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49 Sequin Gown Styles in Nigeria and Other Parts of the World

What’s that fabric that glitters and flatters the body of any woman who wears it? You guessed right. It’s sequin. And once you don any of the latest sequin gown styles, you transform into a ravishing beauty with your dazzling dress.

If you doubt me, have you stopped to wonder why ace designers like Veekee James, CEO Luminee, SomoBySomo, Tolu Bally, and even foreign designer labels use this fabric to turn their clients into bedazzled showstoppers?

Let’s forget about them for a second. 

What about you? Why are you on this page if you aren’t smitten with the resplendence of sequin styles?

lady wearing blue sequin jumpsuit

This fabric is a great choice for dinner dresses, wedding reception dresses, owambe styles, red carpet events, and any other formal social gathering. You can even wear it as a costume for your photoshoot.

And since we figured that you need some inspiration to make a fashion statement with these sequin dress styles, we created this post for you.

So, let’s dive right in.

But don’t just read. Ensure you use your screenshot button too because the sequin gown styles in this post will leave you gaping in awe.

What is Sequin Fabric?

lady wearing red sequin dress

Sequin fabrics come with stones and seeds that glitter on one or both sides. Some people call it sequence and if you’re one of them, stop it already. You’ve been calling this fabric by the wrong name.

It’s sequin, not sequence. You can also call this fabric paillette, spangles, or diamanté.

lady wearing dress made with sequin fabric

This fabric is decorative, little wonder it isn’t used for dresses alone. They are also used to make other bedazzled items such as bags, shoes, purses, hair bows, pockets, skirts, jumpsuits, bracelets, etc.

Dazzling Sequin Gowns Styles for the Chic Fashionista

lady wearing red glittery dress by the Christmas tree

Is your wedding reception drawing close? Or do you have a dinner, a red carpet event, or a date with your lover?

You can wear any of these sequin dress styles to any of the events. It’s a beautiful pick and will ensure you stand out at the event.

One beautiful thing about these spangle styles is that the fabric itself is already a style statement on its own. No matter the color of your sequin outfit you rock, you’ll always pop out in them.

lady wearing sequin dress with gele

So, even if you don’t add standout details to your favorite sequin gown styles, know for sure that you’ll still be the cynosure of all eyes when you turn up.

To illustrate, let’s look at the sequin gown styles in Nigeria and other parts of the world:

1. Sequin Short Gown Styles

lady wearing short gold sequin dress

Most sequin short gown styles in Nigeria and beyond are usually bodycon dresses. They hug and flaunt your figure while flaunting your beautiful thighs.

However, some come as flared dresses too. This makes them more detailed and attractive.

lady wearing short white glittery dress

They are perfect for your night dates so you sparkle into his heart as he sets eyes on you. You can also wear it as a wedding guest with your gele, fascinator, or any hair accessory.

lady wearing black short sequin dress

These glittering dresses are also perfect for dinner attires. But since dinner gatherings are full of attendees looking to make a mark with their outfits, a long sequin dress would do.

2. Sequin Long Dress Styles

lady wearing black sequin long gown

Wear this to that dinner event with your plus one. He won’t stop looking at you with pride in his eyes.

Similarly, if you’re a bride-to-be, this is one of the best wedding reception dresses to rock on your day.

lady wearing long green sequin dress outside

You can go for a mermaid style to flaunt your shape while taking some attention to the floor. 

Or maybe make it a straight-cut dress while embellishing it with the perfect neckline and beads, as the case may be. 

lady wearing light blue sequin dress

You can even add a daring slit and give people a yummy dose of your thighs.

Your options are unlimited.

3. Sequin Jumpsuit Styles

lady wearing gold sequin jumpsuit

Don’t wanna wear a dress to any of the above occasions? Great. Wear a jumpsuit instead. If the occasion is a bit casual, a romper would do. 

lady wearing gold sequin romper

They are also great for framing your figure. And since they’re like a pair of trousers and a top as a one-piece, they’ll give you easy movement while you’re outside.

lady wearing green sequin jumpsuit

4. Sequin Two-piece

lady rocking suit made with sequin fabric

Would you rather wear something else than a dress? If yes, a sequin two-piece will be your best bet. 

lady wearing sequin fabric suit

This can be a suit, or a skirt and a top, or even a pair of pants with a top, all made with the same sequin fabric. There are many elegant options to choose from.

Never hesitate to go for the one you love.

lady posing with her hands at akimbo in a sequin dress

Styling Your Favorite Sequin Gown Styles

blond wearing black dresslady with b

Always add a flattering neckline to any sequin style you go for. Add the tulles, drapes, and frills too. 

Toke Makinwa wearing green sequin dress

And when you accessorize, keep in mind that your dress is a sparkling one. So, your jewelry and other accessories should be minimal. T

lady wearing sequin bodycon dress

They shouldn’t take the attention from your dress but should instead complement and accentuate its beauty.

lady wearing black sequin dress at event

The goal is to not only satisfy your clothing needs but to do it in a way that makes people marvel at your beauty. You’re a masterpiece, remember.

smiling lady wearing green glittering dress

If you’re ready to don any bedazzled attire, scroll down to see more sequin dress styles that’ll leave your style buds salivating.

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