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49 Latest Owambe Styles for Stylish African Men and Women

I was sitting in bed, typing on my phone when my friend walked in and began to dance around the room. My curiosity was soon satisfied as she broke the news of her sister’s wedding to me. “Victoria,” she said to me, “I need your fashionista instincts to show me the best Owambe styles I can wear to my sister’s wedding.”

“Of course, babe,” I replied with a beaming face. “I’ve got you covered. Have you checked the latest ankara styles on Svelte Magazine?”

lady wearing red lace asoebi dress for owanbe

She nodded in affirmation and rushed her words, “I have. I’m even looking at the lace aso ebi styles and ankara asoebi styles. But I need more. I really need to look my best, Vicky. I fit follow see husband for my sister wedding.”

I laughed.

I knew what exactly she needed.

man wearing white agbada with cap

I also knew many others like her are out there surfing the web for the latest owambe styles.

And because you’re on this page, I can conclude you’re one of them.

So shall we go ahead to see the best owambe styles you can rock to your next occasion?

Let’s take a dive in.

What Exactly is Owambe?

2 ladies wearing owanbe dresses with gele

If you’ve lived in the western part of Nigeria for a while, you must be familiar with the term Owambe/Owanbe.

Owambe connotes a social occasion or gathering where guests wear a particular uniform and celebrate with loud music, food, and drinks. 

Such parties usually have flamboyant actions such as spraying money in the air, colourful attires with gele, etc. All these contribute to making the party an interesting one.

2 celebrity men wearing black agbadas with native caps

However, the literal meaning of Owanbe is it is there.

So, we can say that what the Yoruba people of Nigeria who own the term mean is that “the party is happening there.” 

There’s usually enough to eat and dine in such social gatherings. Little wonder they say Yoruba people like to party

Because, well… They love owambe.

Moreso, every owambe has its uniform for guests to show solidarity. This is what is called Aso ebi.

Owambe Styles for Charming Ladies and Gents

lady wearing owanbe dress

If you’ve got any wedding, housewarming, funeral, naming ceremony, or any social gathering where you’re expected to appear in lace or any African fabrics, that’s good.

And to ensure you slay at that owambe, we’ve curated the best owambe styles for you and everyone else who loves to celebrate with others.

man wearing red senator wear

Get ready to download these pictures or use your screenshot button.

They are juicy and good enough to make you stand out when you turn up.

Here they are:

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