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37 Cute Outfit Ideas for When You  Have Nothing to Wear

Have you ever heard of high style days and low style days? If you haven’t, don’t fret. I coined the term just as I began writing this piece. Your high style days are when you feel excited to dress up in cute outfit ideas and create stylish looks. These days aren’t the problem. Do you know what is?

Low style days! They’re the opposite of high days. On low style days, you aren’t gassed up to look stylish. You just want to wear anything to cover yourself, go out, and return to your room. They’re the days you “cannot comman kill yourself.”

We all have those days. Even the best fashionistas do. It’s why many people hire stylists to think for them when they can’t think of what to wear.

That’s something you should consider—for special occasions actually. But what about casual outings and every other day you want to look cute even when you don’t feel like it? Should you opt for a wardrobe consultant?

I’d say no. Hiring a stylist for everyday looks would be needless when you can scroll through Instagram or Pinterest and get inspired. But let’s be frank. That’s a lot of work, more because you’ll get a lot of options that’ll confuse you. So, what do you do?

a lady wearing a mini skirt and a white shirt

I’ll tell you. Read this guide. It’ll show you cute outfits you can pull off all by yourself when you neither know what to where nor feel like looking stylish.

Cute Outfit Ideas for Your Low Style Days

a lady wearing a brown leather midi skirt and knee-high boots to pull off cute outfit ideas for women

Jeans and T-shirt

a lady rocking jeans and t-shirt cute outfit ideas

Jeans and tees will never go out of style. This combo has stood the test of time from the days of their emergence till this very moment.

a lady posing in jeans and a large tee for cute outfit ideas

Thankfully, jeans come in different types so you can never get bored. For instance, you can try high-rise flared jeans, straight-cut, skinny jeans, ripped jeans, distressed jeans, etc., and pair any of them with large tees, cropped tees, graphic tees, logo tees, plain tees, etc. Your options are endless when it comes to pulling off jeans and tees for cute outfit ideas.

Shorts and Crop Top/Tee

a lady wearing shorts and a crop top with a loose shirt as cute outfit ideas

Wear this if you wanna feel breezy in summer or hot weather conditions. It allows for air around your thighs, legs, and your upper body.

a lady wearing shorts and crop top as cute outfit ideas

You can go for denim bum shorts, leather shorts, or any pair of shorts. You can even try a two-piece for a coordinated look. Shorts and crop tops are cute causal outfits that come in handy anytime.

Palazzo and Shirt

a lady wearing a palazzo and a shirt with a hat

Do you need something to help you look smart at work? A pair of palazzo pants paired with a nice shirt or blouse does that always.

a lady wearing wide-legged pants and a shirt as cute outfit ideas

Just top it with cute pumps, beautiful jewelry, and a nice handbag. You’ll look like the boss chick that you are.

Pencil Skirt and Shirt

a lady wearing pencil skirt and top for cute outfit ideas

This is another cute outfit idea for formal occasions.

a lady wearing ankara pencil skirt and a black shirt with puff sleeves

It’s perfect for work, business meetings, church activities, and any other gatherings that require you to look conservatively professional.

Maxi Dress Cute Outfit Ideas

a lady wearing a mutliprint maxi dress with cutouts

Got a picnic on your calendar or maybe a fun time at the beach? Don a maxi dress. It’ll shield your legs from any environmental harm.

a lady wearing a maxi dress as cute outfit ideas

For comfort, go for a sleeveless, short-sleeved, or spaghetti-strap maxi dress. And ensure it’s flared so you can move about freely.


a lady pulling off cute outfit ideas with a green jumpsuit

These one-piece clothes are a must-have. For the days when you don’t know what to wear, just slip them on and get going.

a lady pulling off cute outfit ideas with a light green playsuit

Depending on the style, you can wear your jumpsuit to work while playsuits are mostly for casual occasions.

Bodycon Dress

A black lady wearing a bodycon dress as cute outfit ideas

Need something to flaunt your curves? That’s where a bodycon dress comes in.

A lady wearing a black bodycon dress and layering with a cropped jacket

You can have them in any length, neckline, and style of your choice whether mini or midi, tea-length, or ankle-length,

Short Floral Dress Cute Outfit Ideas

A beautiful lady wearing a green floral dress

A short floral dress gives you a bright, peaceful look.

A beautiful lady wearing a floral dress as cute outfit ideas

They don’t require many calculations. Just slip it on and pair it with the right flats, sneakers, or heels, and you’re good to go.

Coordinated Sets Cute Outfit Ideas

A lady wearing orange co-ords (palazzo and shirt)

Co-ords make dressing up easy-peasy. You already know what bottom or top to wear. Just pick up your matching set, wear it, and accessorize.

a lady wearing coordinated shorts and shirt with a blue hndbag

You can even pair them with different tops or bottoms. They’re indeed versatile.

Miniskirt and Top

a lady wearing miniskirt and top as cute outfit ideas

If you wanna do it the Ayra Starr way, wear a micro miniskirt to elongate your legs and look hot.

a lady wearing mini skirt with a black long-sleeved top

For more effects, pair it with knee-high shoes/boots. They’ll cover up some of the skin your mini skirt can’t.

Layering with Outerwear

a lady wearing joggers and layering with a long coat

No matter the cute outfit ideas you go for, you can always transform or repeat them by simply adding a piece of outerwear to your outfit.

a lady wearing jeans, an orange blazer, and a green handbag as cute outfit ideas

This includes blazers, jackets, coats, scarves,  sweaters, kimonos, etc. So, never forget to layer. They’re just as important as accessorizing.

a lady wearing a dark yellow maxi dress

And that’s a wrap. If you need more cute outfit inspiration, go through these photos we curated for you:

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