a fashion statement with your lips. If you’ll like to wear them, note that there are rules to these things.

And if you don’t follow them, you wind up looking gaudy or unnecessarily loud. To ensure this isn’t your portion, check out these simple tips on how to wear bold lipstick colours:

1. Exfoliate Your Lips First

lady wearing matted red lips

Before wearing any lipstick, to prevent your lips from appearing creased, you have to exfoliate. You exfoliate your lips to get rid of those dry and flaky dead skin around your lips. Do this to make your lips softer, improve circulation and make it appear more succulent. You can exfoliate with a damp cloth or use a lip exfoliator if you don’t have a sugar scrub.

2. Choose Your Colours Wisely

lady rocking dark lipstick

Before jumping at any lipstick shade, try to check if it suits your skin tone and undertone. This is one way to find the perfect lipstick shade for you. For instance, if you have a cool undertone, blue and pink colours will suit you right. On the other hand, if you have a warm undertone, red, orange, etc., are for you.

3. Line Your Lips

Lupita Nyong'o wearing blue lipstick

Lining your lips helps maintain your lipstick on your lip line. You can use a lip liner, such as a clear lip pencil, that works for every colour.

4. Apply Your Lipstick in Layers

lady rocking bright purple lipstick and purple eyeliner

If you want the lipstick to last for long on your lips, apply it in layers. To do this, you first of all apply, then blot with a tissue paper and reapply. Once you do this and you’re okay with the colour, take a piece of tissue paper and pour some translucent powder on it.

 Then use it to pat the top of your lips to lock the lipstick in. Furthermore, you can also apply some gloss if you like your lips looking glossy.

5. Wipe the Edges

lady rocking bold orange makeup

To achieve a clean, bold lip, you have to clean up the edges of your lips. You can use a concealer and a flat brush to blend the lip and wipe out any colour that went towards a wrong direction.

6. Prevent Your Lip Colour From Touching Your Teeth

lady rocking bold colorful makeup

It’s usually an eyesore when colour slips to your teeth. And to prevent this, you can use this method:

Press your lips together and place your index finger between your lips. Afterwards, slowly pull the finger outwards. Once you do this, any lipstick that would have slipped to your teeth would instead be on your finger.

7.  Balance Your Look

ebony lady wearing glossy pink lipstick

Since your lips will be the focus of attention, you can keep all other makeup components minimal. Unless you’re attending an occasion that calls for it, your eyeshadow doesn’t have to be as bold as your lips. Neither should every other thing you apply on your face. However, if they do, ensure they blend in perfectly.

Regardless, just make sure everything but your lips are on the low. This way, your face doesn’t look like its features are competing for attention. Rather, every other thing rests while your lips shine.

8. Be Self-confident

ebony lady wearing glossy yellow lipsticks

Finally, bright and bold lipstick colours isn’t for the faint-hearted. You have to first know how to cope with the attention it’ll give to you. And to do this, you need some self-confidence. Regardless of the lip colour you go for, you have to top it up with confidence and wear it with pride.


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