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How to Wear Women’s High-Waisted Shorts for a Sexy, Classy Look

Do you look at your thighs and wonder how much of a work of art they are? Do you look at your laps and wish you could flaunt them for the world to see? If yes, you’re not alone. I do that too. And I’ve figured the best outfits that help you flaunt those thighs are skimpy outfits like women’s high-waisted shorts.

a lady wearing fuchsia pink women's high-waisted shorts with white shirt

These types of clothing cinch your waist while showing off your lap. They keep your pants from sliding down when sitting or leaning over. Furthermore, they accentuate your curves, flatter your figure, and are also airy enough for hot weather conditions.

a lady wearing flared jeans high-waisted shorts with a white shirt

The best part of it all? They’re versatile too. And they not only go with almost any kind of top. They also come in different fabrics, prints, and styles. So, whether you want your women’s high-waisted shorts as denim, crepe, khaki, ruffles, floral, polka dot, etc., you can have them.

A lady wearing a pair of snake print women's high-waisted shorts with a monostrap too

But just because these shorts are great doesn’t mean you won’t play your part to create effortless stylish looks. In fact, how you look in high-rise shorts all boils down to your style preferences and choices.

So, if you’ll like to pull off head-turning, mind-blowing high-waist shorts outfits, keep reading. We’ll show you how to achieve that in different ways.

A Quick Glance at High-Waisted Shorts for Women

a lady wearing denim women's high-waisted shorts paired with a green and white blazer top

Women’s high-waisted shorts sit right at the natural waist (close to the belly button or directly on it). According to Union Bay, they became popular in the 1940s when top jeans brands began producing women’s jeans. And as part of 70s women’s fashion, most bell bottoms came as high-rise.

Moreso, these shorts as well as high-waisted jeans remained in vogue up until the late 90s before low-waist styles took over Y2k fashion in the early 2000s. But high-rise shorts quickly returned to the trend table. And they don’t seem to be leaving anytime soon.

When is the Best Time to Wear Women’s High-Waisted Shorts?

a lady wearing high-waist jeans short with white sneakers and white shirt

The best time to wear these shorts is during hot climates. That is, spring and summer seasons. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t wear them any time of the year.

What Body Type can Wear High-Waisted Pants?

A lady wearing a monochrome outfit compromising white high-waist shorts, white bralette, and a white unbuttoned shirt

Any body type will look hot when wearing high-rise shorts. But the ones who have the upper hand are pear and hourglass figures.

Types of High-Waisted Shorts to Wear Right Now

a lady wearing a pair of white high-rise shorts with a sky blue shirt

As you read in the introduction of this piece, high-rise shorts are versatile pieces. They come in different types depending on the fabric and style. Here are some of them:

Denim High-Rise Shorts

A lady wearing denim high-waisted shorts with  a white shirt showing her cleavages

Let’s call this the most popular type of shorts. Denim is a wardrobe staple on its own. They’re the one ingredient you need to create a (smart) casual look.

If you must know, you need at least one denim look in your wardrobe be it jeans trousers, jacket, skirt, or high-waisted shorts.

Just go for any color you’re comfortable rocking or stick to block or blue.

Leather Shorts

Leather shorts are hot. They bring that sexy vibe to your outfit and look great when paired with a loose shirt or tank top.

Oversized Shorts

a lady wearing high-waisted baggy shorts with a large tee

If you’re bothered your shorts will be too snug around your thighs, go for loose-fitting ones. They’re otherwise called oversized or baggy shorts. You can either pair them with a large tee or stick to body-hugging tops.

Belted Women’s High-Waisted Shorts

a lady wearing belted women's high-waisted shorts with a matching tank top

This type of women’s high-waisted shorts come with belt loops and sometimes a belt. It’s the perfect pair of shorts to give you a cinched, well-emphasized waist.

Pleated Shorts

a lady wearing yellow pleated women's high-waisted shorts

You can also go for pleated high-rise shorts. They bring extra accents to your look and are perfect for formal occasions too.

Ruffle High-Rise Shorts

a lady wearing an ash-colored ruffle high-waisted shorts

Like pleated shorts, ruffled pieces add more details to your look. They’re a shift from the regular straigh-cut shorts.

Cargo Shorts

a lady wearing brown cargo high-waisted shorts for women

Need something casual that gives off some military vibes? Wear cargo shorts. But make yours high-waisted.

Cycling Shorts

a lady wearing biker shorts with a red sweatshirt

Also known as bike shorts, biker shorts, or bicycling shorts, these are skin-tight garments initially designed to improve comfort and efficiency while cycling. They are made of spandex or lycra with inner lining or padding.

Though they were initially made for cycling, these shorts have evolved to become regular pieces for a casual outfit.

Rock them with your tank top when it’s time to work out or a tee/sweatshirt when you wanna hang out.

Printy Women’s High-Waisted Shorts

lady wearing polka dots women's high-waisted shorts

These styles aren’t made with plain fabrics. Instead, you’ll find them in prints such as floral, polka dot, stripes, checkered, plaid, ankara, etc.

Long Shorts or Bermuda Shorts

a lady wearing bermuda high-waisted shorts with a large t-shirt

Women’s high-waisted shorts don’t only come as short shorts. They also come as long shorts too, otherwise known as Bermuda shorts.

Pair them with a befitting top and you’ll look chic as always.

Bum Shorts

a lady wearing high-waisted bum shorts with knee-high shoes

This style of high-waist shorts are very short shorts that flaunt your legs, thighs and sometimes a bit of your buttocks. If you’re confident enough to show much skin, go for this. .

How to Rock Women’s High-Waisted Shorts

lady appearing casual formal in a black high-waisted shorts and black blazer

High-rise shorts are an admirable piece of clothing. In addition, they’re a style statement on their own. But you won’t appreciate their beauty if you don’t style them right.

Use these tips whenever you get stuck.

1. Wear it with a Crop Top

lady wearing a high-waisted jean shorts with white crop top

Since your shorts already sits above your hips and navel, it’s ideal you pair them with a short top. And crop tops are perfect for that. They show the waist of your shorts, thereby promoting your style and giving you that sexy look.

lady wearing women's high-waisted shorts with white crop top polo

Don’t worry. You won’t be baring your midriff too much because your shorts will be high enough to cover it.

2. Pair it with a Collared Shirt

lady rocking high-waisted jean shorts with white loose-blouse

Wearing a pair of high-rise shorts with a collared white shirt brings that formal vibe.

a lady wearing a pair of white high-rise shorts with a white shirt

You can either tuck the shirt in, untuck it, or use the shirt to layer your shorts when pairing it with a tank top.

3. Wear a Tank Top

a lady wearing her women's high-waisted shorts with a black tank top

If you wanna take a stroll down the street, hang out with friends, or go for your evening walk, pair your shorts with a tank top.

a lady wearing her brown high-waisted shorts with a white tank top

There’ll be enough air coming into your body, leaving little or no room for sweat.

4. Combine Your Shorts with an Off-Shoulder/Strapless Blouse

lady wearing a white high-waist shorts with white top

Off-shoulder and strapless tops have a way of creating elegance. They flaunt your upper chest, arms, and your cleavages too.

a lady wearing a ruffled top with a pair of high-rise shorts for women

When worn with a pair of women’s high-waisted shorts, it only gets better at giving you a confident look.

5. Try Your High-Waisted Shorts With a Blazer

lady wearing a white high-waist shorts with white top and blazer

Ever wanted to look formal yet casual? It’s called smart casual. And a way of achieving this look is by pairing your high-rise shorts with an inner garment and a blazer.

a lady wearing black leather shorts with a blazer

This gives you a formal look in a casual way.

5. Layer with Anything Else

If you don’t wanna layer your outfit with a blazer, you have more options. For instance, You can go for a kimono to create a conservative beach outfit, or maybe a denim jacket, leather jacket, sweater, puffer jacket, coat, cardigan, shirt, etc.

a lady wearing a monochromatic high-waisted shorts outfit with a coat

Layering helps to add textures to your outfits.

6. Wear Your High-Rise Shorts With a Turtleneck Blouse

lady wearing a high-waisted jean shorts with black turtle-neck top

Another tip on how to wear women’s high-waisted shorts is to combine them with a turtleneck top tucked in or out.

a lady wearing women's high-waisted shorts with a lacy turtleneck top

Turtlenecks have a way of promoting your figure. So when you wear it with shorts like this, you get that curvy appearance that’ll leave on-lookers drooling at you.

7. Tuck Your Top in

a lady wearing shorts with tucked-in tank top

Whether you’re wearing a tee or a collared shirt, you can create a sweet smart casual look by tucking your shirt right into your shorts. You can also wear a belt to keep your pants in place and pull more eyes to your waist.

a lady wearing shorts with a tucked-in floral shirt

You’ll love your look.

8. Don’t Forget Your T-shirts & Polo

a lady wearing denim high-rise shorts with a pink graphic tee

Tees and polo shirts always come in handy when it’s time to pull off a casual look.

a lady wearing black high-rise shorts with a white polo

And yes, they look great with women’s high-waisted shorts too.

9. Coordinate Your Women’s High-Waisted Shorts

a lady wearing a three-piece biker shorts outfit

You can also wear a matching set that comprises your pair of women’s high-waisted shorts and a top. This could be denim on denim, ankara two-piece, or any high-rise shorts and top made with the same fabric.

a lady wearing striped two-piece high-waisted shorts

Coordinated sets make dressing up easy. You don’t need to worry about what top or bottom to wear. Just slip on your matching outfit and get going. You can even match it with your lover if he wears a pair of high-waisted pants for men.

In addition, you can as well pair them with a different top or bottom when you get bored of rocking them both as an ensemble.

10. Don’t Forget to Accessorize

a lady rocking her high-rise shorts with beautiful accessories

Pick up your earrings, bracelet, sunglasses, belt, scarf, and any other accessory you wanna add to your look.

a lady rocking her high-rise shorts with sunglasses, handbag, and other accessories

They’ll punctuate your look and make it a statement outfit.

11. Balance Your Look

a lady wearing baggy high-waist shorts with a fitted top

It’s one thing to dress up. It’s another to create a proportionate look. And how do you do that? By combining tight on loose and vice-versa. For example, balance tight high-waisted shorts with a loose shirt or top and large shorts with a fitted shirt.

a lady wearing biker shorts with a loose blazer

However, this doesn’t mean you can’t try loose on loose or tight on tight. It all depends on your personal style and what gives you comfort.

12. Highlight Your Legs with the Right Shoes

a lady wearing high-rise biker shorts with a sweatshirt and a pair of sneakers

Shorts have a way of elongating your legs. To make this more impactful, complement it with the right pair of shoes.

a lady wearing high-rise bum shorts with transparent heels

This could be sneakers, statement heels, strappy sandals, knee-high heels, or any chic comfy shoes you choose to wear. Just make sure they’re stylish enough to be a part of your outfit.

a lady wearing a pair of women's high-waisted shorts with knee-high boots

Don’t turn your women’s high-waisted shorts into a piece of furniture hanging in your wardrobe because you lack the perfect combo idea. Use any of these ideas, dress up, and step out looking stunning and undeniably gorgeous.

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