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High-Waisted Pants for Men—How to Rock with Style

Have you ever seen a man without abs looking more charming than those who are fit? If you have, one thing must have made it happen: his clothing choice. For instance, clothes like high-waisted pants for men are pieces of wearable art that enhance and transform your look whether you hit the gym or not.

a guy wearing cropped high-waisted pants for men

Though these garments have been in existence for a long time, it takes some guts to pull them off. One reason is that high-rise pants have been stereotyped to be for old-fashioned grandpas or young nerds who hike their pants up to their chests. Some even think it’s a feminine piece.

a guy wearing white high-rise pants and layering with a cot

But that’s not the case. These pants are neither for grandpas nor for nerds. They’re stylish pieces that look great when paired with the right top. As Gerald Ortiz, Style Commerce Writer at GQ, noted:

“High-waisted trousers are especially graceful—and hip—when paired with a baggy silhouette (think Miles Davis in some tropical wool pleated dress pants and a relaxed polo sweater). They’re also a perfect match with cropped jackets like truckers and bombers which makes sense given that, since forever, high-waisted chinos have been standard issue for the military (a.k.a, the perennial menswear hit-maker).

But the high-waisted trouser isn’t limited to wide silhouettes.”

Gerald Ortiz

They’re versatile wardrobe staples for men that may seem intimidating at first but when you know how to pull them off, you turn heads and earn respect.

two men wearing ash-colored high-waisted pants for men with sweaters

If that’s what you want, come with me as I show you how to step up your pants game.

What are High-Waisted Pants for Men

a man wearing black high-rise pants, black t-shirt and a scarf on his neck

These are pants whose waistband rests at the natural waistline (close to the belly button or directly on it). For high-rise pants, the distance from the middle of the crotch seam (right between your legs) to the top of the pants or waistband is usually longer than 10 inches. 

a man wearing dark brown high-waisted pants for men with a scarf around his neck

High-waisted pants for men come as chinos, jeans, slacks, or any tailored pants. They’re great at elongating your figure and creating a balanced look. And since they sit higher on the waist, they’re perfect for formal occasions. 

a man wearing high-rise pants for men with a scarf around his neck

They’ve been in the fashion scene for a long time, dating back to the 1920s down to the ’50s until the early 1960s. While they may not be as popular as they were in the 20th century, they still are a pivotal part of today’s fashion. 

Should Men Wear High-Waisted Pants for Men?

a man rocking brown high_waisted pants for men with a brown turtleneck top and a brown long coat

Yes, men who aren’t scared to pull off any fashion they deem fit should wear high-rise pants. Besides lengthening your body, these trousers also enhance your style.

a man rocking brown high_waisted pants for men with a brown turtleneck top

Furthermore, if you’re over 6’ft tall and want to wear your pants at your waist, rather than at your hips, high-waist pants for men are a good option. They’re suitable for any kind of occasion, most especially for formal events.

How to Style High-Rise Pants for Men

a man wearing high-waisted pants for men with ash-colored long-sleeved tee

Choose the Right Top

a guy wearing brown high-rise pants with a striped shirt

Unless you want to leave your chest bare, you have to pair your pants with a top. This may be a collared shirt, turtleneck, polo, or tee.

Let’s look at each of them.

Collared Shirts

an Asian man wearing high-rise trousers with a white shirt

This one is a great option for formal looks. You can pair your high-waisted pants with a long or short-sleeved collared shirt to work, church, or any business activity.

You can even go retro by pairing your trousers with a vintage shirt. The multicolored prints of these shirts help to add more accents to your look.


a guy wearing three-quarter high-rise pants with a turtleneck top

Turtleneck tops are a must-have. They fit into any type of occasion be it formal, casual, or business casual. So when you pair your high-waisted pants for men with a nice solid-colored turtleneck top, you won’t feel out of place.

Tees & Polo Shirts

a man wearing high-waisted pants for men with a striped t-shirt

Wear any of these for a smart casual look. They switch up the formality of high-rise jeans and pants and offer a relaxed vibe.

You can go for a solid color, plain, graphics, short-sleeved, or long-sleeved polo or t-shirt.

Layer if You Want

a guy layering his high-rise pants with a shirt and carrying a tote bag

You can as well layer your outfit with a cropped jacket, shirt, bomber jacket, or any outerwear you deem fit. 

a guy layering his high-rise pants with a shirt

It helps to add more textures to your look.

Sometimes it Comes as a Suit

a guy wearing high-waisted pants suit with a vintage shirt

Yeah, some tailored suits come with a pair of high-rise pants, a waistcoat, and a jacket.

a man wearing high-rise pant suits with jacket and a black shirt

If this is yours, wear the ensemble for a formal look. But if you want a relaxed outfit,  drop the waistcoat and collared shirt and wear a t-shirt or turtleneck instead before layering with your suit jacket.

Pick the Right Shoes

a man wearing carton brown high-waisted pants

High-waisted pants for men look good with any type of shoes. So if you wanna dress up, put on your Oxford shoes, loafers, Derby, brogues, chukka boots, and other formal shoes for men.

a man wearing light brown high-rise pants for men

But if you wanna play it down, wear your sneakers, bots, palm slippers, etc, 

Wear a Belt or Suspenders

a man wearing high-waisted pants for men with suspenders

A belt or suspenders keeps your pants in place. With them, your high-rise pants will sit at your natural waist without dropping, sagging, or falling off.

a man wearing white high-waisted pants for men with a striped blue shirt and a belt

So, depending on your taste, wear any of them.


a guy wearing green high-waisted pants for men with a white short-sleeved shirt

Your high-waisted pants look wouldn’t be complete without accessorizing. You can simply tie a scarf around your neck, wear a pair of sunglasses, wear your jewelry, or carry a nice bag.

a guy wearing high-rise pants, short-sleeved white shirt, and carrying a cross bag

Go ahead and punctuate your outfit with these add-ons. They’re a game-changer.

a man wearing high-waisted  pants for men with a pyjamas top

There you have it! Now go wear those high-rise pants in your wardrobe. If you don’t have any yet, start by shopping from clothing sites or ask your tailor to cook something up for you.

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