Pixie Cut Hairstyles You Just May Not Resist

Short hair never gives stress as opposed to long hair. Whether it’s a pixie cut or a low haircut, there is nothing as exciting as trying new and comfy styles for your hair. You know you don’t have to worry about your hair tangling or having to thoroughly brush your weaves if you are cool with the pixie cut hairstyles.

It gives your sense of style a new leap as you tend to add more embellishments to your look. For example, having a pixie cut welcomes bold makeup choices, statement earrings and even menswear-inspired outfits. There is this inexplicable way it makes you bolder and more elegant.

Pixie cut hairstyles are not limited to any color. Just as you can cut your hair to a pixie cut or fix a weave, you can try different colors ranging from black to red, white, blonde, blue, purple, etc., with or without curls.

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Already contemplating wearing a pixie cut? Here are some inspirations for you.

Victoria B. Willie

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