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31 Maternity Wedding Dress Styles for the Stylish Pregnant Bride

Hello, soon-to-be mom, the day you’ve been dreaming about is almost here. No, I don’t mean your delivery date. I’m referring to your wedding day. If you wanna look hot like there’s no baby in your womb, you need a chic maternity wedding dress. It’ll flaunt your bridal-cum-pregnancy glow and hide or show your baby bump.

But let’s be frank. Planning a wedding while pregnant is much work. For one, even though many celebrities (and non-celebs alike) have walked down the aisle with a visible baby bump, it’s still not a regular occurrence. Also, it’s tougher to get the perfect maternity wedding dress that’ll accommodate your body while you say “I do.”

A groom and his bride who is wearing a maternity wedding dress

That’s the major problem for pregnant brides. Most wedding gowns are for non-pregnant brides. And if you want one that’ll be convenient for your bump, you need an excellent bridal designer.

No, you don’t have to settle for oversized shapeless dresses. It’s your wedding day. All eyes will be on you so you have to look your best while flattering your new body shape. 

A lady wearing an empire waist maternity wedding dress

And that’s what today’s maternity bridal dresses give you. They’re comfy, chic, and versatile as they come in different styles, cuts, fabrics, and necklines too. 

a lady wearing a trumpet wedding dress for maternity

You can always find a wedding dress for maternity that will match your personality and style. But if you aren’t sure where to start, read on as we show you how to pick the best maternity wedding gowns that’ll flatter you on your day.

How to Choose a Maternity Wedding Dress

pregnant bride wearing maternity wedding gown

Before you buy just any wedding dress because it looks good, consider the following:

Decide if You Wanna Show or Hide Your Bump

A lady wearing a sheer tulle maternity wedding dress

This is the first thing you should think of before getting a wedding dress. Do you want your guests to know about your baby bump or not?

If your answer is yes, opt for flattering form-fitting cuts like mermaid dresses, trumpet dresses, sequin and lace dresses, sheath dresses, V-necklines to show your full cleavage, etc.

On the other hand, if you would rather conceal your bump, choose cuts that draw attention away from your belly to your other features. The popular ones are empire waist cuts, A-line dresses, shift dresses, pleated wedding dresses, etc.

Prioritize Comfort

A mermaid wedding dress with a train around the waist

Style is crucial and so is comfort. So, while you want to look gorgeous and stylish on your day, remember your comfort matters. You wouldn’t want a dress that is too tight around your belly. Neither should you go for something that’ll cause you to trip and fall. In the words of Tiffany London, Founder and CEO of Tiffany Rose Maternity:

“Comfort is paramount. A bride will be wearing her dress for several hours and she needs to feel elegant and beautiful but at the same time not think about her dress at all during the day, since she’ll be focusing on this magical time with her closest family and friends around her.” 

Tiffany London

How do you ensure you’re comfortable in your dress? An excellent way is to consider the next point below.

Style & Fabric of the Dress

A lady wearing a body-hugging white maternity wedding gown with a knee slit

Wanna feel your best from the church service to your reception? Opt for loose silhouettes for easy movement and breathable fabrics for an airy outfit. You’ll be on makeup and that’s enough to get you sweaty when it’s hot. Now if your dress isn’t breathable you’ll feel really uncomfortable. 

On the other hand, if you want a form-fitting dress to accentuate your curves, ensure the fabric is stretchy. Such fabrics offer comfort. They also support free movement regardless of the style.

Explore Different Styles

A bride wearing a lace wedding gown and holding green and lilac flowers

Nope. I’m not asking you to get different maternity wedding dresses and pick the best one. I’m saying do your research. Discover different styles, envisage yourself in them, and pick the one that resonates with you the most.

But before you finally settle…

Have a Chat with Your Bridal Designer

A beautiful bride with a tiara on her head, and a slit wedding gown that shows her bump

It’s their field. They know what would work for you even more than you do. They’ll also have more styles in their catalogs for you to choose from. So don’t hesitate to talk with your bridal designer. If possible, book your consultation on time so they prepare to deliver earlier should the style you want be complex and time-consuming.

Consider Your Wedding Venue & Season

a lady wearing a simple maternity wedding dress

This is also a crucial thing to do. You don’t want to turn up at your wedding in summer wearing a long-sleeve dress made with non-breathable fabric, do you? Words won’t even be able to express your discomfort. 

It’s the same as wearing a sleeveless or spaghetti-strap wedding dress when the weather is cold. Always consider your wedding venue and season before settling for any bridal dress.

Ensure You’re Buying Your Size

a lady wearing a mermaid maternity wedding gown and holding flowers

If you’re buying from a brick-and-mortar store, ensure the bridal consultant or designer takes your accurate measurements. And if you’re shopping online, read the store’s size guidelines and confirm if your measurements match their size guide. In addition, when confused, contact the brand’s customer service to answer questions. 

But if you do all of this and your dress doesn’t fit perfectly when you test this…

Take it for Alterations

A bride wearing a sheath wedding gown with belt

This is where a nearby tailor comes in handy. They’ll help you amend your wedding dress to fit especially if your bridal designer or retailer is far and you couldn’t go for fittings.

Alterations usually cost more money so you may want to include t in your budget. However, it’s best you work with a nearby bridal designer for easy fittings to avoid cases of meeting another tailor for alterations.

Don’t Forget You Need the Right Shoes

A lady wearing a short wedding dress and holding pink flowers

When pregnant, your belly isn’t the only thing that grows — your feet also do too. It’s something many would-be mothers suffer from. Their feet swell and they’re left with no other option than to wear bigger shoe sizes.

Don’t forget this when you go bridal shopping. Don’t just get elegant shoes. Ensure you ( and the baby in your womb) will feel comfortable walking, sitting, and dancing in them.

What are the Best Maternity Wedding Dress Styles 

lady with tiara wearing white wedding dress

The best wedding dress styles for maternity depend on what you want as a bride. But if you want a timeless piece that’ll make you look stunning on your day, choose any of these styles. They also come with different sleeves and necklines too.

A lady wearing a simple mermaid wedding dress style

Mermaid Maternity Wedding Dress

mermaid mermaid wedding dress

Mermaid dresses don’t just flaunt your figure. They’re also perfect at making fashion statements too.

A lady wearing mermaid wedding dress and holding her baby bump

So, if you want more eyes on you as you walk down the aisle, give this style a shot. But be ready to flaunt your baby bump too. Just ensure the fabric is stretchy enough to accommodate you.

Ball Gown

a bride with a crown on her head wearing a ball wedding gown

Do you wanna hide your baby bump with some drama? Wear a ball wedding gown. This wedding dress style is superb at doing that. It has a fitted bodice with a voluminous skirt that makes the ball.

a bride wearing a ball wedding gown with a crown on her head

But since the lower part is usually detailed and heavy—thanks to the voluminous skirt—the dress may be heavy.

Empire Waist Maternity Wedding Dress

A bride wearing an empire waist maternity wedding dress with a portrait neckline

Need something comfy that’ll conceal your baby bump? The empire waist gown is there for you. 

A bride wearing an empire waist maternity wedding dress with tulle sleeves

The dress is usually cinched under the bust and flares out there instead of the waistline. This way, the only tightness you’ll feel is around your bust.

A-Line Maternity Bridal Dress

A bride with a flat tummy wearing a spaghetti-strap A-line wedding dress

This maternity wedding dress is similar to the empire waist. 

A bride with a flat tummy wearing a long-sleeved A-line wedding dress

The major difference is that while an empire waist dress flares out under the bust, an A-line dress is fitted somewhere around your tummy or waist, and flares out from the hips down to the hem.

Kaftan Maxi Maternity Wedding Dress

A bride wearing a boubou maternity wedding dress

You can also wear a boubou dress on your wedding day. The style is free enough to support easy movement, hide your bump, and offer you comfort and style.

A bride wearing a kaftan maxi maternity wedding dress

You can have these styles in any fabric choice you want be it sequin, lace, silk, chiffon, tulle, etc. Need more style inspiration? Here you go:

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