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33 Flattering Big Forehead Hairstyles for Pretty Girls

What’s the first thing anyone says when they see your close-shot selfies? Since you can’t answer me immediately, I’ll just tell you mine. It’s my big forehead. Hairstyles never seem to help matters too. Even when I’m wearing a coiffure that covers most of my forehead, people still notice it.

lady with big forehead in a car

Some ladies feel uncomfortable about this. To worsen the case, social media memes don’t help matters. If they aren’t accusing ladies with big foreheads of being stubborn, they’re accusing us of storing all our memories in there.

smiling lady with big forehead

Like this one:

Rihanna big forehead meme

And this one Zikoko shared about signs of a stubborn girlfriend:

screenshot of a post from Zikoko

So, you see? It’s never easy for us in the forehead gang. And the least we can do to help ourselves is to wear hairstyles that suit our big forehead.

fine lady with big forehead wearing nice hairstyle

Now hold on a second. 

lady with big forehead rocking Ghana weaving

If you think this piece you’re reading will suggest hairstyles that will only hide your big forehead, I’m sorry. You’re on the wrong page.

pouting lady with big forehead

As a member of the forehead gang myself, I can’t do that. I don’t even see my big forehead as a flaw to start with. I count it as one of my God-given assets and I’m proud of it. 

It’s why I never hesitate to wear coiffures that accentuate it. And when people talk about my forehead, a surge of pride overwhelms me, even if some refer to it as a billboard.

lady with big forehead wearing a nosering

So, yeah, sis. Stop seeing your broad forehead as an insecurity. You gotta accept yours and wear hairstyles that complement it today if you dive in with me.

What Kinda Hairstyles Suit Ladies with Big Foreheads?

Victoria Willie wearing Ghana weaving

Two kinds of hairstyles are what you need:

  • Hairstyles that take the focus away from your forehead to your other beautiful facial features. 
  • Hairstyles that flaunt your forehead and make it prominent enough to gather attention. 
lady with big forehead taking mirror selfie

Whichever one you go for works well in enhancing your beauty. Now, let’s check these big forehead hairstyles out.

Gorgeous Big Forehead Hairstyles

pretty lady wearing braids with hair accessories

1. Pixie Cuts

Victoria Will wearing blond pixie cut

There was a time people called this hairstyle Rihanna. Back then, most pictures of this coiffure would be Rihanna rocking it to events. And guess what.

Rihanna has a big forehead too.

Rihanna wearing black pixie cut

If this coiffure looked (and still looks) good on her, why do you think you’re any different?  In fact, if there’s any hairdo I wear that gets me many compliments, it’s a pixie cut.

Pixie cuts are great at hiding your forehead (if it has a fringe) or flashing bits of it (if the bangs are side-swept).

2. Shuku Hairstyles

Victoria wearing shuku hairstyle and flaunting her big forehead

Shuku hairstyles are like cornrows only that it’s styled into an updo that further takes attention to other facial features. This style doesn’t conceal your forehead at all. It brings it to the full glare of people and I love it for that reason.

lady with big forehead wearing shuku hairstyle

You can add dangling box braids by the side of your shuku, curl the tip, accessorize with beads, etc. The stylish tweaks for this hairstyle are limitless and we included some of them in our catalog of shuku hairstyles. Check it out and see.

3. Ponytail

lady with big forehead wearing ponytail

Similar to shuku, ponytails frame your face and make your forehead more noticeable. You can go for a braided ponytail or one made with long or short weaves.

When your hairstylist gels all your hair to the back and attaches your weave to achieve the ponytail, you’ll be a delight to behold.

smiling lady with big forehead wearing ponytail hairstyle

You can go for a no-part ponytail, a center-part, side-parted one, or any other one as included in our ponytail hairstyle guide.

4. Ghana Weaving

smiling lady with big forehead wearing Ghana weaving hairstyle

Ghana braids are perfect for showcasing your forehead. You can rock them as cornrows, Fulani braids, or braided ponytails in any length of your choice. 

lady rocking Ghana braids

You can even mix them with box braids. Your options are endless.

5. Box Braids

pretty lady with big forehead wearing box braids

This list wouldn’t be complete without the classic box braids. Whether knotless braids or regular box braids, it’ll always suit and frame your big forehead.


smiling lady wearing red box braids

Because you can always restyle the braids to fall across your face and cover a bit of your forehead or pack them all up into a donut that shows off your head.

It’s that flexible.

6. Messy Curls with Bangs

pouting lady wearing blond messy curls with bangs

Curly hairstyles are gorgeous and comfy. And when you add bangs to yours, rest assured your forehead will be away from prying eyes.

lady wearing messy curls with bangs

Go for this big forehead hairstyle if you want something unique. If you want, you can shun the bangs and opt for a side or center part instead.

7. Cornrows

lady with big forehead wearing cornrows

Cornrows will never go out of style. Yes, you read that clearly. From the days of our ancestors, they’ve been the go-to hairstyle to keep your hair in place and not all over your face.

lady with big forehead wearing braids

The best part is cornrows bare your forehead for the world to see. But don’t worry about that. They’ll be too focused on the details of each braid to notice the billboard on your head (winks).

8. Senegalese Twists

lady wearing Senegalese twists

This hairstyle isn’t just easy to install. It also has a unique rope-like appearance that dangles around your head and makes a style statement.

lady in the sun wearing Senegalese twists

Don’t miss this. It’s a flattering one for your big forehead.

9. Bob with Parts or Bangs

lady wearing blond bob with bangs

You can never go wrong with a bob sitting pretty on your head. 

lady wearing blond bob with center part

And when you add a fringe to the mix, know for sure your forehead is in good hands. Because you’ll either part your bob to show your temple or cover the bangs to hide it.

10. Face-framing Weaves

lady wearing orange weave

Your single donor, bone straight, and other classy human hair weaves come in here. Regardless of the size of your forehead, you’ll always look perfect rocking this hairdo.

smiling Victoria wearing black weave

How they frame the sides of your face is something to be studied. And if you go for a full lace frontal, you can even manipulate it into any style you want.

lady with big forehead wearing bone straight hair in a ponytail

So, there you have it—the most flattering big forehead hairstyles you can always rock. 

lady with big forehead wearing pixie cut

While you may not be able to control your natural features, always remember you have the power to boost your confidence through what you wear and how you look.

lady wearing curly weaves

Use it to your advantage.

pretty lady with big forehead hairstyle
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