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Dreadlocks with Extensions: Everything to Know About Them

Let’s be frank. Locking your hair is such a huge commitment. Besides going through the locking process, you’ll also have to wait years for it to grow as long as you want. But what if I told you you can skip that waiting process and have long dreads at once? It’s possible if you install dreadlocks with extensions. They’re economical, protective, and require little to no daily fuss.

Hailey Bailey wearing dreadlocks with extensions

If you need help getting started with dreadlocks extensions, you’ve come to the right place. You’ll learn everything about faux locs, including the types, pros and cons, and how to maintain them.

A lady wearing brown dreadlocks with extensions

Let’s dive right in.

What are Dreadlocks Extensions?

Chloe Bailey rocking dreadlocks with extensions

Dreadlock with extensions is a loc style achieved without going through the locking process or committing to the dreads.

a pretty girl rocking faux locs

The process of making dreads is time-consuming. Getting fully grown and locked dreadlocks can take up to six months to two years. And if your hair is short, you’ll have to wait for so long for it to grow long enough to start the locking process. But you can skip this process if you install dreadlocks with extensions.

a picture showing dreadlocks extensions on unfinished blonde hair

These faux locs help you achieve your dreadlock hairstyle dreams without the heavy commitment of real dreads. And when you get tired of them, you don’t have to cut your whole hair or spend weeks combing them out as you would for real locks. All you need do is remove them, and presto! Your locks would be off with your hair intact.

Types of Dreadlocks with Extensions

a lady's back view showing her human hair dreadlocks with extensions

These hair extensions are of three types. Let’s look at them in detail:

Human Hair Locs Extensions

a picture showing uninstalled dreadlocks extension by the side with a lady rocking the locs

As the name implies, this dreadlock extension is made of real human hair. They’re used to lengthen ‘real’ dreadlocks. They’re more expensive than other types and also last longer.

Furthermore, another merit of using human hair locs extensions is that like real hair, they don’t have to be replaced over time. The best part is you can heat-style or dye these extensions as you want. They’re that flexible.

Wool Dreadlocks with Extensions

a white lady with rose shoulder tattoo wearing wool locs extensions

Wool extensions are made of Nepalese wool. They look different from synthetic and human hair locs and are quite easy to wear. These extensions are only available as double-ended (long dreads folded in the middle so when it’s installed,  it becomes two dreadlocks). 

Synthetic Dreadlock Extensions 

a lady rocking synthetic dreadlocks extensions with a nose ring

These loc extensions are made of plastic hair. The installation process mainly involves crocheting the extensions to your natural hair or tying them in with thread.

Go for this extension if you wanna wear dreads you can easily take off anytime any day. They are flexible and durable enough to serve you. However, you cannot heat-style or dye them. But that’s not a problem since synthetic dreads extensions usually come in different colors and lengths.

Can You Get Dreads with Extensions?

a black girl wearing curly faux locs

Of course, you can. I mean, that’s the whole essence of this piece you’re reading. You can use your faux locs to either lengthen your real dreadlocks, add them as braids to your natural hair, improve your hair color, or add extra fullness to your hair. 

How Long do Dreadlock Extensions Last?

a beautiful lady wearing synthetic dreadlocks with extensions

Depending on your hair type and the installation method, your dreadlocks with extensions can last for a few months, a few years, or even become permanent.

For instance, synthetic extensions can stay for as long as you want until you feel like taking them off. On the other hand, human hair extensions are sort of permanent as they are crocheted securely into your natural dreadlocks.

How Many Extensions do I Need for a Full Head of Dreads?

a lady's side profile showing her dreadlocks with extensions hairstyle

If you need a full-head look, 50 to 70 or more individual dreadlocks will look natural. But if you’ve shaved some parts of your hair into a mohawk, 30 to 40 pieces would do. It all depends on how full you want it.

Are Locs Extensions Permanent?

A lady rocking curly human hair dreadlocks extensions

Dreadlocks with extensions can be semi-permanent to permanent. However, this depends on the kind of hair used in creating them and the texture of your hair.

Side note: during installation, temporary dreadlocks are secured with strings while permanent and semi-permanent extensions are crocheted in.

How to Prepare to Install Dreadlocks with Extension

a picture showing black dreadlocks with extension

Before you go for your dreadlocks installation appointment, wash your hair clean with a residue-free shampoo. Then detangle your hair by removing all knots and matted areas. Afterward, apply a deep conditioner and seal in moisture with any natural oil. And once you’re done, ensure your natural hair is completely dry before heading to the salon.

How to Maintain Dreadlocks with Extensions

smiling lady wearing dreadlocks with extensions in a car

Maintaining loc extensions isn’t difficult. For instance, if you want to carry your synthetic or wool extensions for long, you’ll have to go for a touchup between six to eight weeks. This involves removing two to three rows of locs around the hairline and re-installing them.

By doing this, you’ll prevent hair loss or any damage that can happen with the manipulation of the extensions around your hairline.

a lady rocking human hair faux locs

Furthermore, you’ll also need to apply light oil on your scalp and hair. Don’t use heavy greases, pomades, or cream conditioners on your hair as they can cause buildup and residue. And remember to shampoo often to prevent lice, dirt, or debris from clogging your scalp. 

Also, when shampooing, be careful not to let the extensions fall off. To prevent this, you should shampoo your hair in the salon so they can reinstall any loc that removes while washing.

a lady rocking black human hair dreadlocks with extensions

Above all, after shampooing, ensure your dreadlocks with extension dry completely to prevent mildew. You can either use a blow dryer to achieve this or sit under a dryer for some minutes.

Do Synthetic Dreadlock Extensions Damage your Hair?

a lady wearing gold dreadlocks with extensions

Yes, synthetic faux locs can damage your hair and this happens because:

Faux locs can be heavy and uncomfortable. And if you’re not used to them, they may inconvenience you for a while.  So when you style your locs or pack everything into a rubber band or scrunchie, it will add tension to your scalp and cause hair loss around your hairline.

The best thing to do? Let the locs stay for a week or two before you start restyling to avoid pulling your baby hair.

How to Install Dreadlocks with Extensions

A beautiful lady rocking brown dreadlock extensions

If you want a clean job, your best bet is to visit the salon and have your hairstylist install the dreads for you. Whether human hair locs, synthetic, or wool, they’re experts at it and will give you a perfect look with your dreadlock extensions.

But if you want to self-install, visit youtube. Just type “how to install human hair/synthetic/wool dreadlock extensions” into the search bar and you’ll have tons of resources to consume and learn.

How to Remove Dreadlocks with Extensions

a lady wearing red dreadlocks with extensions

If you want to remove your synthetic or wool dreadlocks extensions without cutting your hair or experiencing excessive breakage, you need assistance. So, either go to your hairstylist or let a family member or friend help you uninstall the locs.

In addition, depending on how long you have worn the extensions, there’ll be buildups and residue around the point where the extension starts. This accumulation of dirt creates a matted section of hair that will require a lot of patience and the right haircare product to properly detangle. 

And as you take down each loc, ensure you detangle each section of your hair otherwise you’ll be giving yourself double work. Once you’re sure you’ve detangled every strand of your natural hair, go ahead and shampoo. If not, don’t shampoo your hair until you’ve detangled it to avoid creating more knots and matting. 

Which Dreadlocks with Extension is Right for Me?

Hailey Bailey wearing curly dreadlocks with extensions

Now that you know all there is to know about dreadlocks with extensions, here comes a vital question:

“Which is the best for you?”

This depends on what you intend to achieve. For instance, if you want natural dreadlocks but can’t wait for your hair to grow to your desired length, go for human hair faux locs. Just add the dreadlocks extensions to the ends of your natural dreads and you’ll get what you want.

But if you want something you can easily discard when you get tired without harming the texture, length, and volume of your natural hair, wear synthetic dreadlocks extensions. They’re suitable for that.

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