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What to Know About Single Donor Hair

When I was a child, there was this rumor about weaves that gave me the creeps. I don’t know if it was a conspiracy theory or if it had an iota of truth in it. But here’s the gist that went around that year: many weaves are single donor hair. That is, they’re gotten from human beings, particularly dead ones.

I dunno where that theory came about, especially as human hair weaves weren’t a fad then. Thinking about it now, there’s an iota of truth in it. Any weave that’s 100% human hair is gotten from humans—maybe not dead women but beautiful women of other races. 

That’s the donor hair you hear weave vendors say. And in this article, you’ll learn all about it.

What is a Single Donor Hair?

single donor hair weaves

As the name implies, these weaves are gotten from individual donors. When it’s single donor hair, it means only one donor gave it to the manufacturer. In other words, hair manufacturers gather and weft this particular hair from the same person.

But when the hair comes from different donors regardless of their individual textures, patterns, and color, it’s a multiple donor hair.

These donors may be Indians, Malaysians, Chinese, Vietnamese, Brazilian, Russians, etc. And once the manufacturers cut the hair from the donor, they bunch it to keep the cuticles intact so the hair doesn’t tangle. As a result, the weave becomes Remy hair.

Some women donate their hair for religious reasons in the Indian temple while others do so for financial purposes.

Why Wear Single Donor Hair?

pretty lady wearing curly single donor hair

The number one benefit of these weaves is that they are consistent. When you buy a single donor hair, rest assured the texture, color, strands, curls, etc., will be the same. Why? Because it comes from one person.

Furthermore, these weaves are durable and of high quality. Most times, they’re raw hair too. That is, they’re pure, 100%natural human hair, unprocessed, and haven’t undergone any heat, steam, or chemical processing.

This means they can last up to five years or more depending on how you maintain them.

Above all, single donor hair is classy. Imagine stepping into a gathering of elites and having other women walk up to compliment not just your outfit but particularly your hair. You’ll feel much better about yourself, don’t you think? 

Cons of this Type of Hair

Asian man cutting lady's hair at the hair collection

No disadvantage save for the fact that this hair is usually excessive. But since they’re worth the price, that shouldn’t be considered a disadvantage.

See it as an investment in your beauty for that’s what it actually is.

So, when you need to invest in weaves that have a particular pattern, color, strand, or curls, make it single donor hair. Since they’re sourced from one donor, every deet about the hair will be alike.

Types of Single Donor Hair

cutting hair with scissors

This weave comes in different types. You can classify them based on how they look or their country of origin. For example, straight, wavy, curly, Peruvian, Indian, Vietnamese, etc.

Some single donor hair comes as bone straight too. It all depends on the type of human hair you want. The bottom line is that the weave comes from the same source.

How Much is Single Donor Hair?

lady wearing long straight single donor hair

The prices vary depending on the vendor, the type of weave, and the hair’s source. For instance, an Indian single donor hair may differ from a Peruvian single donor weave and a bone straight single donor. 

But if you’re in Nigeria, your budget for this type of human hair weave should be from N100,000 upwards.

What if You Want the Same Hair Patterns But Can’t Find This Type of Hair?

lady wearing black single donor hair

If this is your case, don’t let it prevent you from rocking good weaves. You can either settle for multiple donor hair or go for hair extension with similar curl patterns achieved through steaming.

Whichever way, we know quality-conscious women love single donor weaves. And you can always get them from good vendors around. But be careful because many may claim to sell the hair you need whereas what they have is completely different.

To avoid getting scammed, buy from a trusted hair vendor or manufacturer.  And be on the lookout too for differing textures.


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