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How to Look Your Best as a Wedding Guest

A wedding is a perfect event to look good, meet new people and create new connections. But if you don’t know how to look your best as a wedding guest, you may never make those connections.

The beauty of a wedding goes beyond the venue decorations to how everyone turns up. This includes the bride, the groom, the bridesmaids, groomsmen and every other guest. 

pretty lady wearing black and green aso ebi

And if you have an upcoming wedding to grace, you need to know how to look your best as a wedding guest. 

It is your way of contributing to making the wedding beautiful.

How to Look Your Best as a Wedding Guest

smiling lady wearing lace aso ebi with gele

As a wedding guest, ensure you do the following to look your best in every wedding you attend.

1. Choose Good Clothes

lady all dressed for a wedding

This particular tip is the basis of all on how to look your best as a wedding guest. You need to choose and wear good clothes to look good. And if the wedding is a destination wedding, you don’t just choose good clothes.

You also need to consider the factors that guide what to wear to a destination wedding. This includes the weather, location, the ground you’ll be walking on, etc.

handsome man in a native outfit for a wedding

Furthermore, when choosing good clothes, don’t forget to work according to the couple’s dress code if there’s any. Buy their ankara or lace asoebi if you can and sew a very good style.

 You don’t have to stray from what they want because you want to look your best. It’s their wedding, not yours.

However, if there’s no dress code, then wear what you want. Ensure it suits your personal style and flatters your figure too.

2. Wear Bright Colours if It’s Summer

Ini Edo wearing bright yellow dress

Summer comes with enough sunshine and as such, your outfit should complement the weather. 

Therefore, wear colours that flatter your skin tone and blend in with the weather. You’ll be able to stand out this way while looking your best as a wedding guest.

VJ Adams in a bright yellow senator outfit

While wearing colours ensure it’s not one of the colours the groomsmen and bridesmaids would be wearing. Unless you’re one of them, you don’t have to wear their already determined colour.

But if you do have to, make sure it’s an entirely different style of clothing.

3. Have a Nice Hairdo

lady wearing black lace aso ebi

You may want to have a haircut or simply try on a new hairdo. Don’t go to someone’s wedding appearing unkempt. This will speak ill of you.

Remember a wedding is a social gathering where you connect and reconnect with people. You want to give a good impression while socialising, don’t you? 

guy in a native wear

So, ensure you don’t give so much attention to your clothes that you forget about your hair.

Comb or brush it properly and go celebrate with the couple.

4. Wear Accessories

lady wearing black to a wedding

Accessories are the little add-ons that make you look more interesting. You need them to add more accents to your look. 

So, don’t forget your sunglasses if it’s a beach wedding. Don’t also forget your jewel, wristwatch and other necessary accessories. They’ll enhance your look.

man wearing senator

As a lady, you can also adorn your hair with headwear for women or hair accessories. However, when accessorising, don’t go overboard. Avoid statement accessories that draw so much attention. Save them for your own party.

6. Pick Good Shoes

smiling lady wearing ankara aso ebi

When doing this, ensure the shoes you’ll wear are suitable for the occasion. You should also consider the point above when it’s time to pick the footwear you want to wear.

If the wedding will be indoors, wear shoes like brogues, loafers or even sneakers if it matches your attire.  But if it’s an outdoor wedding like a beach or safari kind, ensure you’re comfortable in your shoes.

man wearing senator outfit to a wedding

For ladies, only wear heels you’re comfortable in and know that stiletto heels aren’t suitable for a beach wedding.

7. Makeup for the Ladies

lady wearing a short dress

Wear that lipstick, apply that foundation and powder, add that mascara too. Your face has to look beautiful and welcoming just like your dress. 

Ini Edo wearing lace aso ebi for a wedding

8. Flaunt Yourself

lady w=in a black dress

It’s a wedding and as such, there’ll be other guests which could be few or many depending on what the couples want. 

You should also use this opportunity to flaunt your style, your nice clothes, perfume, beautiful hair and all.  But make sure your hair matches the neckline of your dress.

man in a wedding outfit as a guest

Furthermore, don’t dress too casually. You’ll basically add a bit of dullness to the party and this isn’t good.

Be lively with your facial expression and clothing. However, be careful of the next tip.

9. Never Outshine the Couple

lady wearing a plain blue dress

Inasmuch as you want to dress well and flaunt your fashion sense at the wedding, remember it’s not your wedding. And as such, there are limits to how you dress.

Avoid dresses that command too much attention. For instance, prom dresses, really maxi dresses, dresses with extra loud details, etc., fall into this category.

guy in suit ready for wedding

 Give the bride the honour of donning them. You’ll wear yours some other time.

In other words, don’t outshine the bride and groom. They are the focus of attention and nothing else should contend with that — not even you their distinguished guest.

Now that you know how to look your best as a wedding guest, go ahead and prepare to stun the crowd with your attire at the next wedding party you attend. 

It’s not called ‘Owambe’ for nothing.

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