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28 Braided Wigs Styles Every Lady Should Have

Titi wanted to braid her hair. But the thought of sitting for long hours to install some cute box braids was the last thing on her mind. Besides that, she wanted something that would save her from going to the salon for a month or two. And as she contemplated what to do, braided wigs crossed her mind.

If you love to wear braids, like Titi, but you don’t fancy the idea of sitting for hours, your best bet should be braided wigs. But deciding you wanna opt for these wigs is one part of the equation. You also need to figure out the braided wig hairstyle you want as that will give your hairstylist direction.

If that’s your reason for coming to this page, you’ll find the inspo you need to kickstart your braided wig journey here.

Why Wear Braided Wigs?

front and back view of a braided wig on a hair mannequin

Over the years, hairstyles have evolved to become something you not only wear but also take off at the slightest inconvenience. In the beginning, wigs were only made of synthetic weaves.

But as time moved on, we saw a shift as hairstylists began to exercise their creativity to produce all sorts of braided wigs. The market for these wigs is transcending beyond Nigeria and Africa at large to include black American and British communities.

Why the rave for braided wigs styles, you wonder? The answer isn’t far-fetched:

These Wigs Save Money

Calculate the cost of installing attachment hairstyles in Nigeria.

If you don’t know, let’s break it down:

First, you’ll have to get good attachment extensions. A pack of big Xpression at the time of writing this post cost N2300. And if you want yours long and full you may have to get two packs. You’ll also have to pay your hairstylist and everything may be up to or more than N10,000.

Then you wear the hair for two to four weeks and think of doing another one again.

If you instead invested the money in a beautiful braided wig style, though it may be more expensive than braiding your hair, it’ll save you from going back to the salon in a short time. 

And in the end, you pocket the money you’d have spent on doing another hair.

 They Save Time

tiny braids wig on a hair mannequin

Got an event you wanna attend ASAP? Just grab your braided wig and get going. 

Wigs keep you on the go. They come in handy when you’re in a hurry. No need to spend hours styling and restyling.

But you may need to apply some edge control around your baby hair to give it a smooth finish.

Furthermore, the making of these wigs doesn’t require your presence. Therefore, you have enough time to focus on other things while your hairstylist works and delivers the wig to you once it’s ready.

They Last Longer

black curly braided wig on a hair mannequin

If you’re in the natural hair gang, it’s no news that braids don’t last long for you. But when you install them as wigs, you can be sure they’ll last for as long as two years so long as you maintain them well.

Although the initial price of getting these wigs may be expensive, in the long run, they’re worth it as they help you save money after all.

Braided Wigs are Protective

black braided wig with beads

These wigs protect your natural hair from external manipulation, cold, hair breakage, or environmental hazard. 

You just wear neat cornrows underneath with a wig cap to protect the edges of your wig from ruining your hairline. 

That’s better than having someone pull your baby hair while giving you tight braids.

They’re Low-Maintenance

black braided wig on a hair mannequin

Braided wig styles are super convenient anytime, any day. They don’t cost much to maintain and they require less styling efforts too.

You only have to shampoo or trim them once a month. And you can do this yourself or take it to your stylist.

Types of Braided Wigs

braided wig with white beads on a hair mannequin

Ready to make or buy your braided wig? Choose from these braided wig hairstyles:

1. Box Braided Wig Styles

box braids wig on a hair mannequin

This is the regular box braid installed as a wig. They can be thin, chunky, or medium-sized. They can also be long, short, bob, feathers, or stop at any length you want.

long box braids wig on a hair mannequin

You can add more details to your box braided wig by making it knotless, butterfly braids, or adding curls or waves to them.

It all depends on your preference and your budget.

2. Twists Braided Wigs

twist braided wig on a hair mannequin

This one is similar to box braids only that your hairstylist will twist two strands, instead of braiding three strands of sectioned hair.

long twists braided wig on a hair mannequin

Twists give off a different vibe and you can have them in different colors, sizes, or lengths of extensions. And you can use your regular attachment or kinky extensions to achieve this style.

3. Cornrows Braided Wig Styles

You can also have your wig in any type of cornrows be it straight all-back, stitch braids, two-step, side parting, curved cornrows, zig-zag, etc.

cornrow braided wig with beads on a hair mannequin

You can as well make it Ghana weaving to add more volume to the braids. Whichever one works just fine.

4. Shuku Wigs

red shuku wig on a hair mannequin

Don’t wanna install shuku on your hair? Wear it as a wig instead. Shuku as a braided wig style lets you switch up your braided ponytail any time of the day.

black shuku wig on a hair mannequin

As usual, they can be of any length and style you want. You can even add some statement parting in front to garnish your hair with more accents.

5. Dreadlock Wigs

red dreadlocks wig on a hair mannequin

Feel like wearing locks but don’t wanna use your natural hair to achieve it? Do it as a wig instead.

Two or three packs of faux locs extensions can give you the dreadlock wig of your dreams.

6. Beaded Braided Wigs

braided beaded wig with beads on a hair mannequin

Adding beads, cowries, gold cuffs, etc to the ends of your braids transforms them into a statement piece.

brown braided wig with beads on a hair mannequin

Say you wanna do a cornrow or shuku wig. Add one box braid each to the sides of your face, and adorn them with beads so they enhance the beauty of your hair as they dangle.

7. Watermelon Braided Wig Hairstyle

blond watermelon wig on a hair mannequin

This is a variant of Senegalese twists and the pick and drop coiffure that trended in the early 2000s. Your stylist achieves it by twisting different sections of your hair and untwisting them to result in wavy curls.

watermelon braided wig on a hair mannequin

8. Curly Braided Wigs

short curly braided wig on a hair mannequin

This style is usually made up of short braids rolled to form dense curls. They’re a shift from the regular braids and add more details to your hair.

curly braided wig on a hair mannequin

What to Use in Making the Braided Wig Styles

lady rcoking a braided wig

First, you need your hair extension in any color of your choice. It could be black, gold, brown, purple, silver, blue, etc.

Furthermore, to give some natural effect around your hairline and scalp, you need closure or frontal. 

braided wig on a hair mannequin

Closure blends in with the color of your scalp when you part your wig. But a frontal gives it a more natural look as it provides pseudo baby hair you can style with edge control. And you can also style a full-frontal wig at the side, middle, or anywhere else you like.

front and back view of braided wig on a hair mannequin

Apart from that, you also need your wig cap, hair mannequin, crochet pin, comb, etc. But not to worry, it’s not your duty to have these. Leave them for your hairdresser to handle.

Where to Buy any of the Braided Wig Styles

Getting a good braided wig isn’t a problem. You can get it from Instagram or WhatsApp vendors, or top e-commerce sites like Etsy, Amazon, Ali Express, etc.

You can also get a custom-made one from any superb hairstylist you know. 

Gloe Hair is one exceptional hairstylist and wig maker. When you wig with her, rest assured there’ll be no need for any adjustments to the style or wig cap. If you’re ready to get yours, call her on 08024106310.

Victoria Willie rocking Watermelon Wig by Glow Hair
Watermelon Wig by Gloe Hair

Now, let’s see more braided wig styles you should jump on right away;

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