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Corset Wedding Dress: Everything to Know About it

Like every bride, it’s your dream to look drop-dead gorgeous on your wedding day. And it all begins with your wedding gown and your goal. For instance, if you want a dress that snatches your waist, makes you look slimmer, and highlights your busts, a corset wedding dress is the one to go for.

A lady wearing a sleek corset wedding gown

It will do all these and more for you while making it needless to wear a corset shapewear underneath your wedding dress. But why should you do so and which corset wedding gown is the best for your body type?

a lady wearing a mesh corset wedding dress with glittery details

Let’s find out together.

What is a Corset Wedding Dress?

a lady wearing a corset wedding dress with puff sleeves

To know what these wedding dresses are, we have to begin with the basics: what is corset fashion?

A lady wearing a bardot neckline corset wedding gown

A corset is an undergarment worn on the torso to shape or train the body into an hourglass silhouette by cinching the waist and making the belly flat. From that, you can tell corset wedding dresses feature corsetry around the bodice. 

a lady wearing a long white corset dress with cover-up

This waist-training shapewear women wear to highlight their figure has evolved over the years. We now have them as tops, suits, dresses, swimwear, and of course, wedding dresses.

Benefits of Wearing a Corset Wedding Dress

a lady wearing a strapless corset wedding gown with gloves and a statement neckpiece

It Flatters Your Figure

a lady wearing a figure-hugging off-shoulder corset wedding dress

No matter your body type, a corset wedding dress will look flattering on you. 

This snug-fitting support garment trims your waist, flattens your stomach, frames your breast, and lengthens the look of your torso. Furthermore, it enhances your silhouette in such a way that follows your natural curves. Thus creating an illusion of an hourglass figure: slimmer waist, wider curves.

It Improves Your Posture

a lady wearing a high-neck corset wedding gown and standing by a car

Most corset wedding dresses come with boning. This supports your spine and holds you upright when you stand. Also, these wedding gowns provide support to your bust throughout your wedding day. 

In addition, the pressure the corset exerts on your stomach will push your upper chest up while supporting your back and entire body frame. 

It’s Versatile

a lady wearing a gorgeous corset wedding dress

As you’ll soon see, corset wedding dresses come in different styles. From ball gowns to mermaid dresses, A-line, trumpet, empire waist, etc., there’s no limit to the bridal styles a corset nuptial dress can come in.

Furthermore, they also come in different fabrics such as tulle, satin, sheer net, crepe, lace, etc. And if you’re pregnant, you can have them as maternity wedding dresses too. This versatility is the reassurance that your choosing a corset bridal dress isn’t a bad decision.

They’re Comfortable

a lady wearing a corset bridal dress with a thigh-high slit

I know that sounds counterintuitive considering the fact that corsets are usually snug-fitting. But wedding dresses with corsets usually have lacing behind. And theses lace-up backs are adjustable. Meaning, whenever you feel like it, you can tighten or loosen up your wedding dress for your comfort.

a lady wearing a corset wedding gown and showing the lace-ups behind

But while enjoying these perks of corset fashion, here’s something to keep in mind:

Ensure the corset you’re going for won’t exert much pressure around your waistline otherwise, it would affect your internal organs.

Can I Wear a Corset with My Wedding Dress?

a lady wearing a halter neck corset wedding gown

If you aren’t wearing a corset bridal dress, yes, you can wear a corset underneath your wedding dress as shapewear. It’ll still help you achieve the same goal.

Do Corset Dresses Make You Look Slimmer?

a lady wearing a corset wedding gown with mesh details

Yes, corsets make you look slightly thinner when you wear one. But they can’t physically change your size.

How Tight Should a Corset Wedding Dress be?

a lady wearing a corset wedding dress with high slit

Your waist-cinching nuptial dress should be tight, but not too tight. It should be tight enough to accentuate your shape and not tight enough to offer comfort.

The last thing you want is a dress that is either uncomfortably too tight on your body or slips off because it’s too loose when you wear it. 

Types of Corset Wedding Dresses

A lady wearing a corset wedding dress with glittery fabric


A lady wearing an A-line corset wedding dress

These bridal dresses feature a corset bodice that is fitted somewhere around your tummy or waist, and flares out from the hips down to the hem.


a lady wearing a strapless corset wedding dress

If you want to flaunt your arms and cleavages on your wedding day, go for a strapless corset wedding dress. If you’re voluptuous, just make sure yours is well-fitted to accommodate your bust so they don’t pop out while you’re dancing.


a lady wearing a long-sleeved corset wedding dress

If you don’t wanna flaunt your arms, a long-sleeved corset wedding dress will suit you right. You can even use mesh fabric or skin net around your hands so it gives the illusion of your bare skin popping out.

Lace-up Corset Wedding Dress

A lady wearing a lace-up corset wedding dress

This nuptial corset offers two benefits:

  • It adds a statement to the back view of your dress.
  • It gives sneak peeks of your back.
  • It offers adjustability so your wedding dress fits perfectly.

You can have a lace-up wedding gown in any bridal style of your choice. Just replace a zipper behind with the lacing to enjoy the perks.


a lady wearing a mermaid corset wedding dress

Wanna make a fashion statement with your wedding dress? Make it a corset but give it the mermaid cut. It’s tight-fitting around your hips down to your knees and this further complements the corset bodice of your wedding gown.

Ball Wedding Gown

This corset wedding dress has a fitted bodice with a voluminous skirt that makes up the ball. Go for it if you want some drama but don’t want the body-hugging cut of a mermaid dress.

A bride wearing a ball gown corset wedding dress

Do you need more corset wedding dress inspiration? Here you go:

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