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Bubble Slides: How to Style with Finesse

Ever heard the saying, Your shoes are the most important part of your outfit? The statement isn’t wrong. Your shoes are crucial aspects of your outfit. They can make or break an entire look, transform a casual fit into a formal one, and affect your comfort throughout the day. Little wonder many stylish shoes abound and bubble slides are one of them.

lady wearing shorts with a tee and bubble slides

You must have come across them on the Internet or in stores. And if you plan to get a pair but are wondering how to rock them well, this post will guide you. But first, let’s know more about this footwear, shall we?

What are Bubble Slides?

lady wearing a midi bodycon skirt with a mini bag and bubble slides

Otherwise known as golf ball slides, these shoes are the latest trend in casual fashion. They’re sandals or slippers with a unique sole made of foam or other cushioning material, thus giving the sole a bubble appearance that also appears all over the slides.

a guy rocking bubble slides at the pool

Though they first appeared on runways in 2012, these slides have gained popularity over the years. They became a trend in 2017 when celebrities and style influencers wore them on social media and in public. Ever since then, the footwear has become a popular item for both men and women, especially during summer. 

an Asian sitting with many bubble slippers around them

Some people think these slides are ugly. But even at that, we still can’t get enough of ‘em golf ball slides. Why? Because they’re super comfy and versatile. If you aren’t wearing them to the beach, pool, or mall, you can wear them to chill at home, take a stroll, or run errands around town.

Are Bubble Slides for Girls Only?

black bubble slides with socks

No, golf ball slides aren’t for women alone. They’re unisex shoes men and women wear. So don’t think twice about them. They’re suitable for all your casual outings regardless of your gender.

Why You Should Wear Bubble Slides

lady wearing orange bubble slides

Golf ball slides are comfortable and you can wear them for hours without feeling cramped—thanks to their cushioned soles.  They’re also stylish. They come in different colors and designs that can be paired with relaxed outfits.

Now, here comes the best part…

They’re affordable too. Just choose the one that suits your budget and go ahead to rock it. 

Why You Shouldn’t Wear Golf Ball Slides

a picture of black golf ball slippers

Though these shoes have their perks, it doesn’t make them free of disadvantages too. For one, they aren’t versatile enough to be worn to every occasion That is, you can’t wear them to formal or semi-formal gatherings. They’re strictly casual. But like Crocs, you can use them to make an unusual statement on the red carpet if you’re daring enough.

a pair of orange golf ball slippers

Furthermore, they may not be as durable as other types of footwear, especially if you wear them too often or use them in harsh conditions. And just because they’re popular today doesn’t mean they’ll always be on-trend. A few years down the line, these slides may become outdated.

How Much do Golf Ball Slides Cost?

white bubble slippers with girly stickers on them

Depending on the brand, material quality, and customization, the price of this footwear varies. For lower-priced slides, your budget should be around $10 to $20. Mid-priced ones usually fall within $30 to $50 while high-end designer bubble slides cost $100 upward.

How to Style Bubble Slides

Golf ball slides look great when paired with any of these outfits:


a girl rocking her bubble slide with a pair of shorts and tee

An easy yet timeless way to rock this footwear is by pairing them with comfortable clothing often worn at home.

lady wearing white bubble shoes on a path

Such clothing includes shorts, sweatpants, hoodies, tees, etc. They’re laidback and an excellent fit for bubbly shoes.

Casual Fits

a girl rocking jeans, crop top, and a pair of golf ball slides

Do you need to go down the street, see a movie, or have a picnic with friends? 

a girl rocking a long skirt with bantu knots hairstyle

Yeah, these shoes will look great with your jeans, tees, shorts, skirts, maxi/mini dresses, or any other casual fit you plan to wear.


a girl rocking a white two-piece

Whether you plan to wear no-coverage clothing or bathing suits that show too much, you’ll never go wrong rocking these slides.

a girl standing by the riverside

So grab on your beach outfits and let your golf ball slides massage your feet while you catch fun.

Bubble Slides for Athleisure

a girl rocking athleisure and golf ball slides

These shoes also look great when paired with leggings, yoga pants, tank tops, and other casual, comfortable clothing suitable for exercise and everyday wear.

a girl rocking black athleisure and orange golf ball slides

So, don’t hesitate to try this option out.

There’s No Limit to What You Can Wear

a girl rocking purple cargo pants with purple bubble slides

Yes, you read that right. There’s no limit to what you can wear with these shoes. So, if you want to rock them with a pair of socks or leggings underneath your mini dresses, go for it. The goal is to look stylish and bubble slippers will help you achieve that.

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