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Double Nose Piercing: What to Know About this Body Art

Besides tattoos, piercings are one way to adorn your body. And you don’t have to be a woman before you go for it. You can pierce different parts of your body, whether on the ears or a single or double nose piercing.

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This isn’t surprising. The nose is the most pierced part of the body after the ears. So, if it’s on your bucket list to get two piercings on your nose, don’t jump right into it yet. There are certain things you should know before opting for this piercing. For instance, how long does it take to heal and what do you stand to gain wearing them? 

You’ll find the answers and more in this piece. Let’s dive in.

What is the Double Nose Piercing Called?

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As the name implies, this type of piercing is usually double on the nose. It can be two piercings through your septum (the central cartilage that separates the nostrils), your nostrils, or the top of your nose. 

As a form of body modification, nose piercings have been around for centuries. A visit to the book of Leviticus in the Holy Bible shows they were already a thing even before the advent of Christ. 

This eye-catching body modification is great if you love to make style statements. It’s more popular than it’s ever been as people of different fashion styles, mostly alte, adopt them to enhance their looks.

Types of Double Nose Piercing

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Double nose jewelry comes on different parts of the nose mostly:

Opposite Sides Double Nose Piercing

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Also known as double nostril piercing, this is a symmetric piercing on either side of the nostrils/nose.

Same Side Double Nose Piercing

Same Sides Double Nose Piercing

This one is similar to the one above only that this time around you pierce in the jewel on the same sides of your nose.

Double Septum Piercing

Double Septum Piercing

This one comes as two jewels on the central cartilage that separates your nostrils. Here, the septum is punctured twice to accommodate two nose rings.

Septum-Nostril Piercing

Septum-Nostril Piercing

You can pierce your nostril and your septum and rock two nose rings there. It’s one body modification that gives people two contrasting yet stunning attractions for their eyes.

Septum-Rhino Piercing

Septum-Rhino Piercing

Usually, a rhino piercing goes through the tip of your nose and comes out from the skin above your septum, thus resembling a rhino’s horn. But to transform your rhino nose ring into a septum-rhino double nose piercing, you’ll have to puncture your septum too.

Benefits of Double Nose Piercing

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Though these perks may not be scientifically proven, they still are a reality for some cultures. So, if you’re looking for a reason to take the plunge, let these benefits drive you:

It’s a Style Statement

Nose piercing as a whole is a gender-fluid concept. It doesn’t matter the gender you identify as, you can wear it without feeling out of place.

It elevates your look and adds more edge to your personality. The best part? You’ll stand out of the crowd with your nose rings. Most people wear single rings but you’d be rocking double piercings on your nose. Isn’t that unique?

They Cure Respiratory Problems

As written on Francis Alukkas’ blog, nose piercings regulate respiratory problems. While this may be counterintuitive, don’t write it off. In Alukkas’ words:

“However, it depends highly on the material you use and the size of the nose stud. Using a high quality metal like gold can be accurate. The nose pins that are of smaller size are said to be more beneficial in this case.”

Francis Alukkas

They’re Versatile

Your double nose rings can also be styled in various ways to suit different occasions and outfits. Though they may be inappropriate in work settings, you can wear them to virtually any outing and not feel out of place.

They Enhance Facial Features

These piercings enhance your face. They bring more attention to your features by transforming your face into a work of art.

They Won’t Scar Your Face

Feel free when you get tired of your nose rings and feel like taking them out. They won’t leave a scar on your face.

They Improve Menstrual Cramps

If you experience painful cramps every month, consider piercing your nose. Though not scientifically proven, Ayurvedic texts believe that piercing the left nostril can help reduce menstrual symptoms. Little wonder piercing is a common practice in India.

Why You Shouldn’t Wear These Piercings

a cute guy showing off the jewelry on his nose

For everything that has an advantage, there’s also a disadvantage, and double nose piercing isn’t left out. So, let’s look at some of its demerits:

Your Workplace May Say No

This body modification may be inappropriate in certain work environments. One reason for this is that most people don’t have a favorable view of piercings. So if your job involves relating with customers directly, your boss may ask you to get rid of your nose rings.

You May Forget There’s Something on Your Face

Sometimes, you may forget you have rings on your nose. And when you’re bathing or washing your face, you could get careless and your hand hits the pierced spot, thereby causing pain.

Furthermore, when you’re taking off your clothes, your nose rings can cling to your clothes and you may not know until you pull harder and feel your nose sting.

It Takes a Long Time to Heal

Since double nose piercings happen on different parts of your nose, it’ll take a long time to heal. For one, a standard nostril piercing takes about four to six months to heal. Now imagine you combine it with a septum or rhino piercing.

In addition, healing time depends on the type of jewelry as thicker rings take longer to heal than thin rings.

You Could Contract an Infection

Your nose is one open part of your body. If it isn’t your soap or shampoo getting there, it’s your makeup or even random dirt. As such, this makes it vulnerable to infection.

And if you get infected, it’ll be difficult to hide the redness or soreness because it’s right on your face.

You’ll Have to Pause Some Activities

Once you get a double nose piercing, you may have to temporarily stop doing certain activities. For instance, you can’t swim or jump in a hot tub for a few weeks after getting one. You also may not apply makeup, blow, or scratch your nose.

This is because some of these activities may accidentally pull the nose ring out, increase your chances of an injury, or cause an infection when the wound hasn’t healed.

They Require Thorough Aftercare

A new piercing is like a small wound, and if you don’t want it to get infected, adopt a proper aftercare routine.

Do Double Nose Piercings Hurt?

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Like every piercing, double nose piercings hurt but they aren’t as painful as other parts. And this depends on the part of the nose that’s being pierced. 

For instance, a septum piercing can hurt a lot for a short time but the good thing is it heals faster because the septum is so thin. Furthermore, piercings near the top of your nose may not hurt much but they take longer to heal. And the pain during the healing process might be worse than that of a septum piercing.

Types of Jewel for Double Nose Piercing

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After piercing your nose in two sides, any of these jewelry will work:

  • Studs
  • Rings
  • Chains
  • Nose bone
  • Circular barbell
  • Hoops
  • Curved barbell
  • Captive bead ring

What are the Side Effects of Nose Piercing?

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The common side efects include bleeding, swelling, allergic reactions, tenderness, soreness, bruising, and redness.

Furthermore, if care isn’t taken, your piercer can puncture your nose and hit a nerve, thus causing permanent damage to your nose tissues.

How Long Till You Can Change Your Nose Piercing?

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You can’t remove or replace your nose rings until the piercing has completely healed. This means you have to wait up to four or eight months before changing your jewelry. By then, you won’t feel any pain, discomfort, or side effects.

How Do You Clean a Double Nose Piercing?

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Avoid Touching Your Nose

The nose is one part of the body vulnerable to infections. And since the hands are known for harboring different organisms, avoid touching your nose until your puncturing heals. But if you must touch, ensure your hands are always clean.

Use Saline Solutions

Endeavor to clean the punctured area twice a day with salt water. Saline solutions are a gentle way to clean a new piercing. Salt water also prevents infection by stopping bacterial growth. 

Don’t Use a Cotton Swab

Avoid using a cotton swab on your pierced area as the fibers can get caught in the piercing. Instead, use a saline wipe on both the inside and outside of the piercing. 

Clean Your Piercing Twice a Day

You should do this every day until the pierced area heals. Clean both inside and outside the nostril and try not to scratch or blow your nose during the healing time.

Clean with a Gentle Soap

After your piercing has healed completely, clean the area with gentle, unscented soap.

Double Nose Piercing Ideas to Beautify Your Face

a lady's face showing her same-side double nose piercing

Now that you know all there is to know about getting double punctures on your nose, it’s time for the real deal, don’t you think?

You need something to show your piercer when you’re ready. So let these ideas inspire you:

a guy showing his same-side double nose piercing
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