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Aesthetic Outfits: 18 Styles to Help You Switch up Your Look 

If you’re active on TikTok and Instagram, you should be familiar with how the suffix core is attached to fashion buzzwords these days. For instance, we have Regencycore, inspired by the Netflix series, Bridgerton; Barbiecore which comprises pink pieces; Cottagecore, a eulogy for rural life, etc. All these are just some of the aesthetic outfits we have today. And as time keeps racing and humans keep evolving, these outfits keep increasing.

A lady wearing a black leather pants with crop top

If you’ve always wanted to know more about fashion aesthetics and maybe infuse one into your personal style, read this piece. It’ll show you the different types of aesthetic styles, including how to achieve them.

What are Aesthetic Outfits?

A black girl with braids wearing Preppy aesthetic outfit

Aesthetic outfits are the looks you create with your clothes, accessories, hairstyles, and beauty products. They range from different clothing styles such as vintage, artsy, or even goth merged into casual, formal, or business wear pieces.

Though fashion has changed so much over the years, we’re still drawn to clothing items of the past. We fuse the old aesthetics into modern retro homages, high fashion, and streetwear trends as evident on social media. You may not know it but you actually consider these different fashion aesthetics when dressing up.

a lady showing clean girl aesthetics outfit in a black jumpsuit and a beige sweater wrapped around her shoulders

For instance, when you get ready to hit the gym, you wear yoga pants and a tank top. That’s you dressing up in an athleisure aesthetic without realizing it. The same applies when you don a suit for work.

Knowing about the different fashion aesthetics helps you become more deliberate about your outfits. And in the end, you look more coordinated, artsy, and stylish.

Types of Aesthetic Outfits You Should Try

a lady wearing a black dress with pop socks underneath

There are many different aesthetic styles. And although this isn’t a comprehensive list. It’ll help you kickstart your fashion experimentation journey. 

Y2K Aesthetics

a black girl rocking y2k fashion aesthetics

Think mini skirts, low-waisted jeans, logo tees, crop tops, baggy pants, fanny packs, and every other fashion item that trended in the aught of the 2000s. These fits are still a thing today and will make a great component of your streetwear outfits.

‘90s Fashion

lady on the street rocking 90s fashion

The 90s may have ended more than 25 years ago but its trends remain in vogue. For instance, we still see bandanas, strappy sandals, vintage scarves, tiny sunglasses, baggy pants, jerseys, plaid skirts, high-rise denim, slip dresses, bucket hats, etc., in today’s fashion. So include these ’90s fashion items in your wardrobe if you’d like to imbibe this aesthetic.

Soft Girl Aesthetic Outfits

a girl taking a selfie while dressing in soft girl aesthetic outfits

This fashion aesthetic features pastel colors, purples, blues, bright hair barrettes, sweater vests, cardigans, pleated skirts, floral prints, etc.  Some alterations incorporate items such as statement glasses, chunky boots, baguette bags, etc. Overall, this aesthetic aims to exude a soft, romantic vibe as the name implies.


a lady repping cotagecore aesthetic outfits

This aesthetic style celebrates an idealized rural life. It emerged in the 2010s and got its name, Cottagecore, on Tumblr in 2018. It incorporates outfits such as floral prints, flowy fabrics, prairie dresses, etc., with details such as ruffles or lace. This aesthetic features any ‘rural’ piece you might wear while baking bread or picking wildflowers.

Vintage Aesthetic Outfits

lady wearing vintage aesthetic outfit

This fashion aesthetic incorporates items from the 50s to the 80s (and some of the 90s too). For instance, it features band shirts, bell bottoms, bright pieces, loose multi-patterned shirts, bomber jackets, high-rise mom jeans, puff shoulders, dungarees, etc. In essence, vintage aesthetic style throws it back to the past while creating a chic modern look.


a lady dressed in barbiecore

Viva Magenta is the color of 2023, little wonder the Barbie film premiered this same year. Thanks to Nicki Minaj and Ice Spice, through their Barbie World song, fashion influencers and social media users keep rubbing the color pink all over our faces. From blush pink to fuchsia and other hues, barbiecore is one aesthetic that keeps rocking our style boats. And the best part is, the color isn’t left for women alone as men are jumping on the trend, wearing pink like never before.

Grunge Aesthetics

a lady wearing grunge outfit

Shelby Ying Hyde, Shopping and Fashion Contributor at Bazaar, describes grunge style to be:

“By definition, grunge is all about de-emphasizing the silhouette of the body and looking “untidy” in an attempt to mirror the cool look of popular musicians in both punk and heavy metal rock bands. Like other popular trends, this one dates back as early as the ’80s and has been a core aesthetic ever since. But the key to creating a foolproof grunge-inspired look is mastering the art of strategic layering and understanding proportions. For some, this may manifest in the form of a striped button-down paired with a tank and loose-fitting jeans. For others, it’s all about chain-link accessories. No matter your preference, we have you covered. ”

In essence, grunge aesthetic outfits include wide-leg jeans, oversized jackets, platform sneakers, combat boots, hoodies, band tees, etc. It aims to create that edgy simple look.

Dark Academia

a black lady wearing a brown blazer with brogues and stockings repping dark academia aesthetic outfits

Dark academia fashion celebrates the intellectual and academic world through your outfit. It features darker hues and earthy tones such as browns, blacks, burgundy, and forest green. Furthermore, dark academia outfits include blazers, blouses, dress pants, sweaters, layers, turtlenecks, button-up shirts, etc., in plain fabrics or patterns like plaid, tweed, flannel wool, tricot, boiled wool, cashmere, and others.

Light Academia

a lady wearing light academic outfit

This style is similar to its dark counterpart. The major difference is that instead of incorporating sober gothic and gloomy elements, you opt for light colors and neutral tones, with relaxed outfits such as rompers and summer dresses.

Coastal Grandma Aesthetic Outfits

a lady wearing a white two-piece at the beach

This style adopts a laid-back, leisurely lifestyle. It features minimal pieces such as linens, long summer dresses, woolen jumpers, sweaters, Birkenstocks, roomy trousers, woven bags, etc.

Gothic Fashion Aesthetics

lady wearing gothic fashion aesthetics

Gothic fashion is a dressing style categorized by dark, mysterious, morbid, and often genderless clothes. It mostly features colored black hair, black lips, black clothes, dark eyeliner, and dark fingernail polish. Goth is also a part of Alté fashion.

Twee Aesthetic Outfits

a lady dressed in twee fashion aesthetics

This style reflects dainty, delicate, cute, or old-fashioned pieces such as Peter Pan collars, dresses, layers, mini skirts, flat shoes, and bright tights.


an Asian girl wearing princesscore aesthetic outfits

Princesscore is an aesthetic outfit that draws inspiration from the life, fashion, and mannerisms of a princess. It not only features the outfits of a princess but also includes her poised and well-mannered behavior. It is a subcategory of cottagecore aesthetics, incorporating tiaras, floral dresses, ruched dresses, puff sleeves, etc.


This aesthetics draws inspiration from anime. E-girls usually have dyed hair,  tiny hearts or freckles on their faces, blush on their cheeks, choker necklaces, little or no makeup, hair clips, silver jewelry, mesh clothing, and others.


a lady wearing normcore aesthetc outfits

This style involves returning to the basics. It incorporates monochrome wardrobe staples such as jeans,  plain t-shirts, trainers, button-down shirts, etc.


a pretty girl dressed like a baddie

This style involves dressing in a sensual manner. It incorporates body-hugging or revealing dresses, over-the-knee boots, heels, sunglasses, branded sparkly or gold jewelry, and a huge amount of self-confidence. Most baddies opt for colors such as nudes, red, gold, pink, black, blue, etc.

Balletcore Aesthetic Outfits

a lady dressed like a ballerina in a peace dress

This style features ballet skirts, ballerina flats, scrunchies, tulle, pleated skirts, pop socks, mini skirts/dresses, ruffles, lace, satin, wrap sweater, lace, white sneakers, etc. It draws inspiration from ballet, adopting colors such as white, blush, pink, and black.


a lady wearing a dress that shows regencycore

If you’ve seen Bridgerton, you should be no stranger to this style. It’s similar to princesscore though royalcore is more opulent and delicate. It incorporates 19th-century inspired pieces like gold, corsets, frilly dresses, transparent Cinderella shoes, tiaras, lace heels, rare jewels, queen-inspired shoe designs, heavenly pearls, over-the-knee tights, velvety, and lots more.

Aesthetic Outfits are a No-Brainer

a lady in a black and white pants and orange tee

If you’re thinking it’ll be difficult to pull off any of these styles, come off it. It’s easy-peasy. You don’t need to pull off all of them at once. You can start by picking one that resonates with you and infusing its distinct clothes and accessories into your wardrobe.

a lady in a blue denim fit

As you progress, explore more options by mixing two or three fashion aesthetics until you arrive at your unique style.

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