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43 Grey Hairstyles for the Ageless Woman

When you start spotting silver strands of hair on your head, don’t fret. It’s a sign of aging. But that doesn’t mean your gorgeous days are over. With these grey hairstyles, you can look as beautiful as a teenager come youth, come age.

smiling lady touching her grey hair

It’s something every human on earth will experience despite their race. As Daphne Sashin, Beauty Writer at WebMD, noted:

“Typically, white people start going gray in their mid-30s, Asians in their late 30s, and Blacks in their mid-40s. Half of all people have a significant amount of gray hair by the time they turn 50.”

Daphne Sashin
smiling lady flaunting her grey hairstyle

But with the right coiffure, those gray strands will look even more beautiful than black, brown, or any youthful hair. How? If you wear cute grey hairstyles for young and aging women.

lady wearing grey hairstyle with a smile

You’ll find them all in this post. Let’s get started.

5 Grey Hairstyles that‘ll Suit You

lady wearing her grey hairstyle in a mohawk

Wear any of these hairstyles in any length of your choice and thank us later:

1. Bob

smiling lady wearing her grey hairstyle in a bob

If you need something that’s easy to maintain, go for the classic bob. Why? The shorter your hair is, the easier it is to style. 

stylish lady wearing grey hair in a bob

Furthermore, this style isn’t just low-maintenance. It suits every woman regardless of her face shape. You can make your bob stop at the nape of your neck or extend a bit to your shoulders. You can even give it a blunt cut if you want.

2. Pixie Cuts

smiling lady wearing grey hair as pixie cut

Did I praise the bob for being easy to style and maintain? Well, looks like we found another coiffure that’s better at that.

lady with nose ring wearing grey pixie cut

Pixie is a short gray hairstyle that requires little or no styling. It frames your face and doesn’t need you to spend so much time in the mirror when it’s time to go out.

3. Gray Afro Hair

lady wearing grey afro hairstyle

Do you have type C or kinky hair? Why not rock your natural hair in all its gray glory?

old lady rocking grey afro hair

If it’s not gray enough, feel free to ask your stylist to tint it fully grey.

4. Low Cut

pretty lady wearing low cut grey hairstyle

You can as well cut your hair low and rock it gray. 

lady rocking grey low cut

Again, this style won’t stress you. Your hair will be low and so you’ll only need to brush it to look neat.

5. Shoulder Length Gray Hairstyle

old lady wearing long grey hairstyle

Rock your gray hair in hairstyles that stop at the shoulders.

smiling old lady wearing grey long hair

For more accents, ask your stylist to cut your hair in different lengths to create layers. You’ll look great.

6. Shag Hairstyle

lady wearing blond shag hairstyle

Speaking of layers, you can also wear a shag cut. 

lady wearing grey shag hairstyle

It’s one that has layers in different lengths be it wavy, short, long, or straight.

7. Gray Hairstyles with Bangs

smiling lady wearing grey hairstyle with bangs

How about you add a fringe around your forehead? 

smiling lady in pink wearing grey long hairstyle with bangs

Hairstyles with bangs are cute. They’ll even better on an older woman who’s got style.

8. Wavy Gray Hairstyles

lady rocking wavy grey hairstyle

Need to add some accents to your straight hair? Make it wavy. 

smiling lady rocking  wavy grey hairstyle

You can do this by either using a heat styling tool on your natural hair or opting for a wavy wig and coloring it gray.

9. Curly Grey Hair

smiling lady wearing grey curly hairstyle

This style is similar to wavy hair only that the curls are tighter and firmer rather than wavy.

old lady wearing curly grey hair

10. Grey Braids

lady wearing grey braids

If you don’t wanna wear weaves or rock your natural hair, go for braids. 

lady with glasses wearing grey braids

But install them with grey attachment hair extensions to highlight your grey hair. 

11. Gray Locs

old lady wearing grey locs

If you don’t want that, install faux locs or lock your gray hair the natural way. 

young lady wearing grey dreads

Whichever of the two locs you go for will give you a charming look.

What Lipstick Color Goes Best with Gray Hair?

ady wearing grey short hair with bold lipstick

Any bold lipstick color looks good with a gray hairstyle. It could be red, pink, orange, purple, etc. 

old lady with grey hair wearing mild lipstick

If you don’t want them bold, go for mild colors like nude, brown, coral, rose, etc.

How can I Look Younger with Grey Hair?

lady looking younger with her grey hairstyle

If you don’t wanna look older with gray hair, pay attention to your overall look. Don’t dress up in ways that give people the impression you’re old. Maintain a chic style in all your outfits no matter how gray your hair looks.

lady on the street rocking grey hairstyle

Also, take note of your makeup. Stick to light makeup to complement your face. Heavy makeup can make you look older and you don’t want that, do you?

smiling lady wearing glasses and grey hair

In addition, shun the belief that grey hairstyles are only for the aged. You can rock the hairdo with aplomb and youthfulness like you’re 20 years younger. But first, it all begins with your mindset.

lady in glasses wearing grey braids in a bun

Do you need more grey hairstyle inspiration? Feast your eyes on these:

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