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Barbie Movie Premiere: Which Country Slayed the Best?

Ever since the announcement of the iconic movie, Barbie, it’s been raining gorgeous pink ensembles and we can’t get enough of them. From London to the United States, South Africa, and Nigeria, the Barbie movie premiere has become the cultural and commercial phenomenon of the year.

Margot Robbie turns up the heat at the Barbie movie premiere with her Ken co-star

As a fashion enthusiast, it tickled me to see stars across the continent bring their special sauce to the premiere. And with the flooding of the movie’s signature color on the pink carpet, it’s almost difficult to ascertain which country slayed better.

A full picture of Ava Max with her blue ensemble for the Barbie movie premeire

I’m guessing this is the same reason you’re on this post. Not to worry, I’ll let you make that decision after you’ve feasted your eyes on the many luxury designers stars wore during Barbie movie premiere across the continent.

The Star-studded Casts of the Movie

Issa Rae turns up the heat at the Barbie movie premiere

Greta Gerwig co-wrote Barbie with her longtime partner Noah Baumbach. The movie was released in theatres on July 21, 2023. It shows Mattel’s famous doll on a journey from Barbieland to the real world with star-filled casts such as Margot Robbie, Ryan Gosling, Dua Lipa, and Emma Mackey.

Kate Mckinnon exudes class at the Barbie movie premiere

The movie’s soundtrack also features different stars with tracks such as Nicki Minaj, Charli XCX, Tame Impala, Ice Spice, Lizzo, and Haim.

Nicki Minaj  channels her inner Barbie at the pink ccarpet

One of the Barbie soundtracks that went viral is Nicki Minaj and Ice Spice’s spin on the famous Aqua Barbie track. With netizens and style icons using the sound to create Barbie-inspired videos, it won’t be wrong to say we’re all just living in a Barbie world.

Barbie Movie Premiere: How Stars Turned Up in the US

Director Greta Gerwig is all pink suit for the Barbie movie premiere

The premiere happened at Shrine Auditorium and Expo Hall on July 9, 2023, in Los Angeles, California. So many stars were in attendance.

The cast of the Barbie movie didn’t come to play on the red carpet. The most noticeable feature of their stylish outfit was how they subtly recreated some Barbie doll costumes. Now that’s creativity at its peak. Here’s a look at what went down on the US pink carpet:

The star of the show Margot Robbie shows us what it means to be a Barbie with this beautiful black sequined gown
A picture showing Margot Robbie with Nicki MInaj
Billie Eilish exudes the Boyish vibe for the Barbie movie premiere
Gal Gadot looks gorgeous for the Barbie movie premiere
Simu Lui Ken for the Barbie movie premiere with this blue suit
America Ferrera rocks a pink crop top and a skirt at the premiere of “Barbie”
Ming-Na Wen rocks a pink dress at the premiere of “Barbie”
Karrueche Tran looks gorgeous in a yellow crop top at the  Barbie Movie premiere
H.E.R. rocks a shimmery dress at the premiere of “Barbie”
Ashley Graham looks gorgeous in black  at the premiere of “Barbie”
Xochitl Gomez  is  your "Barbie” with her cute ensemble pairing it with an umbrella for the Barbie movie premiere

There you go for the US pink carpet. But we are not done yet, or are we? Let me show you how the Africans put their spin on the pink carpet.

Barbie Movie Premiere: How South African Stars Turned Up

South African star poses in a box for the Barbie movie premiere

We have to give it to these stars. They brought their A-game to the pink carpet. But as said earlier in this post, the decision on which country slayed better lies on you.

South African stars hopped on the trend. They put a gorgeous spin on each Barbie-themed outfit making a serious fashion statement with their styles. See for yourself:

A gorgeous South African shows us what it means to be a Barbie with this barbie-themed look
Another look at a South African Barbie
A gorgeous South African rocks pink suit for the Barbie movie premiere
A Barbie and Ken moment for South Africans
A look of beach ken rocked by a South African star at the premiere
Close up photo of  a beautiful South African star posing up a storm for her Barbie moment
A gorgeous star rocking sequin for her Barbie moment

What did you think? Did they understand the assignment enough to eat and leave no crumbs?

Barbie Movie Premiere: How Nigerian Stars Slayed the Pink Carpet

Different pictures of Beauty Tukura having her Barbie moment

Nigerians were not left behind on the trend. They were on hand to turn up the heat on the pink carpet.

From the stylish Tacha to the Guinness World Record breaker Hilda Baci and Popular IG influencer Enioluwa, here’s a look at how Nigerians handled the pink atmosphere:

Tacha and her sister rocks the Barbie look for the Lagos premiere
Popular BBnaija star shows of his ken moment at the Barbie movie premiere Lagos
Enioluwa in his barbie era
Hilda Baci's Barbie movie premiere outfit
Yvonne channels her inner barbie at the movie premiere
Bella shows off her mid riff with this Barbie inspired outfit
A star putting her own spin in the premiere with this Ankara piece
Another look at Yvonne possing at the ink carpet
Bambam channels her inner barbie with this chic  ensemble
James Brown channels his inner Barbie with this look
DJ Cuppy at the Barbie movie premiere
A star posing up a storm at the pink box
Gorgeous lady in suit for the Barbie movie premiere

There you have it a glimpse of all the chic outfits stars from different parts of the world wore to the Barbie film premiere. Now, tell us. Which country slayed best? Some say South Africans beat Nigerians hands-down. But since we can’t say for sure, let’s hear your thoughts in the comments.

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