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How to Rock Corset Fashion like a Style Icon

I believe the A in fashion stands for art—a versatile art for that matter. It’s why you can wear a particular fashion item in multiple ways and never get bored. But tell you what’s more versatile about fashion? When a piece goes beyond style to offer you health benefits. One of such garments is corset fashion. 

As old as this fashion item is, it’s still in vogue; transcending beyond centuries and penetrating every season.

To prove its versatility, women style this piece with almost every item. From dresses to skirts, tees, shirts, etc., corsets are versatile pieces that stay true to the artsiness of fashion.

Perhaps, you’ve studied how your favorite style icons pull off this trend. You’ve seen how they add a touch of corsetry to the simplest outfits. You’ve observed how they make style statements with this outfit. And now, you’d love to jump on the trend and see how you pull it off yourself.

lady wearing yellow corset top on jeans

I commend you for that. 

Not everyone who admires a particular look goes ahead to try to recreate it. But here you are, reading a resource on corset fashion to see how other fashionistas make fashion statements with it.

For that reason, you’ll not only learn how to pull off corset outfit ideas in this post. You’ll also learn more about the item, and the benefits it offers you.

You only have to read to the end and save any of the photos that inspire you.

A Little Background of Corset, Shall We?

lady wearing a pink suit with matching pants and corset

Talk about a waist-cinching fashion item that isn’t a belt and I’ll show you a corset.

This trend has been existing as far back as the 16th century, It first returned to the 21st century after the release of the 2001 film Moulin Rouge whose costumes featured many corsets peculiar to the 20th century.

And in the 2020s, it resurfaced. Thanks to Netflix’s Bridgerton series and its Regencycore trend.

You can trace the origin of corset-like garments to 1600BC. 

lady wearing corset over white shirt and pants

It started as a close-fitting sleeveless bodice and then evolved into an undergarment with whalebone or steel stays that enclosed the ribs and reduced the natural waist. 

Women mostly wore it to shape their bodies into unique silhouettes. For instance,  the hourglass shape was popular in the 1800s, and in the 1900s, the “S” figure became a fad.

Another interesting fact about corsets is that they were unisex at a point in time, particularly during the 1800s. 

Like high heels of old, 19th-century men wore corsets. 

old advertisement showing that men use to wear corset
Photo Credits: 1893 advertisement for men’s corsets from Wikipedia

As Danielle Kugler, Content Writer at Open Road Integrated Media, wrote, this was because:

“The fashion standards of the era were as high for them as they were for the average woman, and the form-fitting coats and trousers that were considered chic at the time led men to adopt the same undergarments in order to present a slim waist.”

Danielle Kugler

That aside, women of all classes (middle, upper, and working-class) donned the corset. And some doctors blamed the trend for damaging internal organs, causing respiratory diseases, birth defects, ribs deformity, miscarriage, etc. 

However, other doctors didn’t totally condemn the apparel but suggested less rigid corsets for women who needed to prop their bodies.

And gradually, in the middle of the 20th century, women began moving towards dieting, plastic surgery, and exercise to cinch their waists. This saw a reduction in the craze over corsets—thanks to the shift towards sports and a healthy lifestyle.

Corsets today have evolved to become both a separate garment and a core part of a dress as a whole. From corset dinner gowns to corset suits, swimsuits,  etc., the garment remains a standout wardrobe staple that not only trims the waist but also frames the breasts. 

Thus, being a true giver of a flattering silhouette.

As Maude Bass-Krueger and Elle Timms. Fashion Writers at Vogue UK observed:

“Today, more severe corsets are still worn by enthusiasts and as part of fetishistic, cross-dressing, and burlesque practices; and while they may no longer be part of the average woman’s everyday routine, they have never truly disappeared from fashion.”

Maude Bass-Krueger and Elle Timms

Why You Should Wear a Corset

lady wearing corset fashion dress

Are you planning on getting a corset dress or top but thinking twice about it? Let these benefits of corset fashion inspire you to go for it right away.

It Gives You a Flattering Silhouette

lady wearing short white corset dress in the sun

Corset fashion enhances your body and makes you look hot. Once you don it, you immediately get a silhouette that turns heads.


Because it’s a snug-fitting support garment that trims your waist, flattens your stomach, frames your breast, and gives you a slimming effect.

You just have to be sure the corset you’re going for won’t exert so much pressure around your waistline lest it should affect your internal organs. 

Hence, go for a corset design that won’t cause you discomfort, pain, or shortness of breath.

It Improves Your Posture

lady wearing corset on a short dress with knee-high boots

Most corsets come with boning. This helps to hold you upright when you stand. Furthermore, the pressure it exerts on your stomach will push your upper chest up and support your back and entire body frame. 

It Keeps You Fit 

lady wearing a pink corset dress

You can wear a corset while you exercise to burn tummy fat faster. Also, the pressure this garment exerts on your stomach can cause you to feel full faster, slow down your digestion pace, and prevent you from eating sooner.

And in the end, you lose weight.

How to Rock Corset Fashion Like a Style Pro

lady wearing corset on a white shirt dress

Like every fashion trend, the Victorian corset has been recycled. Gone are the days all you could pair with it was a dress.

Now, your options are limitless as you can wear a corset underneath or over anything. Here are the best ways:

1. Rock it as a Top

lady wearing red corset top on jeans

You can wear a full corset as a top and pair it with your pants, skirts, bum shorts, ankara shorts, palazzo, jeans, and anything else you deem fit.

lady wearing blue corset top and white pants

To take it to the next level, layer your sleeveless or spaghetti strap corset top with a blazer, denim jacket, shirt, duster, sweater, or any outerwear that catches your fancy and suits the occasion.

Your options are indeed limitless.

2. Corset Ensemble

lady wearing light blue corset ensemble

How about you make the camisole for your three-piece suit a corset? It’s a stylish touch to this formal attire and you can wear it to black/white-tie events or business casual occasions.

lady wearing purple suit with matching pant and corset

Also, you can wear a corset two-piece to exude style. Just pick a beautiful color and you’ll surely win stares and admiration.

3. Wear it Over a Dress

lady wearing corset over a short brown dress

Whether it’s a shirtdress, T-shirt dress, bodycon dress, maxi dress, ruffle dress, midi dress, or a sequin dress, wear a corset over it to switch up your look.

lady wearing corset over white short dress with knee-high boots

It’ll trim your waist and give you a well-defined figure.

4. Over a Shirt/Tee

lady wearing corset on a white shirt

Wanna pair your bottoms with a shirt or tee? Great. Layer your outfit by wearing your corset top over your shirt or T-shirt. This is also a great way to style your white shirts.

lady wearing corset over a white T-shirt

5. Rock it as a Swimsuit

lady rocking lemon corset bikini

Wanna go sunbathing at the pool or beach? Just wear a corset swimsuit. While your bikini is a great beachwear, it won’t cinch your waist and hide belly fat as a corset would.

So, go for a corset swimsuit. It’s the perfect garment to flaunt your summer body while defining your waist.

6. Wear it as or Over a Suit Jacket 

lady wearing corset on a black suit

Give your suits a très chic transformation by layering with a corset top. And if you don’t want that option, simply go for a corset suit jacket. It’s a step further from your regular suit and will definitely stand out.

lady wearing brown corset suit

7. Wear it as a Dress

beautiful lady wearing corset lace dress

You can as well wear a corset dress. That is a dress with a corset bodice. This could be an asoebi style for a social occasion or an evening dress for a black-tie event. It works with any kind of dress regardless of its length or neckline.

lady wearing blue sequin corset dress

8. As a Belt

2 ladies rocking belt corsets on their shirtdresses

Not only can you rock the full corset as a top, but you can also wear a half-corset as a belt over anything.

lady wearing corset belt over a white shirtdress

Corset-style belts are waist-cinchers you shouldn’t miss in your wardrobe.

Wear a Corset Today & Make a Lasting Impression

lady wearing pink corset gown

A woman’s body is an art. And when she adorns it with the right clothes made with the perfect fittings, she becomes a masterpiece.

lady wearing a green corset dress

Donning a corset presents you as a masterpiece to the full glare of the world. However, while doing corset fashion, be sure not to compromise your comfort over style. Go for corset outfits that won’t affect how you eat or breathe when you turn up.

pretty lady wearing brown corset top

The goal is to look comfortable and, at the same time, stylish in all you wear.

lady wearing a brown corset dress

But if you don’t know how to achieve that, read up our guide on how to blend comfort and style so you can be happy while exuding style.

lady wearing light blue corset dress
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